Johnson: EU has not explained why it objects to his Brexit plan

Johnson: EU has not explained why it objects to his Brexit plan

Well, I think actually our proposal
is very fair, very reasonable. What is does it it respects the Good Friday agreement,
the peace process in Northern Ireland; it makes sure there’s no hard border,
there’s no checks at all at the border between Northern Ireland
and Ireland. It also goes further in allowing
Northern Ireland and Ireland to remain in alignment, both for
agrifoods, for cattle and so on, and for food, but also for
industrial goods as well. That’s a big step forward, a big
advance, a big compromise by the UK government. And what we’re saying to our friends
is this is a very generous, fair and reasonable offer we’ve made. What we’d like to hear from
you now is what your thoughts are and if you have a problem,
if you have issues with any of the proposals that we’ve
come up with then let’s get into the detail
and discuss them.

100 comments on “Johnson: EU has not explained why it objects to his Brexit plan

  1. Because they want the UK bound to their laws so that there isn’t a cheaper competitor on the doorstep. That sums it up.

  2. I wish all the people that voted to leave get all the bad effects from leaving and all the people who voted remain carry on just being happy. Stupid brexitiers

  3. All you have to remember is Angela Merkel when she was invited to visit parliament and the Lords. When Cameron, Clegg and Miliband were the leaders of their respective parties. Angela Merkel said, there is no way she would allow Europe up to negotiate any deals if Britain decides a referendum and a people vote to leave, she said, Europe will not negotiate in any form or fashion and this is a mantra if you archive this with British news, you will see this as the ultimate betrayal of British people's referendum 52% if you take out the foreigners who voted in our referendum the margins become bigger take 4.5 million EU citizen's and their Commonwealth citizens from their old Empires and illegal immigrants who had the right to vote by only paying income tax that brings the total up to 9 and a bit million. Before she leaves through ill health the same as Jeremy Corbyn through ill health.

  4. He lies endlessly. Blinking and looking away as he says 'no checks'. He KNEW there were suggested checks ten miles either side of it. Utterly useless. The worst Prime Minister in history and there have been some clunkers.

  5. It is not the 'Deep State's' intention to let us go. That is not the Deal. The Deal is we stay shackled to that Coffin Ship, the EU, for ever more.

  6. It has become increasingly clear that that Brussels will never accept a relationship with the UK that is based on anything other than subservience. The Government is right to not back down.

  7. im calling it…boris will be a martyr ,not by dying,but by going to jail. breaking a law that has just been made up to tie his and the UK's hand from any decent deal.

  8. Oh why am I not surprised, I knew they would reject it and they will keep rejecting it, just to make it difficult. And then our politicians can't agree on anything because they all want to be the leading party, so they will keep rejecting what one party says. Please for the sake of the country and the majority of the country who bothered to vote leave; just leave and we can all work together for once pull this country together. Politicians; work together for once and do what is right for the country and the people who voted for you, stop squabbling at each other and trying to get one over another.

  9. While he's in a NHS environment can they inject the bugger with some truth serum, compulsive lying gas bag should go back to America and stay there

  10. we had an election and the majority of people voted to leave the EU.WHY are some people apposed to the will of the people. Prime minister I wish you all the best and still try for October the 31st.if you don't succeed we will know you have tried your utmost to deliver what was voted for.

  11. The EU will never accept any deal, especially now with the Benn Surrender Act. The EU are now hoping on an extension and the outcome of that leading to a second referendum or revoking article 50. The Risk for the EU will be that they will hope Boris will not win a majority at the next general election. A big Risk as it seems Boris will walk it, especially if he joins with Farage.

  12. Boris .Isn't it obvious????These EU parasites depend on British money as they depend on NATO to fight for their interests. The EU super-state may not survive Brexit!!!!!!!!That is why they are so stubborn…..

  13. Very generous of the UK to Keep its word?
    And in exchange you want Europe to give you anything you ask for?
    Here is Europe's generous counter offer, keep your agreement, show you have a minimum of honour and in exchange the U.K. can do business with Europe and when the UK economy collapses completely, Europe will consider accepting the UK back into Europe on condition that the UK conforms to all the regulations it insisted any other country would need to join! The European union! Or you could always ask Trump to Keep his word! What's that? Trump' s word if worth the same as that of the UK! Nothing?
    Well then I guess you made your bed, now you can cry in it!

  14. The EU doesn't have to explain anything.

    The contract between the UK and the EU in article 50 explicitly states there is to be no special treatment or agreements between parties should a member state wish to leave the EU. Meaning the EU is under no legal obligation whatsoever to offer or give or take any deal of any kind.

  15. The e.u wont negotiate cause there babies, they want what they want and if they don't get it they throw there toys out the pram.

  16. Bruh, look at this dude…
    Wait til you see the…f- ho- ooh ooh… no no no, hooohoohooo~

  17. No deal,is what we voted for get it done boris there will mob rioting in the streets big ones were ready to bring this country to a stand still, hell mend you jokers in parliament ,deal brexit only benefits you lot. We’re serious businesses up at down the county will be targeted .

  18. Wake IP Boris they do not want a deal they want us kept in paying a billion pounds a month forever. Traitorous MPs also want this.

  19. well if he doesnt deliver he will no doubt have an excuse (even though there is none) or he will resign in shame like Cameron did or be kicked out. I just hope he has an ace up his sleeve if needed.
    For me "Brexit" is about leaving the EU period. Its not about DEALS. Deals have been, and always will be, secondary to the main goal of LEAVING the EU. So when i hear about "NO DEAL will be catastrophic" bla bla, tough dry your eyes! if the EU wont play ball what can we do? Our democratic values must be respected regardless. We should have been out long ago lets get out NOW, and please no more extensions, extensions make a mockery of it all. If you phone your bank manager every 6 months and ask if you can defer your loan repayment – theyll tell you to run and jump and default you.. anyway ill say no more til 1 Nov 🙂

  20. leaving britain if this goes through, taking my family outta here, you guys can all deal with the shitshow without me!

  21. BJ – Quo vardis? Round & round in circles until he vanishes up his own a-hole – or even worse, gets a seat in the Lords to shut him up.

  22. The EU are being ridiculously pedantic in refusing all proposals. Johnson was and is though blinkered if he thinks he can get a deal. Whatever happens the UK needs to walk away from the EU as their handling of this matter from the day we voted to leave has been nothing but unreasonable, especially given all the money we have injected into the EU over the years.

  23. lol is amazing how easy can they make their own money scam as many times they want……maybe when parliament closes for the 10th time things will work

  24. When the PM had suggested in the past was, a checkpoint on both sides between the borders of Ireland and NI – a hard border. This was deemed as unacceptable to the EU because of the expensive cost of technology, guards and manpower. Presently, Johnson provides another plan that can effectively remove the 'hard border' without any checkpoints or the use of manpower and still, the EU won't accept it..I think it is pretty obvious what is going on here.

  25. Ever had a situation when someone is arguing with you, at first you don't realise that they are not competent so you keep on arguing. Then in the midst of it all, it downs on you "this person doesn't know what he's talking about" at which point you first become silent and then you just walk away. That's what's happening here, the EU has realised that there is a sheer lack of understanding of how things work at the UK side and this really is about the mechanics of "how things work" on the ground, its nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with Brexiting or Remaining. The UK keeps scratching its head!

  26. Juncker has 'explained' why the EU will always object to any UK proposal – the UK has committed the 'original sin' of wanting to leave the EU.
    The old Soviet Union sent in the tanks – the EU has to be satisfied with being bloody minded.

  27. You have one job Boris, just get us OUT! Its been over 3 years since the vote and all you and the other mp's have done is ignore the biggest vote in British history.

  28. No 10 blames EU as Johnson's Brexit plan fails to make progress ►

  29. yeah, sure, of course you'd need to explain to someone why putting in two boarder checks away from the boarder doesn't actually solve the problem of boarder checks … but actually increases that problem.

    I take it everyone has now stopped looking up to an Eton education?

  30. They're also worshipping knowledge. Layer system. Games. Deceptions on the masses. They're figure heads for a handful of elitests paracitic entities which are taking humanity to a distopia.

    They have a lot of karma built up. Simple… And don't wish to face the music.

  31. There is no negotiating, EU want boris to do what he’s told, the EU MUST BE THINKING🤔Teresa may was far easier to tell what to do and sign everything away

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