Look at Radim, he’s beating you Randy! But not for long! Hey everybody this Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com I’m yelling because they can’t turn down the music! I’m here in Ostrava, Czech Republic I’m going for my second win in Ostrava had a great win against the jumbo hotdogs last night but I’m here with Radim who is from Ostrava we are at where are we? Kovarna U Belskeho lesa Yes very Czech, so I had him pronounce it but we’re taking on their Goulash Challenge now we’ve got 30 minutes to finish this thing it’s about three kilos total about 400 grams of beef right you have 400 grams of meat and then there is 440 grams I think of really hard bread which I will use all of this basically goulash like almost like a gravy to get it down is it’s very hard but we’ve got 30 minutes to finish if we fail it’s going to be 419 check corn but if we went we’ll get the delicious looking meal free will get on their Wall of Fame and we’ll also get 1,000 Czech vouchers to use later to the restaurant are you ready? All right let’s give this challenge started! All right going for overall win number 431 on here with the one winner of the challenge a couple years ago he beat this challenge and around 18 minutes so we’re both going to try to beat that record He’s the only winner so yeah we’ve got 30 minutes to finish let’s get it down good alright it’s been cooling down a little bit while taking pictures and stuff so it should be good my first time having goulash! One, two, three! This bread is really tough so we’re going to use some gravy to let it soak in there for a little bit Three minutes 40 seconds in got a good sweat going on already though the Goulash gravy is so friggin good but it’s almost like a sourdough outside but it’s almost what in the United States they served with french onion soup and stuff like that so that now let’s get some of the meat down while the broth, the meat, the onions everything in here so tendins that have been cookin in the Goulash broth, but so good. That’s a lot more productive! We don’t want to get all the broth because you got to get this bread so we’ll get some of the breath down I know he’s beating me, but not for long! 12 minutes 45 seconds in when our last bits of broth. Don’t know a whole lot of Czech words yet but I do know one “Na zdraví” means cheers! Both finished at 13:20! My first time having Goulash and it was excellent! I know I talked way too much but I didn’t want to rush through it too fast and I wanted to enjoy it a little bit but off the meal we’re both going to get the 419 CZK Koruna meal for free we will get up on the wall of fame so he’s on there twice will also again get 1,000 Czech Koruna gift vouchers to use at the restaurant Thank you to Kovarna U Belskeho lesa for the delicious meal my second win in Ostrava and overall win number 431 thank you guys all for staying a lot thank you guys for watching!


  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! Another delicious challenge from Czech Republic, and this time a very unique challenge!! Thanks to Radim for taking the challenge with me, and thank you all for watching and supporting our channel 🙂

  2. Radim is the best. he's so small next to Randy and still puts away just as much food at practically the sane pace! great win guys

  3. You're a champ Randy! Only recently started watching as it had not popped up on YT before. Live in St Kilda close to Richmond where your did the burger challenge. Question:- how do you keep weight down with all the eating? Cheers from St Kilda Melbourne Australia

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  5. I know a starving family of 5 that could whoop your ass in any eating competition. Makes me sick you making $ off this shit.

  6. As a man who has been athletic his entire life, I hate to see Randy go from a fat kid to a muscular man and back to a fat adult simply for money that he won't be able to take with him once he dies.

    Randy is disgusting.

  7. I noticed the all you can eat dish with the nice rack come around the corner at 4:49 ✌☮

  8. @1:38 Steel rod Radim smiling like you can't beat me ! It surprised me that you both gentlemen, ended at the same time.

  9. @Randy Santel

    The more I watch your video's, how more I like the challenges you do accept. You seem such a friendly and decent person. Congratulations with your wins !

    However, from the Netherlands I cannot order a T-shirt from your webstore. It is a bit pity. It would be fun to have one.

  10. Damn..the brunette and the blonde in there! Probably trying to see who wins and goes home with them but since they tied up, they gotta another challenge!

  11. I know this video is old but seeing that the bread was so hard you could've simply torn it up and made it part of the soup. Eat around it until the gravy softens it up and spoon it up

  12. What a good competition, in my country there are almost no such competitions even when there is excellent food. Hopefully one day my dream of traveling and competing some time in this type of competition will be fulfilled. I always say that I admire you, I am from Ecuador and I am closely following your skills and your achievements, your challenges. Congratulations and thanks I thought I was the only one in the world who loved food and ate so much.

    Greetings Randy from Ecuador- Portoviejo

  13. The blonde at 4:50!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
    Damn Randy! You totally missed that one! (I think. I wasn't there for the after party).🎁🎶😁😁

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