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– [Interviewer] So there’s
hard boiled egg crumbles, broccoli, corn, and bacon. – Can you repeat the bacon? – [Interviewer] Bacon. – I love bacon. (soft upbeat music) – I’m feeling so hungry. – [Interviewer] (laughs) Well Clara, today we’re going to feed
you some delicious foods. Today we’re focusing on
street foods from Asia. – (gasps) Yes! – Asia! My friend is Asian. – [Interviewer] Do you know
anybody else that’s Asian? – Nope. – [Interviewer] I’m Asian. You’re Asian. We’re all Asian. (upbeat music) (plate slides) – [Interviewer] And, open! – They’re tipping, they’re falling. – Why is this moving? One’s waving at me. – [Interviewer] (laughs) So the reason that they’re moving is because the balls underneath- the takoyaki are hot. And they react to the heat. – Oh! I’ve had these before. – [Interviewer] Really? – They’re the takoyaki,
they’re octopus balls. – Yes!
– [Interviewer] Yes, takoyaki. – I’ve had these before in Japan. – Yeah, it’s good. – It’s so yummy. – I’m not into this. – Octopus is good when it’s
grilled and some other stuff, but octopus plain or raw,
it’s kind of an acquired taste I would say. (cup slides) – Smells weird. Oh wow. Are these bugs? – They look like bugs. – [Interviewer] We wouldn’t give you bugs. – Now that you’re saying that, (interviewer laughs) I’m more confident that it is bugs. – Are they poisonous? Do they do anything to you? – [Interviewer] They
provide you with protein. – It’s an interesting taste. – I don’t like it. – The first bite they kind of
like explode in your mouth, but then like after a little bit they kind of taste like peas a little bit. – Tasted like roasted chicken and eggs. – [Interviewer] Oh that
sounds pretty good. – (chews) Yeah really meaty. It’s kind of like a mix
of salmon and steak. – [Interviewer] Are you
starting to like it? – No. (bowl slides) – Looks kind of like pad thai. Smells like pad thai. Tastes like pad thai. – [Interviewer] Those are worms. I’m just kidding. (laughs) It’s from a country called Cambodia. You got all quiet all of a sudden. – (chews) Can I keep eating? (interviewer laughs) – [Interviewer] It says
here that people in Cambodia will eat this at any time. What do you think about
noodles for breakfast? – Sounds good. If I had my way, I’d probably have Asian food every meal. (container slides) (fork clunks) – [Child] Is it noodles again? I’m going to smell it. (container slides) Mm! Smells like mac and cheese. – Hmm. – What is this? Oh broccoli! – It’s like covered in
cheese, smells like cheese, cheese, corn, fried stuff, seems pretty dang American to me. – I think it’s good, but can you take this on the go? (chews) – [Interviewer] (laughs) How’s it going? – Yeah it does well on the go. – Looks a lot more unhealthy than the stuff we’ve
been eating like so far. – [Interviewer] But, there’s broccoli. – (laughs) That’s like saying mint chocolate chip ice cream is healthy, because it’s got mint in it. (interviewer laughs) – [Child] Saved the best for last. – [Interviewer] Alright, open your eyes. – Looks kind of like crepes. – Tacos, I thought you said
it was going to be dessert. – [Interviewer] It’s not a taco. – It’s so messy. (chews) (smacks table) – [Interviewer] That yellow stuff is egg. – No it’s not. – [Interviewer] It is. What you are eating is an ancient Thai dessert. – Creamy and light, but at the
same time, it fills you up. Dang, the ancient Thai people
knew what they were doing. (interviewer laughs) – Thank you for watching. – What’s the best street
food in your country? Let us know in the comments, goodbye!

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