2 comments on “Kobe Bryant Leaves Lasting Impact On Student-Athletes Across Our Region

  1. When you students met Kobe, did he inform you he was a rapist ?

    Nope, I guess not…Everyone who thought Bryant was a hero, should read his public ( fake )

    apology to his assault victim, which showed no remorse…very shocking…Born with stationary ( ouch )

    south node on deadly fixed star SHEAT ( permanent endings ) in Pisces ( drugs ) and Uranus exact

    opposing his Taurus birth moon, greedy Bryant likely was a bag man who surrounded himself with

    plenty of children, as who would kill a bunch of kids ? ( they ) would, Kobe…

    Rumors abound that Bryant sought an exemption from the FAA to fly into heavy fog on a red-flag
    , no-fly morning,

    but, Bryant himself likely had no such “ pull “ with the FAA…

    Exemption, Kobe ? And, Bryant, who likely was murdered, took 7 others with him, because he

    just decided to roll the dice…

    Sports skills inherited from your father do not make you a hero..

    I send prayers to those innocents who were victims on that flight…

    Kobe the rapist asshole…

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