L3 WESCAM – MX™-10 and York Regional Police

L3 WESCAM – MX™-10 and York Regional Police

“Sound Effect” As a part of the Greater Toronto Area the fourth largest city in North America.
York Region spans 1760 square kilometers and has a population of over one million
people this makes more Regional Police one of
the busiest police forces within Canada to effectively serve and protect the
communities with the York Region and North Toronto, during the day and night York Regional Police rely heavily on Air2, within their Air Support Unit.
Air Support operations are carried out from an Airbus EC 120 helicopter in their mission
equipment package is comprised of key technologies that
aid their growing portfolio of surveillance missions at the heart of their mission equipment
package is WESCAM’s MX-10 EO/IR imaging turret Small and lightweight the
High-Definition, Multi-Sensor camera system delivers critical situational awareness
Intel from air to commanders on the ground, quickly
precisely and accurately. As tactical flight officer
is my job to sit in left see the aircraft and basically look
for whatever it is we’re detail to search for not too long ago I
was done by basically looking out the window to 1000
feet or so often with binoculars. My tool of the trade is the externally mounted camera and that
provides a daylight image as well as infrared image
and we can zoom into very close areas, and search very small
areas or we can zoom out and search very large area to cover a large amount of ground in a very short
period of time. The kind of things that we’re searching for here in York Region, obviously we will search for
suspects have left the scene of a crime and never wanted by
police along with the K-9 Unit often work with them, and tracking and
research from the air involved in a high-speed pursuits and
tracking those vehicles We can very easily follow a vehicle helicopter were as police car on the
street following vehicle high-speed can cause a very
dangerous situation and we can eleviate that by letting the helicopter crews follows it. So of the other equipment that’s handed to me is very powerful Night-Sun, which we can use to illuminate a verily large areas and assist our ground crews in searching or anywhere where additional light on the
ground is required our moving map system very valuable to me provides very
specific locations I can search locations and it will show
me the direction of those locations I can also pinpoint areas that I’m
looking at the map and be able to direct our ground crews to those areas in a very short period of time. WESCAM’s MX-10 creates a canvas for
time-critical policing decisions to be made with fully active four axis MX-Series
stabilization the units MX-10 is configured with
advanced sensors helping to uncover access routes,
obstacles the capabilities of suspicious characters even the location and identity a people
is the MX-10’s suite of GEO technologies an intuitive
group with features that provide tracking assistance in the accurate geographical location of
subject matter of interest additionally the system
directly interfaces with other key mission system components when minutes count and lives are at
stake the York Regional Police Air Support
Unit puts their trust in WESCAM’s MX-10, to capture and communicate
real-time intelligence 21st century threats and the result of
their airborne surveillance efforts, effective
consolidated, synchronized, air to ground execution and
a safer community for all.

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  1. Always wondered how they could be so specific when giving directions to ground crew. That moving map is ingenious. Keep up the good work YRP and Air Support!

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