Hi guys! Welcome to our interview with The Rose. In Part 1 of our virtual interview with this awesome and adorable Korean Rock group, we’re gonna learn a little bit more about these guys! Let’s take a look!

30 comments on “LET’S MEET KOREAN ROCK BAND THE ROSE (더 로즈)! | (PART 1)

  1. The Rose being moved by the passionate response of fans during their Europe Tour makes me so happy! I will never forget these moments we spend together, please visit Europe again in the future~ ☺️🖤🌹✨

  2. Yesss!!! the Rose!!! I can’t wait to see you in San Francisco!! I already bought my tickets😍😄 I love you!

  3. If I had enough money to go to one of their concerts, I would go… but for the moment I can only see them through a screen and say that I love them without them hearing me. I have a special space in my heart for The Rose and I hope that I can get to see them sing and smile right in front of my eyes.

  4. Wait he said “woosung and I live together “ don’t all of them live together, and If not Why not?

  5. Woosung :"don't imagine it"
    … hum sorry xD

    But seriously, i saw them in their 1st european tour and it makes me really happy that they appreciate it. we make their "heart flutter" but they did the same to us when they sing or playing insturments so well. and i really hope they will come back in Brussels and other cities. The most of time, korean artists never come to my country (belgium), if The Rose could be an exception, i don't complain 😀 The Rose fighting !

    ps : sorry for my bad english

  6. Whenever Dojoon & others mention about Woosung's habit & his nickname he always say "Don't Imagine it"😜😜😂😂 love you The Rose⚘💕I hope you guys add India also in Asia or World Tours😍I so wanna see your live performances❤

  7. when people say someone is "going around the house naked" ex: harry styles, sammy and other artists, does it mean they don't really wear anything and wander around with their d**ks out???? bc that's so weiiiird.

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