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If your dream vacation will be to travel
in luxury, exploring the very soul of Europe, at your own relaxing pace… your journey’s just begun… Welcome aboard! A gentle crews on one of
our hotel barges is the perfect way to unwind and experience the wonderful countryside and historical treasures Europe has to offer… …not to mention it’s gastronomic delights and perhaps the occasional glass of fine wine
along the way. For the thirty years we have created bespoke barge cruises on some of the most beautiful inland waterways of Europe. If you think you’ve ‘done cruising’, then think again. Far removed from vast cruise liners, or fleeting visits to overcrowded ports, ours is a life of serenity, where small guest numbers and personal
service lets you set the pace of life. And all the time, you’re never more than
a hop and skip to shore. No more packing and unpacking during the
holiday either. Wherever you roam, your luxury floating hotel will be just around the corner. Many of our guests get the ‘barging bug’ becoming firm friends over the years as they’ve explored from the vineyards
of Burgundy to the Shannon in Ireland. From the Caledonian Canal in Scotland ‘Nessie Spotting’ in Loch Ness, to the sun drenched Canal du Midi in the South of France Wherever takes your fancy, there’s a myriad of delightful waterways to be discovered across Europe. So, let’s cast off… However you arrive, by road, rail or air our crew will be at the meeting point to greet you, and escort you to your holiday home. From this point, our all-inclusive
service will take care of your every need. At our champagne welcome, there’s time to meet your crew and
fellow guests and hear something of the cruise programme. So we cruise on average ten to twelve kilometers a day, it
doesn’t seem very much, six to seven miles, but remember the barge is moving very slowly and it takes a long time to get through these locks Most of our fleet began life as cargo vessels, plying the canals of Europe: carrying coalor wine – even munitions before being transformed by us into
floating boutique hotels. Now they have bespoke ensuite cabins and saloons, which can accommodate from four to twenty passengers in pure luxury. Sometimes we set sail on the first
evening with a short sundowner cruise. You can take a look around… a sundeck with loungers…, bickes to burn off some calories along the towpath and oftern a spa pool to help you fully unwind. Each voyage is carefully orchestrated to
offer you total immersion in the food, wine and culture of the region. Our chefs are highly trained culinary
artists, whose gastronomic creations are often rated higher by our clients than those they have sampled in top restaurants. We select fine wines from vineyards along
the cruise route, each presented and explained to you by
are knowledgeable crew along with wonderful local cheeses Local markets are a great source of
provisions, and you can join the chef from on one of
his shopping trips… but you might have to get up early! Fresh pastries from a local bakery will be
waiting for you at breakfast,… lunch can be an imaginative buffet on
the sundeck. Dinner is the culinary highlight of the
day. Each course is a delicious creation, subtly complemented by fine wines and
cheeses. Through all of this, our crew are there
to share their knowledge and cater… …discreetly… for your every need. Your captain will be an experienced barge master, guiding the vessel within the lowest of bridges… …Through to the narrowest of locks. Where you’ll meet some of the locals who have always got time to say hello. You’ll see tranquil countryside, and picturesque towns and villages, all far from the hustle and bustle of city
life. There are bikes for everyone on board, and some for two. A cycle trip to a local village may work off lunch. or maybe a stroll along the towpath. With the barge never cruising above a
brisk walking pace, she will always be waiting for you at
the next lock. Every hotel barge cruise includes daily
excursions to some fascinating local places of interest. As our groupes are small, we can organize visits off the beaten
track that you would probably never find without a tour guide. For history lovers, visits to local palaces and castles are a must. The Abbeye de Fontenay or medieval Carcassonne, France Macbeth’s Cawdor Castle in Scotland. Troglodyte cave dwellings in The Loire or ancient monastic settlements by Irelands River Shannon. To savour the cultural on offer, you can browse
the tiny shops of skilled craftsmen in Burgundy. …admire renaissance architecture
in Venice, …watch Delft porcelain being being painted
in Holland, Or visit the last builder of wooden
craft on the River Thames. We meet local producers of culinary specialities including honey, olives, truffles, fois gras and Armagnac… And wander through vibrant local markets, maybe with a stop to sample here or there. No cruise would be complete without sampling
some fine wines with a private tasting at one of our favorite
nearby domains. If you like what you try, we can bring some back to enjoy on board. You might even get a airborne in a balloon… s bird’s eye view of our peaceful
surroundings. Most of our guests are happy to join in
on floating house partybut some prefer to charter the whole vessel, with a group of friends. Others make up family groups of several
generations. There is something for all ages on board. For something really special, try one of
our themed charter cruises. Wine appreciation cruises often visits to
wineries in the company of a professional wine expert. We have even created are own malt whiskey
trail ain Scotland for those who like a dram… or two. Keen walkers are catered with special walking tours, mainy in Scotland and Burgundy in France. Some cruises pass through great golf county… Our golfing itineraries combine the best
of golfing and barging. It is the relaxed friendly atmosphere aboard, the wonderful cuisine; and the chance to soak up the scenery and
culture as you drift along. which make a European Waterways
voyage really magical. For further details visit our website.

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