Marijuana ETF Master List: Top 13 Cannabis ETFs

Marijuana ETF Master List: Top 13 Cannabis ETFs — with David Moadel hey everybody welcome to looking at the
markets with David Modell I’m gonna give you my master list of 13 different ETFs
that are related to the cannabis stocks that way you don’t have to be a stock
picker and learn about every single pot stock in every single cannabis company
although I do recommend you do your own research make your own decisions if you
want some more help with deciding on what to buy when to buy and you just
have a trading plan or investing plan you can contact me by email for coaching
at David Modell at so let’s get into it I’m gonna tell you not only
my master list of every pot stock ETF that I’m aware of right now or at least
the ones that are popular also I’ll tell you a little bit about them so you can
maybe pick which one that you like the best alright here’s my master list of 13
cannabis stock ETFs and I’ve put probably my two favorites at the top I
don’t know if I have one favorite but if I had to pick my first and second place
in no particular order it would be these top two it would be the horizons
marijuana life sciences index ETF and the ETF mg alternative harvest ETF so
let me describe these two okay so H and these are the ticker symbols by the way
and when I have two of them like this I put the Canadian one first and the
American version second but if there’s only one then it’s just the American you
know US version okay so the first one on my list is hmmm J in Canada or HM LSF
ticker symbol in the United States the horizons marijuana life sciences index
ETF has a lot of trading volume that’s what I really like about these
to a lot of trading volume so you don’t get hurt on the bid-ask spread you know
you can get in and out easily plenty of trading volume and a large number of
cannabis sector holdings so this one might actually be my favorite if I had
to pick one because not only is there a lot of trading volume but also this has
a lot of companies in the holdings more than 50 the last time I checked so it’s
pretty well diversified and it has Canadian companies in there it has
United States companies in there and it’s pretty diversified and it has a
pretty good focus on cannabis companies it doesn’t have a lot of companies that
are not involved in cannabis all right there may be a few but mostly they’re
almost all of them the vast majority are involved in some way in cannabis so it’s
not diluted by irrelevant companies okay so it’s a fairly pure play they should
pay me for all this promotion I’m giving them right now I’m not being paid to
make this video but yeah I do like this one if I had to pick a second choice it
would be MJ that’s the ticker symbol in the United States the ETF MG alternative
harvest ETF has a lot of trading volume I like that that’s important to me
but 45% of the ETF is weighted in tobacco pharmaceutical and other non
pure cannabis companies okay so if you want something that’s meal a more pure
then you may want to go with the horizons marijuana life sciences index
ETF now the advantage of this is that it gives a little bit more diversification
outside of cannabis it’s not as pure necessarily of a cannabis play it’s a
little bit less direct exposure but if you’re okay with that that could
actually be a good thing I mean if the pure cannabis stocks go down a lot then
MJ might not get hurt as much because it’s somewhat diversified outside of
pure tobacco plays so that’s something to think about so which one is better I
mean it just depends on how pure of a pot play you want okay and so yeah those
are the two I would probably go if first alright if I had to choose but
these are all legitimate more or less they’re all just different so I’ll go
through the rest of them th CX ticker symbol the cannabis ETF which follows
the innovation labs cannabis index has a portfolio of 35 holdings expected to
benefit from growth of the legal marijuana CBD and hemp industries I do
believe in the CBD market in particular I think that’s gonna have quite a bit of
growth in my opinion no guarantees here so this could be a good one THC X clever
name THC right how about Tok speaking of a lot of
clever names here THC toke Yolo you only live once pot yeah they’re getting very
clever with these let’s take a look at toke the Cambria cannabis ETF invests in
approximately twenty to fifty this is off of the website twenty to fifty
that’s quite a wide range is it twenty or is it fifty of the top companies with
exposure to the broad cannabis industry across a broad market of capitalization
across a broad market capitalization spectrum of micro small and mid
capitalization stocks so again this is off the website so it sounds like they
might not have a whole lot of large cap or relatively large cap stocks in here
so you know that’s something to think about that’s something to take seriously
in your decision-making how about Yolo the adviser shares pure
cannabis ETF seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in both
domestic and foreign cannabis equity securities I do like the
diversification as far as regional diversification goes I do like that so
that that could be good pot X the global x cannabis ETF includes companies
involved in the legal production growth and distribution of cannabis and
industrial hemp as well as those involved in providing financial services
to the cannabis industry pharmaceutical applications of cannabis cannabidiol or
CBD or other related uses including but not limited
two extracts two derivatives or synthetic versions a lot of
diversification here in terms of these sub sectors the pot sub sectors so I
mean you got your CBD in there sure you got your Pharma you got you even your
financial services to the cannabis industry very interesting so if you want
diversification in terms of sector this may be a way to do it seed again getting
clever with the the ticker names there seed in Canada evv LF the evolved
marijuana ETF trades in Canada but there is a as far as my research goes I did
find what I believed to be a you a us-based ticker symbol if I’m wrong on
that please correct me and has more than 20 holdings in the marijuana space
including the top cannabis producers in the Canadian market sounds very Canadian
to me so if that’s what you’re looking for that could be the way to go
hmj are in canada HZ EMF in the united states the emerging marijuana growers
index ETF note the word emerging there so you’re not necessarily going to have
the bigger more established established companies so much which concentrates on
smaller companies in the cannabis space so it’s kind of like you know smaller
cap perhaps version so that could be interesting that may be riskier though
but the gains could be bigger as well possibly cnvs the amplify see more
cannabis ETF 80% of the portfolio includes companies with 50% or more of
their revenue from the cannabis and hemp ecosystem according to their website so
that means that most of it is going to be pure more pure plays in terms of
cannabis so you know that’s something to consider that can be good if but again
it not all of the portfolio most of it is a more pure cannabis play something
to think about act a CT the adviser shares Vice ETF now be aware this is not
just pot stocks it invests in u.s. listed companies that generate at least
fifty percent of their revenue from alcohol 30 percent cannabis 26 percent
tobacco 26 percent and restaurant entertainment 16 percent so definitely
not a pure pot stock play it’s more of a sin stock type of or vice stock type of
play interesting way to go just be aware of what you’re getting with this one
it’s not just pot stocks hm us the horizons us marijuana index ETF so we’re
going to jump into a couple of United States focused ETF’s here hm US and US
MJ first hm u.s. the horizons us marijuana index ETF is designed to
provide exposure to the performance of a basket of North American publicly listed
life sciences companies having significant business activities in or
significant exposure to the United States marijuana or hemp industries all
right so it’s going to be publicly listed US pot stocks alright so and I do
like horizons because again they’re the company behind
hmm JH MLS F so maybe one to consider and here’s a fairly similar one I
believe us MJ the evolved US marijuana ETF involve invests in I diversified mix
of equity securities of public issuers that are involved in the US marijuana
industry sounds kinda similar to HM us H and a couple more hm j you another one
actually two more by horizons the hm j used the horizons marijuana companies
two times 2x daily bull etf endeavors to correspond to a two times multiple 2x
multiple of the daily performance of the north american moc marijuana index so
this is leveraged be careful folks because
pot stocks are already volatile they’re already fast movers in both directions
up and also down and so imagine magnifying that by to those price
movements that’s possibly what you might get with H MJ u + H MJ is the final one
on my list here my master list the horizons horizons marijuana company’s
inverse etf do not buy this one if you’re thinking of going along pot
stocks this is inverse this is bearish this endeavors to correspond to the
single inverse or opposite of the daily performance of the north-american moc
marijuana index so you’d buy this if you think pot stocks generally are going to
go down alright which I do not generally speaking long-term okay as I’m putting
out this video pot stocks are low and so could they go
lower of course always and that’s why you have to make your own decisions do
your own due diligence don’t buy something just because I’m talking about
it or anybody else it’s your money yeah so be careful with it please please
please please take only small positions with risky asset classes alright that’s
my list of 13 cannabis stock ETFs if you want some more help just learning how to
invest and how to put together a trading or investing plan you can email me for
coaching at David Modell at if you like this video if you appreciate
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listening I’ll talk to you again soon

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