Massive Schnitzel Record Challenge in Germany!!

Massive Schnitzel Record Challenge in Germany!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Extra-extra very very so excited tonight I am going for my first win in the country of Germany overall win number 426 I am in Frankfurt in Main I am at Waldgeist at Hofeim location I am taking on their Kunak Platter Challenge! which is basically a massive thing of schnitzel but I am not alone today these guys we’ve got over here Fabien and Nick! Fabien uses and he actually trained up through the week trying to get ready to eat this massive meal but he knows he’s not going to be able to finish so what we’re doing is that two versus one they’re not actually trying us on a team challenge but they’re going to be trying to finish their challenge before I can finish mine we’ve got one sitting as the time limit but basically you’ve got to break the record a couple days ago actually a guy a 2.8 kilos of their delicious looking for schnitzel each one of these is about 500 grams or about one pound each but yeah so it’s almost like six pounds more than that but basically we’ve got one sitting time limit and in order to win I’ve got to break the record so we each have the fries are optional they’re not included with this we each have to point nine kilos or kilograms of schnitzel so we’ve got one sitting if we do fail it’s going to be about 45 euros but I’m obviously going to try to get it free and if I do break the record the challenge will then be named after me so you guys ready all right let’s get this challenge started! All right now as I said the fries are optional they’re not required so I put those off to the side I’ve got to finish all 2.9 kilos of the pork schnitzel and it’s my first time in Germany and I’ve never actually had schnitzel before so I’m not sure about the strategy but I think I’m just going to pick them up and eat them I’ve got these sauces which are optional as well but they look awesome mushroom sauce and then a pepper sauce but the guy that did these two point eight kilos a couple days ago did it in like two hours so we’re going to try to obviously beat the record button way shorter time than that so you guys ready let’s go all right one two three boom three minutes and 12 seconds I’m gonna keep trying to eat as much as I can before using the sauces and stuff but very flavorful very good let’s keep on going! 12 minutes 25 seconds then I’m trying a new thing on these I’m trying to do two sandwich together and just see if it helps me mentally or not with so I got plenty of time let’s keep on going oh just switched to Coca Cola’s there it’s definitely gonna help me get all this down faster! All right 32 minutes in one half of team Germany has thrown in the towel we’ve got to Nick right yeah yeah I surrender Nick has done but Fabien is going to keep on going even though I’m smashing them right now but yeah we basically got one sniffle left and this is the smallest of the five so after this I’ll be done with 2.9 kg or the new record so so I’m waiting on two new diet colas so you’ll see let’s get it down! Cold schnitzel with warm soda is not good! I was very very excited at the beginning of this challenge but 47 minutes and 50 seconds in I am NOT any who are charged everything last night all of our batteries and everything but I forgot to charge my darn mp3 player so no music today no Miley or Kesha but we’re still getting through almost there Oh after this challenge I’m retired from schnitzel for at least 20 hours really struggled on that one in Belgium lost that one really struggled on that Oh tacos Giga tacos in little France beat that one in 53 well I did not want to lose this one finished in 55 minutes and 11 seconds so thank you to everybody that stayed around, oh that took a while! Did not want to lose that one I did Team USA beat Team Germany they’ve still got quite a bit left obviously the fries were not included but they still have basically two and a half schnitzal or whatever no I might have some German desserts or something but I’m good on this trip like I said I did 2.9 kg which is the new record I beat the old record by a hundred grams which was 2.8 but yes I got the 45 Euro meal for free and I will be on the menu I guess in their Hall of Fame as the new record holder so it will be the Randy Santel Kunak Platter Challenge I think which means king of the platter or the schnitzel platter but awesome awesome challenge when overall number 426 my first in the country of Germany which is country number 13 so very happy about that and just very happy with the win my first time having schnitzel I did really enjoy it tomorrow I’m doing a smaller one so I’ll probably actually delve into the sauces and stuff but I was pretty happy with my strategy didn’t want to use a knife and fork and stuff just kind of went caveman with it and ate it with my hands but awesome schnitzel so thank you – where are we at Fabien? Okay where we are in Frankfurt and then whereas Waldegeist Thanks guys yeah! There we go, so thank you to Fabien and Nick for taking the challenge with me and thank you guys for watching

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! My first food challenge attempt in the country of Germany and it was absolutely massive!! It was my first time having legitimate German schnitzel as well. Wednesday's video will feature a schnitzel challenge too. We appreciate everyone watching and sharing our videos, and especially all help via

  2. I knew the spec guy is gonna get roast in comment section and when I check comment, 80%talking abt spec n 30% others😄😬😬😂😂

  3. Mmmmmm I love real German schnitzel 👅 most food challenges it’s too much food for me, but I would love to do this challenge! Also, I have eaten there before when I was stationed in Germany!!! Awesome video!

  4. Why do you kneel instead of siitting or standing. Kneeling like that only adds to the fatigue i would imagine.

  5. Why is Randy chewing all his food like a cartoon character? Like moving his head up and down dramatically and shit. Is that his gimmik?

  6. Randy they almost beat you. The guy with glasses Eating with a knife/fork at 1/4 piece. What an animal. Congrats by the way.

  7. I just subscribed… very late.
    Been watching Randy for couple years. Just astounded by this guy. Just amazing, so impressive.
    Rock on Randy!

  8. Amazing! Nice music in the background… maybe fo future videos feature a metal band from that country; maybe help promo new and upcoming acts? Unless the music you feature alreay are… yer the Schnitzelator!!

  9. Need to change the music sometimes does be border line 80's porn do have to fast forward so peeps don't think I'm up to something sometimes 😂😂😂😂

  10. -Going to Germany in july
    -Two year old video pops up in feed, time to rewatch
    -Sees Conspiria T-shirt: Right. I was gonna check them out two years ago!
    (They sound quite good!)

  11. as a German i would say American's can eat more than German's….but German's can drink much more Alcohol than American's 😂😂

  12. fucking faggot kid that one with the glasses i mean xd ,he's a fucking pussy wtf,he eats like one ,gestures too XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD????????????

  13. I think you should try power lifting and get yourself more of a diet for protein and muscle look great, and I think that you are doing well with the challenges. But remember that caliories will catch up to you sooner or later. I am a 7 year Cancer survivor and I have a large belly and can’t get rid of it,is there some exercises I can do to flatten my belly and not hurt myself?

  14. That's some good eat right there. That was the first meal and the last meal I had in Germany. That and a lot lot lot of beer

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