Meet Gospel for Asia’s Mission Support Team

Meet Gospel for Asia’s Mission Support Team

Oh, my, goodness, God is doing so much and my life is a part of that You know, however small are great – it is a part Being on staff at GFA, I knew that You know lots of people were coming to know the Lord Jesus I knew that there were just lots of amazing things that were happening around the world That I was a part of But my part of that is overseeing a kitchen So I do things like mop the floor I do things like send emails I, you know, order pizza Things that don’t necessarily Look like they’re connected to the Great Commission So the individual missionaries The sisters who are serving The brothers in the villages Realizing that it’s all the same work It’s an extension of one work that we’re doing It’s the work of the kingdom And they’re my brothers They’re co-workers in that Not someone I observe across the miles, as under a magnifying glass But a brother that I’m serving with In my work in IT, I’m able to help support the whole team of staff here at Gospel for Asia And enabled them to more effectively Communicate with their supporters, get the word out About prayer needs And I really see myself as part of an important team That’s a link between supporters in America, all over the world And the missionaries who are reaching out with the love of Christ When I’m working here I am walking alongside these willing sisters Who are doing their work over in South Asia Yes, I’m not there, I’m not on the front lines I still am a missionary of sorts here in the States And I’m still serving them so that they can serve others To see, no matter what role they’re playing, They were willing to lay down their desires and serve the Lord Where He called them to be And it’s the same thing for us Even though Personally I would love to be on the field Realizing that the most effective way that I can serve the Lord Isn’t on the field because I don’t know The language, I don’t know the culture And it was helpful to me to break down the barriers between Work and home and church And realize my whole life is part of the mission to expand the kingdom That we are all members of one body and how We each have our own different role and our own different giftings in our own different place But how we’re all working together for one purpose and for God’s glory God uses each of our lives, each of our callings To actually bring the love of Christ to a land who desperately needs to know that there is hope you

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  1. Youre not less important definitely! The people who write the articles and do the websites like are important to make stories of those on the field known. May God bless you guys more and more!

  2. I have been privileged to meet some of these people at GFA. Seeing their genuine heart for the Lord, and their faithfulness has in many ways revived my commitment to continue serving the Lord and His church. Thank you GFA mission team for all that you do. It's because of your hard work that the church in Asia is growing.

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