Metropolitan Planning Council: Who We Are & What We Do

(light piano music) [Amalia Rioja] MPC is important to the Chicago region because they can provide a blueprint on how we can plan our
city and surrounding area in a way that not just
makes economic sense, but in a way that’s
equitable for everyone. [Marsha Cruzan] The Metropolitan Planning
Council has brought together lots of diverse leaders. The leaders together thoughtfully address the current challenges. [Tom Weisner] It’s the regional facilitator for making sure that this
area has a bright future, that we don’t get consumed by complacency, or selfishness, that we are always talking to each other and creating solutions for the future. [Amalia Rioja] It’s great to have MPC as
thought leaders and experts that can bring together all
these different stakeholders and be able to have an impact. [Jahmal Cole] MPC is a powerful organization because it’s not just about research. Chicago is one of the most
segregated cities in the US. Teenagers on the south and
west side are not connected to the same extent as teenagers on the north side of Chicago. They order their food every day through three inch bullet
proof glass windows. Helicopters fly over
their homes every night. Had it not been for the MPC’s report, I wouldn’t have had this ammo to say hey that’s segregation in action. MPC has done a great
job at studying issues that are relevant and draw
empathy out of people. And that’s why I support MPC. [Debbie Liu] My involvement with MPC really started with being involved in the
Ping Tom Park Advisory Council. MPC had led community discussions for Our Great Rivers project. We were working with MPC
throughout the process to really get enough community feedback. MPC allowed them to have a
space to be urban planners of their own communities. [Marsha Cruzan] Developing communities
means investing in people and their hopes and dreams for the future. But it’s also about showing
people what’s possible. [Debbie Liu] I appreciate MPC for being intentional about bringing the community together. [Tom Weisner] MPC has been the leader in making sure that we’re aware of the issues, but that we’re also given the opportunity to work together to create solutions. [Jahmal Cole] Powerful leadership and
people that actually care. That’s MPC.

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