Microsoft Azure South Africa datacenter regions are now generally available

(gentle music) – The cloud presents an
opportunity for every organization to embrace digital transformation
but innovating in a complex landscape
presents many challenges. – At Nedbank we needed to
be more agile, more client focused, more competitive
and even more digitally focused than we’ve ever been. – Customers in Africa and
around the world are choosing Microsoft to deliver secure, reliable, cost effective cloud services. Microsoft is the first provider
to launch cloud data centers on the continent bringing
technology closer to local businesses and organizations. Since we saw the opportunity to use Azure, it’s taken us less than
four weeks to actually implement a full working system. – By implementing Azure
Recovery we focus on what’s important to us and our
customers, which is our services. Recovery time went from days
to only one hour and 30 minutes without human intervention. – Microsoft with it’s Azure services is a great strategic fit. Not only because Microsoft has
got an in depth understanding of Nedbank’s technology landscape but they understand our
strategy, they understand our current technology environment. They truly understand our
aspirations for our digital goals for the continent and our clients. Azure. Cloud for Africa. Cloud for all. (gentle music)

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