Migrants Fleeing to Europe Were Bombed in Libya. We Examined Why. | Visual Investigations

Migrants Fleeing to Europe Were Bombed in Libya. We Examined Why. | Visual Investigations

This is Tajoura detention center
in Libya. It was sheltering hundreds of
African migrants and refugees when it was hit by an
airstrike on July 2. The attack killed at least 53
people and wounded many more. How could something
like this happen to a migrant holding center? The Times analyzed photos,
videos, and satellite images of the facility. And former detainees and
humanitarian observers in Libya told us grim stories of
lapses on many fronts. Anti-government forces vying
for control in Libya carried out this airstrike. But the attack has shed new
light on a simple fact: Thousands of migrants
are now trapped in the crosshairs of
a brutal civil war between the Libyan government
and those rebels. And it exposes
serious failures on the part of the
European Union, which has outsourced some of
its migration problems to a country in chaos. The E.U. declined our
interview requests and pointed to statements
calling for an investigation, and for migrants
to be moved. Libya has become a
crossroads for Africans fleeing turmoil at home
and trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. But the European Union
has looked to Libya to prevent them from making
the journey. It has given hundreds
of millions of dollars to the Libyan Coast Guard and agencies supporting
detention centers like the one in Tajoura. Overcrowding and lack
of medical care in the centers has caused widespread
health problems, experts say. “All these detention centers
in Libya — they were built as warehouses. It’s just, they’ve now been
repurposed for — instead of storing goods,
they’re storing people.” And those who complained
were often threatened by guards and militias that
control those centers. The dire conditions
inside the facilities are made even worse by
what’s going on outside. The most serious issue we’ve
uncovered is that the Tajoura center is located
in a military compound. And the migrants’ living
quarters are less than 100 yards from what our reporting
shows is a weapons depot. We can confirm that these
trucks with heavy weapons were photographed inside it. Migrants have
told us they were forced to work in this depot
cleaning and maintaining weapons for a
pro-government militia that effectively
controls the compound. Others say, the militia
forced them to take up arms. This weapons depot is key,
because on July 2 it was clearly targeted
by the rebels. Images of the aftermath showed
damaged military vehicles and the remains of
an anti-aircraft gun. The nearby detention center
was struck moments later. This security camera
filmed what happened. First, the weapons depot
was hit by an airstrike. Shrapnel is sent flying
across the parking lot towards the migrant center. As smoke and debris
spills out, people try to flee. But the guards stop them,
witnesses told us. Then, 11 minutes later,
a second airstrike hits the migrant
detention center directly. Hundreds of people
are confined inside. Some escape while
others try to break through a locked door to the
victims on the other side. These migrants were sitting
ducks for rebel airstrikes and European officials
should have known this. Why? Because some
had visited the site. And the area had
been targeted before. On May 7, an airstrike hit
the very same weapons depot sending shrapnel through the
roof of the migrant center. Two people were injured. And even before this,
migrants in Libya tried to alert the public
to the danger they were in. We obtained voice recordings
from people being held in Tajoura and other centers. The U.N. refugee agency says it has tried to move
migrants away from Tripoli. Italy is the only
European country that took some migrants in. The ultimate blame for the
attack on Tajoura lies with Khalifa Hifter, a Libyan strongman
fighting to topple the U.N.-backed government
in Tripoli. The U.N. says it shared. the center’s coordinates
with his forces. But it didn’t matter. And the Tajoura strike
may be far from the last. The U.N. says there are
3,800 refugees and migrants in Libya still being detained
in areas of active clashes. Meanwhile, the
survivors in Tajoura were released by the Libyan
government on July 9. Some may be taken
in by the U.N. But hundreds of others
walked out onto the streets of an active conflict zone, uncertain of what lay ahead.

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  1. America ordered this war and directed Europe to execute the war. They have now jointly created a failed state.

  2. Oh MOST HIGH CREATOR of the universe the GOD of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, GOD of the Hebrews: Come check on your planet, see these people do horrendous evil that call themselves world leaders. They shall do evil until the last day, the last hour, the last minute, even into the last second, before Judgement. They refuse to value human life because they do not value You oh Most High YAHAWAH. They care not that Your judgment draws near. Let those people that are your children repent and ready themselves for you Son's second coming for it draws neigh.

  3. Thank you NYT for great investigative journalism.

    One interesting observation is that there were only TWO strikes : One on the weapon's depot and one on the detention center.

    There is about 100 meter in between these targets, and none of that 'void' area was hit. Neither was any of the rest of the area around the weapons area. Just two precise hits : One on the weapons depot, which caused minor damage, and one on the detention center which caused major damage and 50+ people killed.

    It's almost as if both targets were hit deliberately….

  4. Migrants are NOT welcome in Europe try to understund alredy MEDIA!!! EUROPE IS NOT RESBONSABILIT FOR AFRICAN OR OTHER MIGRANTS!!!

  5. When people are displaced by conflict the best aid you can provide is a safe place to run to. Military intervention nearly always makes the situation worse.

    Even if you only value human life for the value it can provide you economy, consider that most immigrants are able-bodied adults who can immediately begin working, while raising a baby to adulthood before it starts working is a huge investment of resources and time.

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  7. Unfortunately we all know that in all "modern" wars civilian rights are not respected. In Syria war, for example, Christians were put in cages set on top of buildings to prevent bombarding, and Daesh head-quarters was almost dividing a building with an hospital. This is not by chance, is exactly to defend military targets and protect them behind human shields. The idea is also, in case strikes occur, to provoke on ONGs, media, international public opinion, etc…exactly this reaction. Every war is regrettable and with it any human live that is lost. But I can't accept that an American news paper, is trying to blame EU for not moving, receiving, whatever the migrants but doesn't condemned the raids itself (as we saw in the news later on) one of the pilots was a US mercenary that was catch. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/jamie-sponaugle-us-air-force-libya-lna-khalifa-haftar-qatar-a8976061.html
    The sucker even make him self past by a Portuguese shaming my nation.
    And also in this piece of disinformation there's not one single line about the US responsibility on the fall of Kadhafi, and the civil war that spread out afterwards. So I would propose that US Navy send its big aircraft carriers, where they are trying to spread more "stability" to Libya to board all refugee migrants to USA, USA, USA..instead of spreading wildfires everywhere in the world and afterwards make walls to hide. Thanks but no Thanks new York times you lack of moral on the subject.

  8. why is everyone blaming the country of Libya, it is the people of the opposite sides who are committing these inhumane acts. The un or any other countries are not taking actions to end this conflict and help this country that is caught in between a conflict, all they do is watch by and support a side hoping to obtain something out of it whether that is precious sources such as oil or money and power. this is not only happing in the country of Libya but in many countries all I am asking is for you all to make this conflict public and to take actions against all the wrongdoers involved, I would also like you all to stop judging a country by its people or by news , you won't know what's happening within it so the best you can do is pray for the people and the migrants. THANK YOU

  9. Omg… why liberals take care of muslims instead of their own citizens killed by muslims in the Middle East? Leave muslims alone, don't let them into the West. They consider the West as "wrong" faithless trash, so let them go to their muslim brother's countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc.

  10. Stay in your countries smh love your country and your people. Globalization is an epidemic. All countries in the world should be fascist to benefit their own people and preserve culture, but without expansionism or militancy

  11. No one would have died if these people stayed in their own countries instead of migrating to these centers, but of course the newyork times is spinning it to fit their narrative

  12. Idea: journalists from NYT, overpaid news reporters and political elites can always accommodate them in their homes. 🙂

  13. Hi everyone, Evan here. I was one of the journalists who produced this story. It's a complicated one, and often forgotten in the blizzard of political news coming out of Washington, DC, so I was glad that the Times was able to devote the resources to report this incident.

    Our reporting began late on the night of July 2, when our team saw news alerts about a disastrous airstrike on a migrant detention center just outside Tripoli, in a suburb called Tajoura. It was the worst such attack I'd seen in Libya. We tracked the incoming news, most of it on Twitter, and used information from reporters who've focused on migration in Libya to geolocate the exact location of the detention center. That allowed us to put in a quick request to Maxar, who tasked a satellite to collect an image of the area, yielding a very strong picture of the destructive aftermath. That picture turned out to be crucial, because it showed that a second building was hit that night – a militia's weapons depot.

    We knew it was a weapons depot because we received images and voice recordings from those held in the detention center – people who'd been in touch with journalists already. They talked about how the local, pro-government militia forced them to work in the depot, and they sent through pictures of the heavy weapons stored inside. We geolocated these using the satellite imagery as well. The picture that emerged was of a disaster with multiple culprits: forces fighting for Gen. Khalifa Hifter, the strongman trying to take over the capital; the UN-backed Government of National Accord, which allows militias to hold migrants and refugees on the front line of a civil war; and the European Union, which has outsourced its migration policy to a country in chaos, hoping to keep people like those held in Tajoura from ever reaching its borders. (Story and video here: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/11/world/middleeast/libya-investigation-migrants-bombed.html)

  14. Are those African migrants try to make it to the American Coast? No I must be wrong you're making it to Brazil and then trying to come north into America. I see this is the single greatest piece of footage on the entire internet keeping your Africans in Africa and keeping America safe

  15. The whole of Libya is begging Gaddafi to come back alive. Their only last hope is his son, and even the west side of Libya wants him dead

  16. Stay home….even in Europe, racism is at all time high , no job if you're black .Even your kids will suffer every day racism .I'm now back to my own country , I feel happy….better die with dignity than without . Most of you are Males ,as it is normal any country is predisposed to fear a large male group of immigrants especially if you're black.I swear this is true .

  17. There are other places for them to go besides Europe. There are many Muslim Majority countries in Africa and the Middle East. I suppose there is nowhere on either continent that is safe for them? They go to Europe because the Elite Globalists with their Agenda are pushing them to. I would not be surprised if the Globalists were not backing all sides of the conflict helping to create disasters. They are truly the heartless, cold-blooded ones who are doing this purely for their own personal gain. They are literally destroying the world except for those who are aligned with them. They want to collapse the European countries and destroy national sovereignty, blur borders, blur National Loyalty and eventually the Muslims will out breed the indigenous people of each country and they will no longer resemble what they used to be. Why? It's all part of the Agenda toward a One World Government and the New World Order. Not a theory, it is written out in plain sight for those who look and every President since Nixon has spoken of it.

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