MORISSETTE Asia Song Festival 2018 – Resignation REACTION | Lucia Sinatra Vocal Coach

MORISSETTE Asia Song Festival 2018 – Resignation  REACTION | Lucia Sinatra Vocal Coach

CIao beautiful people my name is
Lucia Sinatra I am a singer songwriter performer and vocal coach but first of
all I am a singer and today I’m going to react straight away to norisse at the
moon on ACSM festival 2018 nervously did the reaction of assets and festival 2017
and it was outstanding I didn’t expect you would sing a Mariah
song so check it out on this link and you will find also my food planets of
Maurice at am on let’s watch what she did she’s performing 11 minutes not me I must confess we have a great
personality in this performance she improves her love her confidence she’s
acting like a real pop star like a diva okay new stuff you know it’s time right he’s a Lutheran girl like me it’s the beautiful and energetic I never heard this sound before this is probably very an original song
right very nice present I love my smile what is the why beautiful you think that she’s a
sweetheart but she actually have a beautiful soul she’s like the summer the
season but she is not only the sweet girl that we think she’s a tiger on
stage and I love her what she will perform that this is Chinese doesn’t
mellow the linkage is not important okay she’s I after you dance and you think moving a
lot here from the ward is less strong that’s why he uses a breathy voice in
the lowest known English but feel with passion did you I never heard this song before so you
let me know something about it Wow beautiful intention and expression did you I like this home very nice I love her it’s tiny she’s actually incredible she’s sweet
and too good don’t you miss my full playlist of
reaction of Morissette because I discovered Harrison only now I am more
impressed because I I didn’t expect this kind of hmm a confident on stage and I
am so happy because I would go to watch her and a lot of other Filipinos artist
in Rome as a festival should be a zap festival let me know and come down below
which one is your favorite time of all the time of Morissette maybe a lot of
you would say Quintana I don’t know I have to learn it stung leave a thumbs up
if you want me to learn that song be sure you leave a thumbs up for more
reaction about Morissette and from my studio to all of you I say ciao ciao
ciao you

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    Ciao Ciao Ciaoooo!!

  2. The last song she sang is Originaly from the Power House Singer from Korea Lee Young-Hyeon the Title is Resignation. Coz that song was suggested to Morrissette of her one of her Korean Friend based here in the Philippines now he also a singer too here.

  3. Thank you Ms. Lucia Sinatra, for reacting to singer in the Philippines because, of your reaction its so many foreign people is concern in the Philippines 🇵🇭 and I love it,😍❤️ because so many people curious in the country ❤️❤️❤️❤️sorry for my grammar 😂😂😂🙏

  4. Please react to International Broadway Star and Pinoy Pride Rachelle Ann Go performing "Rise Up" and getting a standing ovation at the 2019 World Food Prize:

  5. Please react to International Broadway Star and Pinoy Pride Rachelle Ann Go performing "Rise Up" and getting a standing ovation at the 2019 World Food Prize:

  6. Hi Lucia I really love your reactions. The song Resignation is actually a Korean song that she translated in english but the last part, she actually sings it in Korean. That's how really amazing Morissette is. Pls. react to her cover of Mariah Carey's medley and her rendition of Chandelier on her Platinum concert. You'll gonna love it promise. Thanks and God bless 😊😊😊

  7. Coach, this is the original version. It is just so happen she puts some twist in it. She sang it both English and Korean

  8. Resignation….the title of this korean song was translated by Morisette's team into english….the last part is the original korean version of the song….you can search on youtube the original version sang by korean lady

  9. Wow! You're going to ASAP ROME! That's fantastic! Morissette is in that rare list of artists (I feel) where you get the insane vocals, and she possess an equal level of performance value. Most of the time an artist is either one or the other. She is an all in performer. She respects her audience of thousands or of a small office gathering. She gives the same energy and passion regardless. No venue is too big or too small for her! I respect her for this attitude of gratefullness that she is able to do what she does! I look at favs with her in tiers, but I'll choose "Akin Ka Na Lang " Wish bus. Its heading towards 100 million views. Its her original , and artists around the world are covering it. If I had to point to one more reason, I feel, she can definitely find a place Gloably it is that. She has impact with original material and elevates covers. I would definitely love to see you cover "Akin Ka Na Lang"! As a fan I think it's one of the things I love seeing, which is artists inspired enough to want to sing her songs as well! Thank you for featuring her on your channel. This is one of my favorite performances by her! She has some very recent just mind blowing performances, I'm hoping they find their way to your channel in the future!

  10. Welcome back to Mori Nation sweety!! I’m still waiting for that Mariah Carey medley of hers but at least you reacted to Asia Song Festival 2017 and the second song was a Mariah song! 😁lol

  11. I missed you! You should do more Mori reactions so I won’t miss you as much😁 LoL
    Fun facts about ASF 2018. Mori was going through vocal issues at the time and her doctor advised her not to do the ASF 2018 but of course she didn’t listen. You could tell she was sick in the second song but killed it anyway!
    The first song is her original that features KZ Tandingan (another great filipina artist)
    The second song is the first one ever sung in English and Mori helped with the translation. It was only the last minute she decided to sing the last part in Korean so she had to practice the pronunciations on the plane to South Korea. Thank you for embracing and loving queen Mori!
    CIAO CIAO CIAO!!!💜🤙🏽

  12. Ok so my favorite 3 you’ve already reacted to them so I’ll give you 3 more that you haven’t reacted to yet.
    1. And I Am Telling You at her Cebu concert
    2. It’s a tie between Sometime Somewhere from when she was only 16 yrs old and What Kind Of Fool Am I at ASAP (not the rehearsal although that was great too)
    3. Another tie between Motown Medley at her Laguna concert and Mariah Carey Medley at the Music Museum concert. 😁
    Bonus: Power by Little Mix at the Lazada Midyear Festival.
    There yah go! Thanks for embracing and loving our queen Mori! Looking forward to more Mori on your channel! 💜🤙🏽

  13. Hi miss lucia have u heard her latest out of this world performance? Check her out this and she sing "What kind of fool am i" on ASAP

  14. MORISSETTE – – WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I – BROADWAY Medley w/ Martin LIVE in Vegas – Lady GaGa's SHALLOW w/ Martin in Vegas – THE PRAYER Live @ AsapNatinTo BAY Area – Eric Carmen's ALL BY MYSELF @ AsapNatinTo

  15. It's a native tongue korean song. 2 weeks before this she wrote an english translation with the help of her Korean friend in the Philippines. Also, he helped her get the ending verse in Korean. Amazing. She was crying at the end. This song is so sad.

  16. Always fun watching your videos coach 💕 thanks for reacting to morissette.. And you look so gorgeous too 🔥 please do react to her "Run to you" by whitney houston on ASAP VS. 💖

  17. Great reaction as always.. please react to her perform the Prayer with J Vinson. They sang part of it in Italian. Beautiful performance.

    Link below

  18. I like you Ms.Lucia the way you react in every video that made a reaction.. you are nice person and a good ❤️ too.. beautiful.. hope to meet you .. and teach how to sing like mori

  19. Its one of the famous ballad song in Korean translated to english just a little twist for her own verson .in titled Resisgnation

  20. The performance from Mori that is most recent, relevant and bombastic is a cover, "What Kind of Fool am I". 1. Recent because it is, done not long ago. 2. bombastic, because its almost straight out of a broadway classical production from Rogers and Hammerstein (orchestra). 3. Relevant, because it could possible reflect the present day relationship Mori has with her father and how he disapproves of Mori's boyfriend. Personally, though, I prefer the original by Regine V and I think you might too.

  21. 🌸🌺🌺🌸🌺🌺🌸
    Thank you Ms. Sinatra 💕

  22. 1st song was her original song the 2nd one was a Korean song (resignation) she translated into English and switched to Korean language at the
    you should check out the resignation song for you to see the original singer thanks 😘

  23. Mori is the only singer that was invited to sing in this festival twice. Maybe Bec of high demand after the Asia's Song Festival 2017. "Throwback" is her original in Filipino Language that won her an award at Wish Music Awards. The 2nd song is "Resignation" a popular Korean song translated in English on the 1st part and retain the finale in Korean.

  24. Im new subscriber but long time watching ur reactions.. pls learn to know the song akin ka na lang and let me hear u my dear beautiful lucia

  25. Morissette Amon aka "Asia's Phoenix" from the Philippines (Lyric Soprano) is known for a vocal range that spans 5 octaves and 7 notes Currently she has 5.7 octaves and an extensive connected range, allowing her to transition into other registers smoothly. Capable of riffs and runs throughout the voice and holding notes without wavering, her skills suggests good breath control, having reverb, having "Growl" to show passion & inner emotions to the song, vocal fry, Melisma, Crescendos, Amazing Vibrato, Crisp Dynamics, Slide and Sustain, Modulation, Disconnect and overall technique. Known for her "squeaks" and intentional vocal breaks, applies them both when jumping between octaves for artistic effect

    -> That particular note at the end of "Never Enough" Live on Wish 107.5 Bus, she use the technique called "Slide and Sustain" where in she was in C#5 sliding into D#5 and sustain it till the end…damn!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    -> That whistle note in "Akin Ka Na Lang" Live on Wish Bus, she goes from B4 and then flipped as high as A6 (2 octaves jump) along with her 15secs long riffs and runs, and ended with a pair E6 whistle notes in the end 🔥🔥🔥

    -> That whistle note in (Best of my Love/Emotions) in Asia Song Festival 2017, damn she hits C7 there 😱along with A7, E7and G7…🔥🔥🔥

    -> That whistle note in "Oh Holy Night" at StarMall San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, her lowest note was E3 until she hits that whistle note and goes as high as B6 and that is TOO MUCH for a 19 year old herself – Morissette Amon! 🔥🔥🔥

    -> That 14 seconds EXTENDED WHISTLE NOTE in "I Wanna Know What Love Is" on MYX LIVE started from lowest note D#3 then goes as high as D7 and that is almost (4 octaves) in just one song! 🔥🔥🔥

    To the World: Please be informed that Asia's Phoenix herself Queen Morissette Amon achieved 5.7 Octaves (G2-D8) which is recently updated and surpasses Queen Mariah Carey which has 5.3 Octaves…

    #AsiasPhoenixRepresent 😍🔥🔥🔥
    #CertifiedMorissetteSuperFans 😍😍😍

  26. Hi Coach Lucia, welcome back!
    ->Please kindly do react to Morissette Amon's 82 Live Performances list in the below, got to check it out and all you have to do is Select a Morissette Amon Live performances below, drag and highlight, and then copy and paste it to your search box for easier access to the video happy viewing! 🙂

    *"Regine Medley" Morissette slayed Regine Medley @ Mabuhay Philippines Festival
    *"All I Ask" (impromptu) | Toronto Canada (8.25.19)
    *"Pyramid" OMG Morissette singing Charice Pyramid | TFC Canada August 25, 2019
    *"Girl On Fire" – Sings (Alicia Keys) Rendition by Morissette Amon at Davao, Philippines
    *"I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" – Morissette Amon LIVE at Pistahan Parade Festival
    *"Himig Handog Suite" – Morissette Amon at the Solaire (September 18, 2015)
    *"A Moment Like This" Morissette Amon at the Music Museum
    *"Who You Are" Morissette Amon sings at Morissette Concert
    *"Alanis Morissette Medley" (This is Me Concert!)
    *"Lupang Hinirang" The Philippine National Anthem
    *"Let It Go" by Morissette Amon
    *"Jar of Hearts" (This is Me Concert!)
    *"Million Reasons" Lady Gaga Cover
    *"Mariah Carey Medley" Regine Velasquez & Morisette Amon
    *"Run the Show" Rendition 'Run the Show' as popularized by Kat De Luna
    *"Lips are Movin" rendition atbits Showtime RAW (08-05-2016)
    *"Run To You" Rendition on ASAP vs Segment
    *"Banal na Aso" rendition ASAP natin to
    *"Zombie" Morissette Amon sings (Cranberries Cover) OM ASAP (Mar.22,2017)
    *"Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka" on ASAP CHILLOUT
    *"Bang Bang" Cover on ASAP CHILLOUT
    *"Domino" She KILLED it "Domino"
    *"Shine" Morissette performs "Shine" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus
    *"A Whole New World" Morissette and Darren Espanto performs (Alladin Theme) LIVE on Wish 107.5 (May22,2019)
    *"You and I" LIVE on Wish 107.5 (Original)
    *"Akin Ka Na Lang" LIVE on Wish 107.5 (Original)
    *"Panaginip" LIVE on Wish 107.5 (Original)
    *"Throwback" LIVE on Wish 107.5 (Original)
    *"Naririnig Mo Ba" LIVE on Wish 107.5 (Original)
    *"Diamante " LIVE on Wish 107.5 (Original)
    *"Mahal Naman Kita" (Jamie Rivera) LIVE on Wish 107.5
    *"Rise Up" Cover on Wish 107.5
    *"Never Enough" Cover LIVE on Wish 107.5
    *"Against All Odds" Cover LIVE on Wish 107.5
    *"Chandelier" Cover LIVE on Wish 107.5
    *"Asia Song Festival 2017
    *"Asia Song Festival 2018
    *"And I Am Telling You" Cover on Morissette is Made Cebu Finale
    *"Listen" Cover on Morisette sings Listen 2017
    *"Never Enough" – Morissette at the FWD Insurance Event
    *"Stone Cold" Cover on MYX Live
    *"I Wanna Know What Love Is" Cover on MYX Live
    *"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" Cover on MYX Live
    *"Someone Always Saying Goodbye" on MYX Live
    *"Di Mapaliwanag" on MYX Live (Original)
    *"Remember Me This Way" – Morissette Live in Laguna
    *"Always You" – Morissette Live in Laguna
    *"Love on Top" Cover on Robinson's LP Live
    *"Halo" (Robinson's Place Galleria) / Dec.18,2018
    *"All I Want for Christmas is You" (Robinson's Place Galleria)
    *"Vision of Love" Cover
    *"Firework" and "Love on Top" back to back on Studio M
    *"Nina Medley" Morissette Amon sings Nina Medley at Coffee Bean for Stages Sessions
    *"Rainbow" – Morissette Amon (Stages Sessions 3) by Southborder
    *"That's What I Like" – Morissette Amon Gio Levi (Duet) at Stages Sessions 3
    *"Beautiful" (by Christina Aguilera) Morissette Amon and Gio Levi at Stages Sessions 3
    *"Mahal Naman Kita – Morissette Amon rendition (Jamie Rivera) at Stages Sessions 3
    *"Di Mapaliwanag" -Morissette Amon at Stages Sessions 3
    *"Million Reasons" Rendition (Lady Gaga) Morissette Amon at Stages Sessions 3
    *"Emotion" Rendition (Destiny's Child) Morissette Amon at Stages Sessions 3
    *"No One" Rendition (Alicia Keys) at the Thunderbird Rizal
    *"Miss You Like Crazy" Rendition at the Thunderbird Rizal
    *"Breakaway" Rendition at the Thunderbird Rizal
    *"Di Na Muli" Morissette at the Thunderbird Rizal
    *"Moon River" Morissette Amon with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra
    *"Valentine" Morissette Amon with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra
    *"On The Wings Of Love" with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra
    *"Love Moves in Mysterious Ways" (Venice Grand Canal February 14, 2019)
    *"Oh Holy Night" Live at Starmall
    *"Focus" Morissette Amon sings FOCUS by Ariana Grande
    *"Power" by Little Mix at Musik Manila
    *"Because of You" Morissette Amon on Kris TV
    *"I Won't Give Up" Morissette Amon on Kris TV
    *"Stone Cold" Morissette Amon and Jessica Sanchez rendition of Stone Cold in ASAP Live
    *"Unchained Melody" Rendition by Morissette Amon on ASAP
    *"Bridge Over Troubled Water" Rendition by Morissette Amon on ASAP (June 11, 2017)
    *"Bituin Walang Ningning" Rendition by Morissette Amon on ASAP (July 03, 2016)
    *"If This Is Love" Rendition by Morissette Amon on ASAP (July 24, 2016)
    *"Just Once" Rendition by Morissette Amon on ASAP (June 19, 2016)
    *"How Do I Live" Rendition by Morissette Amon on ASAP (July 10, 2016)
    *"Bohemian Rhapsody" Live #AlaniMorissetteMusicalJourney #1080

    #Morified -> Thank me later

  27. thank you Lucia for this great reaction. i love morissette and like this song so much. RESIGNATION is a korean song popularized by the powerhouse LEE YOUNG HYEON. i love morissette singing WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I and I´LL NEVER SAY GOOGBYE: new subscriber here…

  28. hi dear.. can you pls. also react to sheryn regis hit song come on in out of the rain.
    She is known as crystal voice of asia..
    i love this sweet girl as i love morissette!
    here's the link..

  29. Hi coach! You should check out this amazing performance from Morissette on her 1st attempt on Heart Medley 💞

    Here’s the link:


  30. My 3 favorite performance of her are:
    1. Run to you
    2. Introduction of her MADE concert
    3. Her finale song on her concert at Cebu, Philippines
    Those performances will surely blown your mind!

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