Netherlands Eating Challenge Burger 2.0 in Breda!!

Okay all right! Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of yesterday I got overall win number 420 in the Netherlands and today it’s fourth of July, it’s July 4th is I’m going to celebrate America’s Independence day by eating a massive burger in an Australian themed restaurant in the Netherlands! I am in Breda the Netherlands I am at the Eetcafe Walkabout I’m taking on their Burger Challenge 2.0! Now I’ve got 45 minutes to finish this thing and get my second win in the Netherlands but we basically have six of their burger patties along with the whole bunch of salad and healthy vegetable and then a special sauce and then there’s seven layers of bun, but about nine or ten people to finish this thing in the past year has been going on but if I do win I’m going to get the I think it’s about 35 euros burger challenge for free and then I’ll be up on the wall of fame so let’s get this challenge started! Alright like I said about nine or ten people are up on the wall of fame for beating this thing the record is just over 20 minutes so yesterday’s challenge and Rosendale went great now let’s try to dominate this way good alright yesterday’s burger tasted delicious and this looks pretty similar so let’s eat it! One two three! Alright get these all out then we’ll just break it down by layer Just over five minutes among the fourth layer of the six burger patties with special sauce is so good. Keep eating, get it down break the record. Lots of sauce on this thing. Nine minutes and 58 seconds so I beat the record by half basically clear the rest but that was so good the special sauce on that burger was just outstanding had that peanut sauce yesterday at the other one but this one was just oh man the burger was so good i got the 35 euro burger for free which was so good I’ll be up on the wall of fame is the new record holder and I got my second win in the Netherlands, overall win number 421! Thank you guys all for coming to watch thank you to Eetcafe Walkabout in Breda up in the Netherlands and thank you guys for watching!

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