23 comments on “Newsom Deploys CA National Guard To Help Food Banks Distribution

  1. Here comes…..SHTF folks. Perfect opportunity to strip you of your 2nd amendment rights…….."Public Safety" narrative. California has already shutdown ALL gun sales….."Public Safety". Shortage of foods and supplies around the corner, therefore National Guard required for "Public Safety". Want to protect your family? The state is releasing inmates from jail to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to cut cost…….just lovely. Going to be some desperate folks out there , no more Apple stores or Starbucks to rob goods and patrons, just folks minding their own business with no way to defend themselves. Maybe Newsom will send a few guardsmen to your door…."Public Safety".

  2. Say is that Alfred E ( what me worry?) Newsom ? California is so Swanky! Gotta love it! Remember SHELTER IN PLACE AND STAY OUT OF TEXAS!!

  3. problem, reaction, solution. 1 the government creates or exploits a problem then attributes blame to others. 2 the populace reacts by asking the government for protection and help to solve the problem. 3 the government offers the solution that was planned by them long before the crisis occurred. OUTCOME RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES ARE EXCHANGED FOR THE ILLUSION OF PROTECTION AND HELP

  4. Dear Gov. Gavin Newsom, we do not have time for poetry. You should encourage people to turn in to our Creator who created us from ejected semen. The one who blessed you with talent, job, provisions, roof over your head and protections therefore, you do not want to be unappreciative. I know people Hate religions and I do not blame them. Those wicked religious leaders have been misleading people and making them worship and idolize those dead saints and made up 4200 fake, false, and man-made religions in order to steal people's money so they could buy more mansions and airplanes. That is why majority of the people Hate religions and those so called religious people's hearts and souls have been raped by those illiterate preachers.
    Therefore, ask people to turn to their Creator and repent to Him and ask Him to take away this plague of COVID-19 which we have brought upon ourselves as the consequence of turning away from the Almighty Creator.
    Remember, life and death belongs to our Creator and He is the only one who could take it away from us. Just look at China a Godless nation, then those 700 so called Chinese Muslims went to Iran in order to worship those made up dead saints. All because Iranians made up a religion which you would never find it the Quran. And then look at the center of Idol worshiping people in the world, Vatican in Italy, whom they are worshiping a fake name "Jesus" which you would never find this false name in the original Bible in Aramaic language. As we are all witnessing that Bible belt area in US is getting hit by the Angels of the Almighty with more than a 1000 tornadoes every single year plus floods, hurricanes, fires and so on yet no one cares. No One Has Power But, The Almighty Creator. Everything have been controlled by our Creator from the creation of man on earth until the end of this world and not by those so called governments. "Nothing Bad happens to you if you follow our Creator's Laws."

  5. What's worse. Giving up rights and freedoms for all for a few hundred deaths?

    H1N1 infected over 60 million Americans and killed over 30,000 we didnt deploy the national guard then. Why now?

    Come on people get together. Do not surrender our rights. Be smart about this epidemic but do not give up our rights to the liberal thug Gavin Newsom.

  6. The National Guard deployment is what the liberal Democrats want. Take away your Constitutional rights. Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, that schmuck Joe Biden. Their rhetoric has pushed the government to infringe upon our liberties.

    Wash hands, use common sense hygiene practices just like any other illness. Let's not over react and deploy the military against our own citizens.

  7. Yep I live in Cali. The hospital aren’t full and no one is sick on a mass scale that would require such actions. It’s all a lie so we willingly give up our freedoms. For all of you who wanted socialism and communism get ready for it! You’ll get what you wanted and you will absolutely hate it. I wish I stayed in Utah.

  8. Election year, financial crash and Corona lockdown, don't worry just a coincidence that it perfectly fits the eighties neocon continuation of government pandemic script.

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