Nintendo Switch eShop: How To Get Games From Other Regions

Nintendo Switch eShop: How To Get Games From Other Regions

Hello everyone, Tom from Censored Gaming here. Back in January we learnt that the Nintendo
Switch allows you to have 8 user accounts and that the eShop region is tied to these
accounts. While its region free cartridges ensures that
you can import Switch games from any region, its eshop downloads requires a few extra steps. In this video we’ll be showing off how you
can download Switch games from any region eShop. First you’ll need to create one of the new
Nintendo Accounts that replaces the Nintendo Network IDs over at the official site. When creating a Nintendo account make sure
to use a different email address than any pre-existing accounts. The country/region of residence entry determines
the account’s region. After this you will be given a four digital
code via your chosen email. Enter it and head over to the Switch’s System
Settings. Select “Add User” and create a user for
the Nintendo Switch. Now you’ll be able to link this user to
the Nintendo Account you created, giving you access to the eShop region of your choice. Since you can create up to eight users on
the Switch console this process can be repeated multiple times for more regions. However, if you wish to actually buy anything
from the eShop you’ll need to add funds to your eShop wallet. Whilst some users have managed to successfully
make foreign purchases using their credit cards, others have run into issues. However, if any issues arise, you can always
purchase an eShop gift card for the region of your choice. The same cards used for the Wii U and 3DS
store can be used with the Switch, and these can be easily purchased from online retailers,
such as Alternatively, if you already have currency
from a previous Nintendo eShop account, that can be transferred over to this new account. You are able to link a Nintendo Network ID
with the new Nintendo Account and then link this to the Nintendo Switch console. The country and date of birth of each account
must match for this to work, however. You’re not able to transfer the funds of
a US account to a Japanese account, for example. Hopefully this guide has been useful to those
wanting to take advantage of Nintendo’s new approach to the eShop and region locking. I’ve been Tom from Censored Gaming. Thank you for watching.

25 comments on “Nintendo Switch eShop: How To Get Games From Other Regions

  1. Slightly related question, but how do I quit to the title screen is Zelda BotW. All i seem to be able to do is save, then go to home screen and close software.

  2. Yeah, just got nothing but a "please check contents" message. Strange, considering the Wii, 3DS and Wii U Japanese shops worked just fine for me. Guess Nintendo just loves to piss you off, huh?

    Also, how come I have to wait a week for a digital code? I thought Play-Asia would just email it to me, but I guess life just isn't that simple anymore. They just have to send me the whole damn card just to further make this already long wait when more tedious than it should be.

    Ah well, can't wait to play these games online. Nintendo wouldn't lie to us, would they? They do have "(with newly-added online play)" after all.

  3. When playing games from Japan, importing physical games is easier, considering the Geo-Block that digital distribution does when it only ties one region's eShop/PSN/XBoxLive to one account and having to resort to making multiple accounts on your console for multiple systems.

    With Digital Distribution taking more gamers away from traditional physical games, at least when it comes to importing games it is where physical copies of games are more easier than those who want to import digital games.

  4. Knowing Nintendo they'll find and implement a way to stop people from accessing the e-shop not belonging to their country.

  5. Ahh this is disappointing to hear! Ideally, we should be able to digitally browse and purchase eShop games from any region with our native payment method. I guess we'll have to start distinguishing between a region-free eShop and an all-regions eShop. Making dummy accounts and physically importing other regions' point cards all but defeats the purpose of digital distribution.

  6. May need to use this method for when the Xenoblade Chronicles X sequel comes out. I say XCX2, not XC2. For chest slider and beyond!

  7. Does anyone know if the eshop pal region will have pal virtual console games like the Wii did? I don't want to play my games 20% slower than the rest of the world.

  8. Just like PS3/4 and PSN works… but are the same (digital) games also playable on all accounts in the same machine?

  9. This technique is not officially supported or condoned by Nintendo. Different eShop regions exist specifically to PREVENT people in one region from buying games outside of their region. In fact now that this technique is publicly known, it is likely that Nintendo will patch this loophole so that it can no longer be exploited (thus forcing you to buy only in your region). An easy patch is to use IP address lockout. IP address ranges are associated with different countries, so it would make the perfect region lock.

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