Oh Europa – Love songs around Europe

Acapella love songThe most noticeable thing in
Greece is people are very willing to sing! -Once more?
-Yeah! You can do it again!
Yeah!Epic musicMy name is James Stenhouse, I
live in Bristol usually but for six months right now I
live in this van. My name is Gemma Paintin and we
are here in Athens, at Stavros Niarchos
Foundation Caltural Center We ‘re driving through every
country in Europe recording people singing love
songs. -Can we come together?
-Of course! -Because he wants to sing…
-Perfect! -A song that he knows…in
-Perfect! As we travel we wanted a way to
be able to listen to each other and it felt like music and song,
particularly people singing is a way to express a feeling and it’s something that everyone
can understand. Even if you don’t know the
language, the song is being sung and there is something you can
hear. I guess it’s a complicated time
in Europe about what is it mean to be
European to call yourself European and how do we continue to to live together. We wanted to find a different
way to have those conversations. Something that was more about how people feel and less kind of
opinion.Acapella love songWe are here (in Athens) for 5
days and what’s really nice about
that, is that people come back
again and again so maybe they see on the first
day, they just see what you’re
doing they kind of checking out and
then they come back the next day maybe they come and read
something and then… Maybe on the third day they
think “Ok! I’ll come and sing a song!” Before we set off we didn’t know
what to expect, whether people will sing for us
at all. Some people are very ready and
very quick to come inside and sing a song and they feel very happy and
very confident do that and other people want a longer conversation. I think people is still a brave
thing to do to come and sit on your own and
sing a song with no equipment. Acapella love song For sure the project is gonna
continue into 2019 in terms of thinking where are
the places that we don’t have any songs
from to try to fill in those gaps, but also thinking about how do we find a different way
to share the songs and share the archive and
share the experience we had. ‘Cause if we can listen better
then maybe we can understand each
other better and if we can understand each
other better maybe we can share space
together in a more… harmonious way. Acapella love song

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