hello everyone friends today give up 2020 european rankings currently leader in the european rankings have won their last 15 games and have won 55 games you’re currently seeing competitor information and still ranked first With 5 stoppers, I’m going to the game with fischer i can’t speak here I’m trying to find nice tactics for you at that time I was applying gegenpress but I had a lot of trouble pes 2020 myclub ta win 55 matches great success also won all of them at matcday we are going to play against a very strong opponent today I do not remember the game in detail because I played the match 2 weeks ago so that I can analyze both the opponent’s and myself’s errors better and a bad pass came from the opponent you know that I usually pass off the floor with rust and I think it’s best my defenders are not very good but I don’t see this as an excuse and I will do my best to win because in the future we have a player like ronaldo, gegenpress is a very charismatic tactic in the game, but if you do not have trouble is very enjoyable I’ll repeat the position, this is a great edition! but such opponents who attack very well can create problems for you It is not easy to score goals in 5 defensive games, congratulations on choosing a good tactic. no offside, cavani, now david beckham pes 2019 according to the legendary players are more durable but still do not work much, although ronaldinho never play I think I only played 2 games, when my squad was bad at first. In the meantime, I will examine this position, maybe learn something. we see that the defense is trying to get out of control, although there is a chance to pass some pass by pressing the l1 the latest passes are seriously nice dembele player of the week player and really strong yesss my goal some passes to chance, but nice last pass and instant smash feature Ronaldo’s goal match 1-1, no longer an old match, even though I remember losing the match, I do not remember the match score and position a very important position and spectacular rescue de gea Our goalkeeper is an interesting one, I see that you have great but sometimes very interesting goals in very important positions, but it is still good that our goalkeeper the worst of our team left and our left back is making mistakes again I ask you to write your comments on what your opponent or my mistakes, I will be reading your comments. I’m not the best in pes 2020, so I’ll have mistakes, and I want you to say, what kind of mistake? but we can be a good player if we analyze and overcome your mistakes I made a lot of rust error, but I certainly would have been too upset if this goal. there may have been a problem with my internet because sergio ramos leaves the ball on purpose I think the first half will be 1-1, let’s look at the statistics, our opponent plays 5 defenders in the match is not much position is seen Although this kind of match is not very nice, despite the enjoyable myclub match we can say we got nice, david beckham. a very bad pass! we can’t call the opponent’s offensive pass great, but but he’s hiding the ball well, I know how he did it, and I’m going to show it to you in my tactical videos. There are some gaps in the game and I’ll show you these gaps, but it’s important that you like the video this is very important and I can do it, but we could not do more games because we could not get the ball from the opponent 🙂 we can actually get that ball a good player 🙂 and corners, corners, I admit that I’m still very missing, pes 2019 unfortunately I could not find a tactic can score more goals but I will try to solve this for you brothers. To be realistic, the game is always played in our field, but in terms of attack, the opponent can not say that he was constantly shooting. My problem is that I couldn’t make a quick attack forward, which I’m trying to get out of now, Beckham and it didn’t happen again. I’m not a bad player, my internet is troubled or I was very afraid of the opponent.

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  1. Abi benim bi taktiğim var denermisin markaj ayarlarından ortasahanın ortasındaki adamı rakibim forvetine sağ daki ortadahayı rakinin sol açığna diyer orta sahanıda rakibin sağacığına ver defansın çok sağlam oluyo

  2. Bu arada kardesim adam 4 4 2 ye donuyor ilk taktigi 5 3 2 alttaki radardan gorebilirsin ama boyle yapinca ne gibi bi ajantaji oluyor bilmiyorum oyunun acigi mi artik ne

  3. Ben bu ahlawy i yenerim yerden basit oynuyor ve ortadan geliyor benim takım ise fizikli ve ortasaha kalabalık kanatları çok iyi oynuyorum

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