Peter Frankopan – The silk roads – VPRO documentary – 2017

Peter Frankopan – The silk roads – VPRO documentary – 2017

My task in this patrol
is to provide medical care. First of all to our own people,
but also to win the civilians over. For instance,
by dressing wounds quickly… …we build goodwill
among the civilians. bringers of justice and security America, America
death to your deceit you’re full of hatred and envy
devoid of love and loyalty you’re full of pain and misery
devoid of healing powers all over the world
you trample on everyone we have the right to nuclear energy I just want to say to the US:
You should be worried. Because our leading nuclear
physicist is only forty years old. It’s not a battle between Al-Qaeda
and the international crusaders. It’s a battle between Islam
and the crusaders.

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  2. I would gladly pay for a debate between this gentleman and Niall Ferguson. They have completely different angles on the rise and decay of Western history.

  3. Europe has absolutely zero goals as far as external politics go. They do US bidding from time to time and that's about it. In the meantime all Asia has global plans. Russia as well. So it's no wonder that Europe will become deprecated. US will throw a fight at least. Although, by their own choices, they'll stand alone. And this sooner than later.

  4. VPRO did it again by not being unwilling to tackle "controversial" subjects that are painstakingly kept out of the schoolbooks and media of the West. Bravo!
    Frankopan made an excellent and easy to understand analysis of the story behind the rise and decay of the Western Empire, a self-serving empire based on greed and destruction. Many may not believe or accept it, but today's scandalous aggression, particularly in the Middle East, implies that the West is aware of its own decline and is frantically attempting to stop it with brute force and at an enormous cost. Look East, take stock and come up with better plans to secure the world's future. Start by watching this video.

  5. I've never heard a more blatant oversimplification of virtually infinitely complex socio-economic and cultural topics strung together to support an even more pedestrian thesis that the "west" is to blame for all that is wrong not only today, but since ancient times. Basically worth watching as a case study for confirmation bias. A great experiment for his viewpoint would be if he would send his wife or sister to live in one of his so-called superior non-west cultures to argue about the strengths of the West and see how these progressive societies would react. I'm guessing she wouldn't be enriching herself selling books and giving lectures freely as he is doing in the horrible west as he portrays it, yet still chooses to call home. Ironic. Seems more like a Niall Ferguson hack taken to its historically (dare i say) logical extreme.

  6. Thank you VPRO and Peter Frankopan for making this documentary. This is one of the few documentaries without an inherent Eurocentric bias. This makes the viewers see the world in a different light, one that is very different than what is put out by mainstream media and Hollywood! This documentary is unique and beyond great! Also, your channel is better than all the other documentary channels including DW docs.

  7. yet another eye opening documentry on oil gold and american greed for world domination. in the beginning the host said a word " new world order". Zionists are always hungry for money and slavery . thanks the india and china had checkmate these Zionists.religion and innovation didn't sync each other. the silk road is itself a culture of invention and innovation

  8. Peter Frankopan (NOT HIS REAL LAST NAME), another self hating white person who hypocritically pretends to be a European prince while denigrating Europe. Way to go vpro, you have failed once again to remain unbiased and objective. Where were the counter points and critics of your anti-european, anit-white and anti-enlightenment rhetoric?

  9. lol … europe's future is endangered precisely because of its ridiculous focus on bullshiting about morality , humanity and incesant self flagellation about its "harmful" impact on others (yes and it pays well in europe to bullshit against europe and lick foreign balls like this "descendant of croatian nobility" …a "koenig von bullshit" apparently)
    in the middle east, africa, asia (and especially china) nobody gives a shit about their impact on other lands and people (and also in their glorious past they never did) they just grab what they can, hold on it and guard it as well as they can… and definitelly don't allow any bullshitters from within to depreciate their own cultures, values and actions , like in present weak europe happens all the time
    europe prospered better than most parts of world in last couple of centuries BECAUSE of its greed and complete disregard for others , not DESPITE IT(and usa played this game even more skillfull) …and can hold on what it gained only if its TOUGHER and more ruthless than other contenders from east …survival of the fittest is the name of the game …no foggotty deference

  10. Excellent video. I enjoy all of them . This one is very timely. Thank you. I been thinking along some of the lines for a while.

  11. Read his book, The Silk Routes. Full of research, scholarship and wisdom. His writing style is so captivating which makes the book a must read. Congratulations for this marvellous work.

  12. I’m Confused and lost since 2012 mentally & physically by those kinda books I don’t even know who I’m i ! anymore but I realized one thing that I’am ashamed of my grandfathers history


  14. this guy is talking in circles and making no sense. Get ready the East is about to take over the West? Ok…. are we supposed to be scared?

  15. If there is one thing that absolutely ruins a good video, it's background music that is so loud that you have to strain to hear the narration.

  16. my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather made our fortune selling European slaves to Africa 😛

  17. This is a well-made documentary but Frankopan’s views (at least as they are presented here) seem to presuppose that non-Western people enjoy a wide perspective that Westerners do not. In fact, the mere existence and acceptance of public thinkers who challenge the alleged ethnocentrism of the West is proof to the contrary. In China, a country whose people are infinitely more self-obsessed and deluded about their place in the world than anywhere in Europe, someone like Frankopan would have been imprisoned long ago and his views would never be heard. The idea that Westerners are unusually self-obsessed is poppycock; they are in fact the one set of people most willing to accept revisionist ideas about themselves, their history and the world they live in.

  18. Gosh the book Silk Roads was amazing. So much clear truthful history, both fascinating and eye opening. I could hardly believe this was the author as this documentary waffled along with no real clarity. It's only at the end that Frankopan really gets going into the sort of explanations of the decaying west that he does so well in the book. This documentary really does a disservice to the book.

  19. Oxford 🙂 good little teaser for more. Thank you for the good upload. Frankopan has a very fine mind. The Silk Road by Frankopan is an exciting read. More please

  20. The same old mistake: an Oxford educated man teaching history, and what is worst, saying "We, the West" are to blame. He points at Western Europe, but leaves out the countries that were ruled by the British empire just until the 1960s.
    No, many European countries are still suffering the effects of the British interests, and the mess they left in India-Pakistan, Israel-neighbouring Arab countries, Ireland, Scotland, Africa, etc. Now the UK voted itself out of the European Union: whre they never belonged, as Charles De Gaulle, guest in Britain during the war, understood clearly. The UK wants a balance of powers, like in NATO, but never a union of countries whose citizens mix in and cooperate.
    As seen in the Falklands war/Malvinas war, a bit of land on the other side of the world matters to the UK more than an international agreement: there are tatters of the British colonial (global) rule all over the world, among them most of the tax havens and key defense spots. In 1956 the UK & French huge fleet sailed to recover Suez, and the US & USSR warning humiliated both old empires: ''you are no longer the first world powers". The French coped with it with De Gaulle and the EU project; the British are still dreaming alone with old ghosts tatters haunting the country: Ireland, Scotland… and the orientation of an island that wants to remain isolated.

  21. Aye, true but Columbus sailed the same year Spain was fully reconquered from El Turk. Conquest and sailing was learnt from Arabs who had been slaving for a much longer time. Its no coincidence that the Portuguese and Spanish, a great deal of whom had only recently converted from islam ! & were great sailors in the late 15th and early 16thC, before the English or Dutch. More history programmes about Zanzibar ? Not if the BBC has anything to do with it.

  22. Interesting. Noteworthy: decrying so-called arrogance in the West, he ignores his own, and the arrogance found in every single country on earth. It is just odd to me how critics of the West call westerners myopic and they do so by being myopic themselves.

    He did note expansionist Islam fueled by supremacy.

    What is our 'one-sided' world view. Why do you Leftists always assume westerners are ignorant and bigoted? Isn't it more accurate to say all human beings are ignorant and bigoted, that all nations have a world view they prefer generally speaking? I understand the pigeon-holing by the Left if the goal is condemning the West. But let's not pretend it carries some kind of academic superiority.

    He claims the future belongs to Middle Easterners and Asians. This may well be so, but not necessarily because their systems are superior. It may only be a matter of fertility rates confronting a weakened Western mind, one no longer willing to survive, one resembling suicide. Perhaps the academy has much to do with this weakening?

    "We are absolutely convinced that we have a monopoly on goodness." I'd like to see the evidence that leads him to this conclusion. Why are westerners so eager to fall on their own swords, as if we are the chief sinners in the world? It's truly absurd I think.

    He asserts the west went terribly wrong in the first half of the 20th century. Are we then to take general responsibility for the worldwide communist revolution, or for Nazi aggression or Japanese atrocities? What western principles centered on liberal democracy gave rise to these totalitarian gangs? I fear this professor speaks in broad generalities, engaging this orgy of self-condemnation throughout the West, a kind of intellectual self-flagellation serving no constructive purpose other than the impulse to repent of white privilege and atone for being successful!

    No doubt American foreign policy, ordinarily driven by good intentions, winds up ending in defeat, primarily because we fail to fully understand the circumstances surround conflicts where we intervene, and no doubt, better education and intelligence gathering are required. However, to say the entire West is tone deaf and blind and selfish and markedly more evil than those in the Middle East or in Africa or Asia is ridiculous. What we can say with confidence, without the West standing against thugs, tyrants, criminals and terrorists, the world would have swirled downward into global mayhem a long while ago. WWII forced America into super power status, and winning the Cold War was a curse in the sense if forced us into the status of lone super power. I dare say Americans never sought nor welcomed that status, but we were forced into it.

    Is it not true the dramatic advances in the Middle East and Asia are largely the result of Western influences in trade, free markets, democratization and technological advances? Why should be apologize for all this?

    I think Frankopan's arrogance is breathtaking. He accuses Westerners of totally misunderstanding the past, of being ignorant of the present, and of therefore remaining clueless in the future. It's just a ridiculous assertion on its face. I suppose Frankopan is therefore the only one who knows true history, the only one facing reality in the present, and the only one holding the keys to prophecy?

    "Christians have no interest in exploration." Never mind that the scientific revolution was based largely on a Christian notion of the unseen world, leading to discoveries of the atom and the molecule, of germ theory and so on. I mean really Chris, you find this professor enlightening?

    No wonder you love this guy. Like you, he condemns Christian Europe and exalts Muslims, completely misrepresenting both with black and white analysis and contrasts.

    He claims the West had no interest in considering the intellectual contributions of Muslims because without fail, Westerners condemned Islam to the 'intellectual' back waters. How then do you explain constant efforts by the West to not only reach out to the East, but the work done from the beginning to find common ground, and the work done to record both the good and the bad from history. Frankopan makes this sweeping claim that Europe was completely bankrupt intellectually while Muslims were intellectually vibrant and Europe was being hypocritical ignoring or condeming Islam. Don't you find that simplistic in the extreme?

    Ha! This guy blames the Muslim slave trade on Europeans! Wow Chris. What a warped historian you praise!

    OK, so Baghdad was the richest place in the world in the year 800 AD. Big deal. Where do we find the most grinding poverty in the world, the most violence, the most tyranny and the most pollution, today? The 10/40 window, that's where. I think Mr. Frankopan is full of shit.

    Christians have stood against slavery from the beginning, along with Jews, knowing the history of the captivities in Egypt and Babylon, and understanding God's commandments against slavery. Islam has always been the chief slaver, even up to this present moment. Let's be real shall we?

    Let me ask you: who helped the Arab nations develop their oil resources? What inventions and manufactured products do Arabs contribute today? Why do Arabs virtually ignore the Palestinians, increasing their suffering, refusing them immigration?

    Do you admit Islamic supremacy is the main driver to jihadist conquest of the world? You and this professor are consumed with the idea all the evil rests in the West, and all the virtue thrives in the East, but that is bullshit, a narrative constructed to make you feel good perhaps given your sense of guilt, imposed on you by those who seek your destruction.

    This guy is amazing. He blames America and the West for the upheaval in Iraq, Syria etc. Haven't these places seen continuous upheaval long before 1776?

    He blames the west for the rise of fundamentalist Islam. Incredible. Mohammed was pretty radical as I recall, the father of fundamentalism, back in the 7th century. I'm sure America is to blame for Mohammed's rise, as is Christian Europe. All our fault. Right.

    I've heard enough of Frankopan's bilge.

  23. Interesting video about past cultures. But now of course the West is the best – there is no competition. Mass immigration may change that.

  24. Lol. Muslims were not mathematicians they published Indian mathematics on their own names. What China is doing with American IPR.

  25. This documentary makes some very good insights and points, but is hampered by an almost overbearing amount of one-sided guilting and doom and gloom. I'm not saying this to detract from his points, the West is past its twilight, but I think Frankopan knows that pandering to the Chinese and Middle Easterners will sell more books in the same way Peter Zeihan panders to American nationalists. They both tell people what they want to hear.

    An interesting point he made is that we should strive to understand the larger world such as the geopolitics of it. I wonder if he supports ideas like a united EU federation, as many have proposed it could compete with the likes of China and America, rather than Europe being separate weak statelets.

  26. One of my favorite books. I really like the good research and interesting facts but most of all, the lack of bias for european supremacy. Very objective which is rare.

  27. i love this guy…absolutely amazing…i live in iran and i think trump purposely aimed the people just because he wants use us as a weapon,we just go in streets and fight for him with regime…they don`t want send their troops…
    i`m not agree with the regime but we are extremely nationalist people.we may known for hospitality but from the other hand we want a foreigner lives in a same building with us,let alone they come and occupy our country.they obviously don`t know the other cultures…

  28. Great stuff and I recommend to read between the lines because there are things Peter can't say or he will be vilified like Mr Irving.

  29. As an Ex South African and a Jew, I told my Muslim brother's in Egypt that I was ashamed to be either, with what my peoples have done.

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