Porsche European Open 2019 / Spieltaktik mit dem European Tour Spieler Adrian Otaegui

Porsche European Open 2019 / Spieltaktik mit dem European Tour Spieler Adrian Otaegui

[Music] more manly misfits video I see legs in have been me the bottom portion you can open this man flight by Mia Adrian Ortega oh hello yeah vias in team a team of Avinash cook my in mind we need to and the first question I’ve got here on 15th you hit a awesome shot from the banker with a 3-wood what was your thought about it as of the 15 at n zu / boom cache laughs with no it’s dragged him out and they were all fast bona fide needs I’m averse ones I need an alibi what were your technical thoughts about that what have you tried to – it was it was a 5-wood so to be able to give it a little bit more high and because obviously of the bunker even even if there was no no height to to go over really but off the bunker you really need to be a bit of of loft on the club to hit high anyway okay so I mean I just try to make a good contact as long as you make a good contact the ball the ball goes so obviously in the bank not catch a lot of a lot of sand just try to hit it thin yeah and just focus on really focus on a good contact and just hit enemy and just make the ball go okay but do you think about like wrapping in shorter or make it not really I mean that was I think that’s very personally in my in my case it was a pretty standard short I lip maybe a little bit steeper yeah just because I’m in the bunker so not to catch a lot of sand but it was I mean just I really focus on making a good contact I mean in the end the best ball contact is always first ball then the ground so you don’t think about too much actually especially in the in the bunker if you wanna hit a long shot yeah perfect and here on the we are now on the biscuits of octane and here you’ve got the chance to win the wrong stripy on this hole what was your thought on this tee shot can you not try to very good know as hard as possible no really I mean I know I’m not gonna win the longest drive I’m normally pretty accurate I’m not the longest the longest player so I just tried to hit it on the fairway and give myself a chance to be able to do give myself a chance for the second shot so I know if I get a good drive on this oh I can it’s about five but I can get in on the green in two so that’s where just just try to just forget everything and just try to hit a good shot okay thank you very much first of all thanks as a very Englishman partner of Langston yeah these bans or fatigue on green wood good event was open be eventful fun links will be seen evidence of the ferrets are taking any vanished even aged the if Devin Vinton and Vinick Vivienne’s in of a shaft on if that is missing Frank assigning it dangling devices it mehmed’s kerosene does a gravity the I’m Vinny up Koosh goodness okay how many meters was do you have still into the green so I got to 17 meters to the front edge to 70 meters to the front edge okay the pin is on six six minutes or two to three to the pin hmm the wind is of the left are into yeah so right now I got two options the first option would be a lay up somewhere here mm-hmm – leave me I like distance something like from 70 to 80 meters I think that’s a good good distance for me because I can control the ball from the distance yeah yeah second second option would be hit a 3-wood to the green so it’s into into the wind that’s the only thing but I think I can I can I can go for the green anyway so I’m gonna go I’m gonna hit a 3-wood as a circa 230 meters to the flare yeah – two three – two three and a novella spy on our trains once you meet again in wind from fauna efforts it’s my memoir I on economy sang doesn’t ganz Kline is here good luck you as I have hits assaults Tigers Lang owned mich units of Tsushima po fizziness can see an achiever when the volition is kind of hungry yes it isn’t slack because of a lizard and how do you visualize your golf shot before when you are in preparation in the pre shot routine I think that’s been one of the most important things before you play a shot for a professional but also for foreign amateur and I think most of the amateurs don’t really visualize the shot like they should do yeah I normally I mean as an amateur I would recommend don’t really try to shape the ball like right to left left to right just try to play your normal swing yeah and I mean personally I normally stand before looks like for example in this holds the power 5 I hated a driver off the tee the winner was of the last I didn’t really try to draw the ball I might not my natural shot easily a bit raw mm-hmm but I just try to go understands and he does hit a straight shot yeah okay because I think I try to simplify things yeah so I think in golf we normally make it too much complicated yeah the more you simplify the easier you will make it and the better you will be perfect and so you are not very technical that you say I want to do this or that like cooking your wrists or coming in or oh really no really I mean that’s something you have to work on on the right on the driving range once you are playing once you’re on the course just try to not think too much just try to visualize the shot wanna play and just just go free committed alright thank you very much wish you all the best for the tournament thanks guys so thanks for your for your inside thoughts and all the best for the tournament thank you as superzoom party Vinci naveen file alice best if in Estonia and yeah hopefully says goodbye and would each offer this video as you can find out my name is Kip me again and don’t know which for me show people even knowing opponent – cannot so can enjoy you want a lolly please hurry optimal often hiding and Huntsman Schwimmer and soonish beyond alle scooter or Zyliss [Applause]

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  1. Sehr cooles Video, mal interessant sowas von einem Tourpro zu hören.
    Der Abschluss war dann natürlich Spitzenklasse… ☺️

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