Post Game Interview with Head Coach Bronkema and Regional Championship Celebration

We’re going to be joined now by the head
coach of the Ferris State Bulldogs Andy Bronkema coach first of all
congratulations Midwest regional champions and I know that feels good. It
feels good and I’m happy that we’re representing the region as a champion I
know a lot of the teams you know put in just as much effort as us and to
represent the Midwest we’re proud of that and were going to do our best to move on. What does it mean to you speaking
of the history of Ferris State basketball just the second time ever a
regional title and able to do it here for the first time on your home floor.
First time ever you keep saying that and I keep hearing it and maybe not
believing it because it’s not the first time that we’ve worked hard or done the
things that winners do or you know put all of our effort and all of our you
know time dedication into it you know I’m not the first coach and we’re not
the first staff to do this isn’t the first group of players to do it so it’s just
rare it’s uncommon it’s just everything’s going through my
head I’m just I’m just lucky I’m lucky to be in this position lucky to be the
coach here fantastic opportunities that you know my mentors and the people
before me gave me and and I didn’t necessarily deserve them and
it worked out. We talked about how special was to do it here in front of
the home fans and an electric crowd here tonight at Jim Wink Arena sellout crowd
here at Big Rapids tonight. I mean they we’re loud we went out and bought a
marker board so we could write the plays down we knew they couldn’t we’re gonna
be able to hear us and there were just great it was special it
was really really special. How special was it at the end of the game to give
the trophy to Mitchell Peterson here and have him on hand tonight? Well he’s been
missing from our team the last couple weeks so you know he got back healthy
and was able to make the game today and you know he didn’t get in but he
deserves to have that trophy and we’re happy to do that the captains we’re all
about that and you know there’s no other person that should
accept it. Speaking of your captain’s your senior class here playing their
final game at Wink Arena talk about what they’ve meant obviously they’re going
to continue to mean here to Ferris State basketball. They’re the
best so until another class comes around and breaks the records
they’re going to be the best you can say. Coach we congratulate you on
the victory I know you want to go celebrate so looking forward to it
looking forward to working with you as we go to the Elite Eight next week in South
Dakota. Sounds like a fun plan Robert.

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