Question Period: Future of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion — June 18, 2019

Question Period: Future of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion — June 18, 2019

40 comments on “Question Period: Future of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion — June 18, 2019


  2. 'The justifiable limits of free speech is something every government should be looking into'- A statement which could be endorsed by any dictator. Thanks Lametti

  3. Every time the Liberals try to cast blame on the long gone Harper government, they lose ground with Canadians.

  4. Would any of these clown take a pay cut to feed the poor and unemployed?, Would any of theses people trully care for people? I doubt , they are so out of touch with people.

  5. He didn’t pas C-48 so if the pipeline is built so the oil can’t be shipped just Alberta ,something has to do something has to be done.

  6. They can stop using the word honorable. These are not honorable people, or public servants. They are arrogant turds with their heads up their a$$.

  7. Let’s stop paying the liberals and the NDP until shovels are in the ground!!! It’s painful to hear these incredibly overpaid liberals and the useless Jagmeet who is clearly just ignorant about Canadian natural resources

  8. The first of July will be upon us soon. I will shed a tear for my country, for all who are are ignored by this government. does anybody hear the desperation in there voices? the libs are really trying hard aren't they. they need to rip off the NDP ideas out of fear? seems like they think they will get the gold.

  9. 31:16 why in the world is this minister talking about the "science of climate change" ??? she has NO CLUE WHATSOEVER herself !!

  10. you sent Canadians money to Houston? probably not the smartest move…hope you get what you PAID for..ha

  11. What about the advancement of technology and A.I. and how will that impact the climate for better or worse, should that be part of the debate, technology is advancing rapidly.

  12. Singh, world emissions will go down if the world chooses Canadian oil. Per barrel emissions are far higher in OPEC countries. They are nowhere near our standards, it's in our economic and environmental interests to build this pipeline.

  13. So just a general question. Canada is a country with 2 official languages and QP happens in both French and English. Why is it that the English questions are not translated in French but the French questions are overdubbed in English?
    I cannot find anywhere to disable these English translators who (in my opinion) are tinting the questions (perhaps despite their best effort).

  14. If a housing crisis is appearant in Canada, why are more illegal immigrants being invited to live in Canada, are they not going to occupy Homes?

  15. We pay these people? Seems like a huge waste of money for stuff that can get done faster and with less arguments. First of all, get rid of extreme right wing jerks, then tell left wing jerks to find the cash or compromise. Why? The scale on the left is a person, and on the right, is a bag of money. Which one has social integrity?

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