Radiation Treatment at The Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre

In some cases, radiation consults
may be provided at other hospital locations closer to home. Your radiation treatment is provided at The
Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre. You will need to register at the Radiation
Therapy reception desk, located in the far left corner of Level 1 of The Carlo Fidani
Regional Cancer Centre. This is where you will be checking in for
all of your radiation appointments. At your weekly radiation clinic appointment with your nurse and doctor, please complete Your Symptoms Matter on a Tablet or at a kiosk. Your Symptoms Matter is an important part
of your cancer journey and helps us understand how you are feeling. This information will be shared with your
health care team, and together we will talk about the supports and resources available
to help you better manage your symptoms. Please take the printed copy of your symptom
screen home. We encourage you to look at how your symptoms
are changing over time and to share this with your family doctor. During your visit to the Radiation Therapy
department, if you feel that you may need support from additional members of your health
care team such as a social worker, dietician or pharmacist, please ask a member of your
health care team for assistance. We are here to support and help you through
your cancer journey.

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