Reviewing Pets At Home’s Hamster Care

so it has almost been a year since I
made my reviewing petsmart’s hamster care pamphlet video and my good friend Emiology here on YouTube was kind enough to send me some pamphlets from pets at home
and these are like the hamster care guides that they have there. Pets at home
is a UK-based pet store which it’s not available in Canada or the US so I’m
very interested to see what type of care they have in their pamphlets so the
first thing I see it says in here is all pet owners have a legal responsibility
to meet their pets welfare needs which includes providing a suitable diet and
environment companionship and ensuring they’re kept healthy and are able to
perform normal behaviors which I think this is really important to include in
this because it is your legal responsibility to properly care for your
pet. Syrian hamsters as pets Syrian hamsters are nocturnal so they spend
most of the day sleeping and become active in the evening and at night they
do not like being disturbed when they are sleeping I like that they include
that because you shouldn’t wake them up when they’re sleeping it’s just not nice.
Syrian hamsters can make good family pets if cared for properly and with
patience and gentle handling they can become tame and enjoy spending time with
their owner Syrian hamsters generally live for two
to two-and-a-half years which this can be a bit debated but I think personally
from experience the average lifespan of most hamsters is one and a half to two
years obviously they can live longer but on average it’s been found most hamsters
live between that average. Do I like company? Syrian hamsters are naturally
solitary animals which means your hamster will need to live alone, their
territorial nature will lead to fights if they’re kept as a pair if you’d like
to have more than one hamster consider keeping dwarf hamsters or other species
such as rats, mice or gerbils as they naturally live in groups so I disagree
with this the best I don’t think they should suggest keeping dwarf hamsters
and pairs because the fallout rate with a pair of dwarfs is actually really high
all hamsters do best on their own so I really think they should just stick- I think they should just stick to talking about these social animals that you
could own instead. Where do I like to live? Syrian hamsters need a lot of
exercise so buy as big a cage as possible ideally with a deep base and wire top so
I think they should be a bit more specific they say buy as big as possible
which I don’t think is the greatest wording because that means I can buy as
big as I possibly can have in my home so maybe a cage only this big is as big
as possible for me so I think it would be better to actually list a minimum on
there that way if someone’s reading this they see the minimum and they realize my
house can’t fit that big of a cage then they can look for a pet
that may fit better into their home. Wire sides will allow your hamster to
climb the bars of the cage a favorite pastime nope in fact climbing the bars
of the enclosure would be called monkey barring which is a sign of stress and
boredom in hamsters and it’s a sign that you should be upgrading the enclosure
because generally it’s too small when they start monkey barring a multi-level
cage will allow your hamster to climb and make the most of the space in his or
her cage so climbing really just isn’t important to hamsters they’re not like
rats they’re not like mice they don’t really need a lot of climbing things of
course you can give them things to climb on like toys but the height of the cage
just doesn’t matter that much. Cover the floor of the
cage with a thick layer of wood flakes so I don’t know what wood flakes are I’m
assuming they’re like wood shavings but they’re not specific in like which are
safe or not because there’s only two types of wood shavings that really are
safe and that is Aspen and hemp shavings pine, cedar, soft wood shavings are not
safe then they go on to say that sawdust is not suitable as it can make hamsters
ill which is very interesting to me because sawdust is very popular in the
UK even though it isn’t actually safe and in fact I think pets at home even
sells sawdust so for them to say in their own camp with sawdust isn’t safe
it makes your hamster ill but then for them to sell it in their store is a big
conflict so then they go to show a cage which is supposed to be an example I
think of a cage that they may suggest I don’t know what type of cage this is but
just looking at it it does not look like it would meet the bare minimum for a
hamster it does look quite small I’m actually very interested I might look at
this cage up on their website to figure out how big it actually is. What do I eat?
your hamster will need a good quality hamster mix or Nuggets such as pets at
home hamster food while in our care we feed pets at home hamster food and
recommend that you continue to do so when you take your new pet home a pellet
food may help to prevent selective feeding this is when hamsters choose to
eat only certain bits of muesli mixes which can leave two dietary deficiencies,
weight gain and other health problems so selective heating is a thing and that’s
why many people will suggest just feeding a pelleted diet but a pelleted
diet is just so boring it lacks no variety imagine just eating the exact same
and food for the rest of your life and selective feeding really doesn’t happen
when you are feeding a proper good mix if you’re feeding a seed mix that just
has crap food in it like it just has sugary bits of fruits and just fatty
seeds and things like that then of course they’re going to become selective
eaters but if you’re feeding an actual healthy seed mix it’s not that common
for that to happen and there’s other ways to prevent selective feeding you
can supplement your hamster’s diet with very small quantities of fresh fruit and
vegetables such as apple and carrot do not feed your pet too much fresh food as
this can cause digestive upsets so if your hamster is used to fruits and
vegetables it’s not likely for them to get an upset stomach if they’re a new
hamster and you fed them the whole piece of lettuce then yes that could cause
them to have a upset stomach but it’s it’s not likely if your hamster is used
to it. Too much fruit is bad for hamsters as it is high in sugar and they can
develop diabetes only tiny bit of fruit a week is plenty so if anybody knows
about diabetes eating a piece of fruit is not going to give you diabetes and
it’s more so just keeping moderation moderation is key and you can feed your
hamsters pieces of fruit and you can feed them a little bit more than once a
week they’re not going to develop diabetes by eating a piece of fruit I
can guarantee you that. What do I like to do? stimulating a natural behavior by
providing opportunities for your hamster to chew, climb, hide, explore, dig and
forage will keep your pet amused I really like that they included that because it
is really super duper important for you to stimulate your hamsters natural
behavior. As they’re nocturnal hamsters are very active at night and need lots
of space and things to explore while you’re asleep wooden or cardboard
tubes and tunnels will keep your pet entertained and a wheel fixed securely
onto the side of the cage will allow him or her to burn off energy make sure the
wheel is solid rather than with open rungs
so the hamster can’t- so the hamster can’t get his or her feet trapped so the
only issue is they didn’t say what size of wheel you should use for your Syrian
hamster which is super important because you can’t just use a six inch or 4
inch wheel they need a very large sized wheel to prevent any back issues
and so that they can actually properly run on them. How to handle me when you
first take your hamster home give him or her a day or two to get used to the new
surroundings without being disturbed but regularly check to make sure they’re
behaving normally and has everything they need
you should then start talking quietly to your pet so it looks like they’re just
explaining how to tame your hamster which is really important because a lot
of pet stores don’t explain that hamsters don’t just come tame and loving
they’re quite scared when you first bring them home and you have to go
through that little taming stage with your hamster never wake your hamster up
abruptly to handle him or her this could frighten your pet and she or he may react
by biting you it’s best to handle your hamster in the evening when he or she is
naturally awake which I really like that they included this it’s super important
don’t wake your hamster up. Keeping me clean. Clean your hamster’s cage out
thoroughly once a week using a pet safe disinfectant so I don’t necessarily
agree with that as you may know it’s very stressful to actually clean your
hamsters cage out that often and to do it so thoroughly I’m assuming they mean
to remove everything which, very stressful to a hamster and if
you’re using a proper size cage you really only need to be spot cleaning and
then every month or so do a half clean or a one-third clean. Cleaning can be
stressful for hamsters because they use scent to communicate their territory so
put a small amount of used but dry bedding and nesting material back into the
cage after cleaning to keep your hamster happy I do like that they do say to save
a bit of the bedding but I would just I still wouldn’t thoroughly clean the cage
out once a week I would just stick to spot cleaning. Keeping me fit and
healthy- a healthy diet and hygienic conditions will help keep your hamster
in good health but there are a number of potential problems that you should be
aware of so it just says to keep your hamsters cage away from drafts and
things like that make sure they don’t get too cold
all hamsters are susceptible to severe diarrhea known as a wet tail, so no not
all hamsters are susceptible to wet tail wet tail is a very specific bacteria
and it’s only been found in Syrian hamsters and specifically baby Syrian
hamsters so if you have a dwarf it’s not likely that they have developed wet
tail. this condition has many causes including bacterial infection,
inappropriate foods and stress that’s another thing stress doesn’t
necessarily cause wet tail it’s the fact that when you get stressed your immune
system becomes lowered so that makes you more susceptible to bacterias invading
your body and making you sick but it’s not always 100% going to happen. Settling
in one of the most stressful times for small animals is when they move house
small pets can carry diseases that can be triggered when moving always make
sure that new pets are allowed to settle in for a few days before playing with
them or disturbing them so that they are rested and feel secure in their home
that’s also really important to include in here
because a lot of people like to touch their pets right away when they get them
and they like to take them out and play with them and its really stressful to
your pet so it’s a good idea to just let them settle in. Health and hygiene all
pets can carry diseases some of which can pass to people always clean your
hands with soap and water after handling or feeding your pets or cleaning their
home or equipment and ensure children do the same it is best to avoid kissing
your pet what I’ve never really heard that I mean I guess it can make sense but I I’m
always going to kiss my pets they are my children I don’t find any issue with
kissing your pet honestly so it also says to supervise your children to not
put their pets near their mouth which is interesting because now
all I can think about is a child trying to just put a hamster in their mouth so
if you want to kiss your hamster I say kiss your hamster so that is essentially
the entire pamphlet it definitely has a lot more information than pet smart’s care Guide so I’ll give them that there also is quite a few good things
they’ve included in this pamphlet which is also awesome would I say somebody
should just read this for their hamster care research no I would never recommend
just taking a Sadie, get out of here! I would never
recommend somebody just go to the pet store to learn about the pet they’re
about to buy make sure you do your research online and make sure they have
good sources as well as scientific things to back up the claims they make
so yeah guys I hope this video has been enjoyable and yeah I’ll see you in my
next video bye

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