Russian Language in Central Asia (Russian for travelling)

Hello friends! My name is maxim-jon
and today we are in Uzbekistan! And in this video I will tell you 5 interesting things
and moments about this magnificent region. Let’s go! the first moment is cars,
cars … and what interesting can I say about
cars? let me tell you what’s interesting
there is! Here, look … this is parking. Look, yes, here, the first car, yes
then the second car, 3rd, 4th, 5th. This is regular parking!
Nothing bothers you? In fact, 90 percent of cars in
Tashkent is a chevrolet. Another eight percent are Russian old VAZ cars. VAZ 2101, for example, or
VAZ 2102, and so on. And only two percent … well, very rude – these are others
foreign cars. For example, here I saw
Toyota. Here it is – Toyota. Why only Chevrolet and
why are they white? The fact is that in Tashkent recently built a new factory
chevrolet (GM). And these cars are here
the cheapest. If you want to buy another foreign car,
then you will pay very high taxes. Therefore all
buy a chevrolet or drive old Russian cars, which are just here
in perfect condition. In a very good condition. You know friends, the more we walk around Tashkent, the more we like him! Yes it’s real
amazing city where there is everything! I heard that the British and many others
people don’t need visas here. Therefore, it’s very easy to come here and
I think if you want practice Russian is
perfect place. There are many Russian people here, there are many people who speak
absolutely in pure Russian, well, the rest of the people speak with a little
accent. But it is really very cool! Come see I’m sure that you all will really like it. this is a very cool place! we
want to come back! Yes, definitely! Tashkent is a very interesting city because
that there are different cultural attractions: mosques
some beautiful buildings, parks, but also here is such a business
center. This is the business center of Tashkent or
Finance center. Here are so modern business centers
and in general everything looks very beautiful, very clean,
very so nice. And there it is TV tower.
Tashkent TV tower. What comes to mind when you say
“Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, East”? Well, about something like this,
Yes? Not bad! Something else like that … Hooray! not guys, this is Samarkand! This is the oldest
the city that used to be the capital when the great Timurlan ruled or
Timur. A great such a leader, a leader, commander! And here was
his capital, and here he is now lying. Therefore friends the first thing that comes to mind is of course
culture. This is a rich culture amazing architecture and
some kind of sensation of this east. That’s exactly the east
from fairy tales about Aladdin. this is a very poor comparison, but this is really
East! That’s great! The next moment is hospitality,
friends! we just left the hostel and breakfast was included there. And that’s how it is
It was… Here we had a wonderful oriental
breakfast. Very tasty yes. Now we go for lunch.
Because according to the rules of the East and Maximkin’s stomach Must have 2 breakfasts! look what beauty there is! 2 breakfasts and
we are going to try kitchen, but more about that next time … we
stayed at a hostel and it was such a family guest house,
family guest house and there the family holds this house. this guest house. They have
wonderful courtyard everything is done very very much … as with
taste in oriental style. They were very kind to us. They
set right away as soon as we arrived they immediately set the kettle, we drank tea …
sure what’s up there?! Sociability,
hospitality … that’s all, in fact, right at the highest level! Because people
really very kind to you. They can always give you
some extra food, some bonus. A cake or, there, free tea,
or some other stuff … Something to advise
tell what is better to see … our experience, do you think, positive or not very positive? I would say that it is very positive! You can see Well, now there isn’t, but …. A lot of police, police on the streets. It’s not because it’s dangerous here without the police,
but it’s like such an additional guarantee, what
you won’t have any problems here. Cool! Now let’s go to the teahouse – it is Uzbek, in general it is a cafe in Central Asia. Such a dining room in Central Asia. WE will go there and eat something. it
there will be our second breakfast! let’s go! Now we have come to a cafe where we are already two
times were. This is the third time in this cafe. Here
TV, some kind of national music is playing, People eat here. This is a teahouse.
Well, such a less traditional teahouse. Usually in teahouses it costs
trestle bed – the place where you sit. Unfortunately, not all menus are now, yes, then
have, they are not ready! Therefore i will eat
manti, this is manti. Of course drink green tea And this will be my second breakfast.
In general, the cuisine in Central Asia is amazing! Yul, tell me what you think
about food in Central Asia? I think this is a very tasty food! What did you like
most? I liked the pilaf, lagman, very tasty pastries: samsa, cakes and of course …. nothing that we remove your
cafe on video? Can? They brought us tea like this
cool in a teapot, green delicious tea They’ll bring the rest of the dish now. we
already tried a lot of everything here very tasty fruit, very tasty
all this food … For me, as a lover noodles, pilaf, rice and other things
it’s just heaven! ok now we will drink tea and of course
eat 1 for Julia, 1 for Max it’s a bowl. and 1 friends for you! Yul, let’s start with you … Have a nice tea party! And the most important moment friends! -Yulia, you know
Russian language? – I know Russian, Max! -She speaks a little Russian. A little bit!
– Is Julia easy for you to do something here? Is it easy for you to travel?
If you have any difficulties? I would say that it’s very easy to travel here,
especially for those who know Russian! because … that in Uzbekistan, that in Tajikistan you can see a huge amount
inscriptions in Russian and a large number of inhabitants, yes, the population
speaks Russian. Let’s look at these inscriptions! It’s possible a little … for the Russian vlog, ask you one question? Julia, how often did you use English here? At the hotel, or at
a restaurant, or somewhere else? Actually almost never used. Because
the population speaks Russian rather but doesn’t speak english. That is, if
you know english then … It will be a little more difficult for you to navigate in Uzbekistan, in
Tajikistan rather than if you know Russian. understandably! If you know
Russian, then Central Asia – this is right your place! Absolutely!
Fine! Let’s go to! Cyrillic is used in Tajikistan
now. But in Uzbekistan before also was Cyrillic and now it is preserved.
But already everyone is switching to the Latin alphabet. And very often you can meet such
interesting inscriptions in Russian but in Latin. that is, it’s such a mixture … this is very interesting) go to the mountains. Julia, how are you feeling,
fine! See what friends here are cool at home! This one
a village in the mountains … here are so authentic traditional houses made of clay.
look! just super! just stunned! And in general there is a very beautiful landscape!
mountains, look right there, wow! About four hours we go through the mountains and we still go the same. Yes, just as much. very beautiful glaciers are standing there.
We are listening to Eddie Vedder … To be filled with power! Get a boost of energy! Campaign eat berries! Different berries grow in the mountains here.
Sea buckthorn! Yes, for example, sea buckthorn and
we need to get to the lake today. another 10 kilometers in the mountains here in that direction. well friends we should walk three hours
but these beautiful guys are beautiful guys from Tajikistan drove us here
on this machine. We rode there together like this but they still took us! Here
what an amazing hospitality in this country! be sure to come to Tajikistan! Yul, how do you like it
to get in? The last three hours we climb uphill. Here from there. And climb us over there! we are almost at the goal, almost, almost at the goal … shorter We were tired two hours ago, and now
I don’t know what … okay, let’s move on …
good morning! we got to the pass, it was very
difficult especially for me. it was really hard, it took us
four hours, although the people below said that .. Well, about an hour and a half. In the end, we just crawled like that on the rocks. See how cool guys are here! Us
now we need to go down, we are not ready for something … but here is just one of the most
the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! here there is another lake.
Just awesome! There are routes on these mountains … Very very cool!
The nature of Tajikistan is a bomb! here we are in the market, in the market in Tashkent.
And in general, this market is such a thing, where you always have to bargain. I haggle
really do not like. For example, now Yule instead of surrendering
wanted to give spices. But they did not succeed. Julia said: “to me
no spices needed! Give me the change! ” that is such a topic, but it’s very
interestingly this is part of the culture. Julia buys tea this is mountain tea Hello, what a beauty you have here! Friends, if you come to Uzbekistan, you definitely need to try kebab!
barbecue moment it’s just a fantastic dish just
unreal! and tortilla hot crispy tortilla green tea and of course branded Uzbek lagman it’s time to summarize our trip,
our journey. And the first thing which I would like to say: of course, these two
countries they are quite cheap. For the Russians.
Yes, because in just ten days we spent only … how much are we
spent? about 300 dollars. 300 each of us has spent dollars. 300
dollars for 10 days is that including what? .. This included hotels … and you could live much cheaper it was possible to book hostels that
cost $ 5, we booked Hotels that cost $ 20-25 a night. For example, such a hotel … there is such a room here everything is there
TV, beds, everything is clean neat breakfast was included in each hotel.
We stayed in five different hotels and everywhere there was breakfast and often these were hostels. what else interesting can you say? We also
paid for transport. We bought tickets on the train twice. Then we
ordered a jeep to leave the mountains. And all of Tajikistan we traveled to
Taxi. There are no buses between cities in Tajikistan. so we paid for the car, that is, it is more expensive … Tajikistan is a bit more complicated with
transport, because in uzbekistan everything is fine there are trains, intercity
buses and so on and in Tajikistan only taxi between cities and we
figured out the reason why not intercity buses … Since Tajikistan is a mountainous country – all routes between the cities pass through the mountains and it
it’s very dangerous to ride a bus in the mountains yes, because if the bus falls, then everyone will die. and it has already happened! then banned
intercity buses in Tajikistan. Well friends! We flew to Moscow! We are collecting our things now our backpacks … Of course there are things that we did not really like! And one major scary minus this is probably driving.
In Uzbekistan and especially in Tajik drivers drive well
by car in the mountains but in the city going just madness and chaos. If you are coming by car, then it’s okay if you during
movement .. Well, for example, open the door!
Or if you are a pedestrian, then you need to cross the road, because the car will never yield to you. Well, of course, why use turn signals? This is generally an unnecessary feature!

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