San Juan Completo

San Juan Completo

San Juan, Argentina The hostel “Castillito” is located 20 kilometers from the city. It can be reached by bus N ° 29 The hostel is at the foot of the hill three marias and meters from the Ullum dike About two kilometers away is the campsite “del bono” with various water activities and services The site has place to play football, basketball, 2 water slides, kayaking, pools and the coast with Lake Ullum The kayak has a price not included in the entrance to the property On the lake you can do water sports with motor vehicles The pool is included in the entrance ticket to the property Water slides have a cost apart from the entrance ticket Ullum dike Near the dike you can perform zip line and in rafting seasons The Tres Marias hill has a totally free path The ascent is of moderate difficulty and lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes The view is beautiful, it is recommended to carry flashlights, water and comfortable clothes From the hill you can perform paragliding, to perform it you must hire the service in advance San Juan City 4 blocks from the main square is the provincial tourist house In front of the provincial house, we find the house of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Estimated visit time 40 minutes The entrance has an approximate cost of 30 pesos, there are weekdays in which the entrance is free and free Schedules on the official website of provincial tourism Domingo Faustino Sarmiento is a well-known hero in Argentina, known as “The father of the classroom” Two blocks from the Sarmiento house we find the Santo Domingo convent Today the place is a school and in it is the cell where San Martín stayed in 1815 The entrance has a cost of approximately 30 pesos Liberty bells with them announced independence and triumph in the battle of Ayacucho half a block away is the Santo Domingo church, which was completely rebuilt The church’s relic is a bone fragment of Santo Domingo Inside the church there is an urn with the remains of the inhabitants who died in the historic earthquake that San Juan suffered In the church were the bells of freedom that are currently in the Santo Domingo convent free admission The earthquake of 1944 was calculated at 7.0 on the Richter scale, 80% of the city was destroyed We continue in the capital of San Juan Cabot column Monument dedicated to the army commanded by Juan Manuel Cabot In the Santa Rosa de Lima school is the heart of Fr. Justo Santa Maria de Oro It is a small sample with vintage objects Free entrance The Civic Center is huge and inside there are several models and the citizen flag guarded by grenadiers In front of the civic center we find the Plaza del Bicentenario El Predio is an old train station Bicentennial Theater The theater has guided tours with prior reservation The visit is free and can be done in the theater newsletters In the central Hall there are usually some art samples In the bicentennial square you will find this monument in commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust The monument is very well accomplished The three sites are totally free Franklin Rawson Provincial Museum The museum has 5 rooms a cafeteria on the ground floor there are works by different artists The approximate time of the visit is one hour and thirty minutes Admission is approximately 30 pesos (visit official site) In front of the museum is the May park Monument to Don Jose de San Martin Monument to the Fallen in the Falkland Islands Museum of urban memory or earthquake The earthquake simulator works in the Museum Admission is free and the museum currently moves its facilities (find out the address on the tourism page) Sculptures of the city Rawson Avenue has a square with several sculptures The city of San Juan offers many free sites Road to El Zonda, San Juan Argentina The Zonda is located 20 kilometers from the city of San Juan Along the way are the garden of the poets, the municipal campsite and the autodrome Sculpture Our Lady of Lebanon The road between El Zonda and the city of San Juan offers several trails for trekking Punta Negra hydroelectric dam, 15 kilometers from Zonda Road to fertile valley 30 km from the capital we visit the department of Caucete A few meters from the municipal cemetery you will find the entrance to the “Indian Bath” entrance is free The total road lasts approximately 3 hours The road has no signage If you go by vehicle you can leave it near the Cemetery In times of rain, the Indian Bath forms a beautiful waterfall and river The road is between mountains, do not forget to bring water and comfortable clothes we continue on the same route Vallecito, Bermejo. San Juan Argentina Vallecito is 60 kilometers from the city of San Juan Solar watch The sculpture is on the edge of the road and has no cost a few meters away we find the sanctuary of the late Correa The story surrounding this figure is very interesting The faithful leave their offerings in the sanctuary Devotees to the deceased belt leave water bottles on the routes as an offering to her The story tells that Deolinda Correa, escaping from a town commissioner went in search of her husband Which had been recruited in La Rioja against his will to a militia of the time Deolinda was traveling on foot and with her little son following the trail of the stable The road was so hard that in the shade of a carob tree he died from dehydration The next day some muleteers found Deolinda and her son, who was still alive thanks to her mother who despite dying I kept loving For that reason the faithful leave bottles so that “La deceunta Correa” is never lacking water The place has no cost and in the same sanctuary there is a craft fair We continue on our way to Bermejo (40 kilometers from Vallecito) San Expedito Sanctuary San Expedito is the patron of urgent causes Thank you for your visit but do not leave the trip continues San Agustín is 250 kilometers from the city of San Juan The town of San Agustín has a large number of campsites and rural activities images of the San Agustín dike The dike has a path that costs the entire lake The town has several museums and vineyards to visit the night sky will give you an incredible view Dike by day 70 kilometers from San Agustín we will visit the Ischigualasto National Park (Valley of the Moon) The park is known worldwide There are different ways to visit it, by car, on foot or by bicycle Prices vary, there are discounts for students and Argentine residents Two days and one day after full moon nights the park makes night visits The park’s geo forms are in danger of collapse The classic road lasts approximately 3 hours The park has beautiful landscapes to visit inside the park there are two museums Road to Pampa El Leoncito The road to Barreal was under construction In Pampa El Leoncito it is one of the few places where carriageism is practiced The service is hired in the village Near Pampa is the astronomical viewpoint that offers accommodation and night tours You can also do rafting and other activities near Barreal Carrovelismo is an ancient activity The pharaohs were in a sailing car Thank you all for coming here Travel Fragments

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