Sanders: Trump must declare coronavirus a national emergency

Sanders: Trump must declare coronavirus a national emergency

100 comments on “Sanders: Trump must declare coronavirus a national emergency

  1. Just this year ..about TWELVE US citizens have died from the Corona virus ..while THOUSANDS of US citizens have already died from the COMMON FLU virus
    These MARXIST LIARS are DELIBERATELY using FEAR mongering in an effort to CONTROL the narrative so as to put THEMSELVES up as being the ONLY "true" patriots who "care" – and who have "ALL" the answers to this [manufactured] "crisis".

  2. Why has Bernie not learnt the lesson that Socialism d o e s. n o t w o r k, his embarrassing agenda is flawed and does not work, stop trying to plunge the country into untold misery by causing panic, a better idea between the people of the left, is to pay off the National debt and do not propose more spending, and do not take a pay-check, that would help a little.

  3. The US lags just about every developed country on testing for Covid-19 disease. Totally not under control. Poor USA! Trump should have taken the testing kits the WHO offered him in the beginning. But no he decided for profit and letting it spread untraceable in the country. Now we will have to deal with exploding numbers and deaths because our president doesn’t like to listen to scientists. Very sad organized. And very bad information he delivers to his people. The Canadians know about a great selftest and the japanese doctors give great further advice for not getting the virus. As example.

  4. Someone who knows nothing about a topic is considered an idiot until proven otherwise. He might die before he reaches that level of consciousness.

  5. Dems: let's not make this a repeat of 2016. Let's not choose the "safe" candidate because we are afraid the best candidate will lose.

    Just think. The nominee will face Trump in a head-on debate. Do you really think Biden will last 3 televised debates with Trump? Trump will eat him up. Bernie is ready. He has been saying the same things over and over for decades. He is ready to stand up to Trump.

  6. Bernie's been a senator when bill Clinton sold this country out to China and watched the pharmaceutical industry being exported to China and did nothing. Now this bonehead thinks he has the answers, he's an idiot

  7. 'Calling our Administration incompetent…and previous to that statement ….Saying WE are in this together. are contradictory , and sounds like a paid political announcement. Sit down Bernice. "We"ve got this."

  8. Guess what, you ignorant, selfish morons, who pride yourselves with your private insurance. Bernie’s strategy is what americans need! Please don’t make this world crisis last longer than necessary by refusing to help the weakest in your counstry. – The world

  9. It’s sounds to me that if this goes full blown like it did in Italy, the boogeyman “socialism” will be needed to jumpstart our way of life.

  10. Bernie needs to just shut the hell up & stop campaigning, people need to listen only to the CDC & the surgeon general & not these friggin politicians. Bernie is all of a sudden expert on this virus. Thank God Trump is leading us right now, Bernie would be letting anyone & everyone in putting us in more of a crisis

  11. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency, can't Burnie do the same? Blaming trump does crap to protect anyone from a virus.
    Trump actually has this and 2020😎

  12. You look up fear monger on Google and a picture of Bernie Sanders pops up. If I were him, I would be finding a nice safe place to hide until either the next crisis hits or they find a way to produce toilet paper faster. In what world does Bernie Sanders think he can tell the POTUS what to do simply by having a headline that says he "must" declare coronavirus a national emergency? What a fake leader he is trying to be. No wonder the DNC is trying to get rid of him again.

  13. It’s never been more clear how warped Trump’s priorities are. He’s more focused on his re-election and the Stock market then the American people.

  14. Were Bernie president he would make all of us stay home and he would rule like Castro. Thank God this commie is not president. Since he isn't, why the hell do we care what he thinks?

  15. Well duh we already have, quit using this as a political tool. You have no clue of the numbers of people we could lost. You are spreading panic and blame it all on trump. BERNIE SAYING that there may be as much as 418,000 people becoming casualties of this virus. YOU ARE FEAR MONGERING STOP BERNIE!

  16. Socialist speech “OF WE ARE IN THIS ALL TOGETHER” an now the bashing begins. STOP BERNIE, you’re not going to be president. An stop bashing Trump.

  17. I find it interesting that Bernie says we need honesty in government as he does everything he can to bad mouth the person that he will never face in November, unless he gets a ticket to one of the debates. I also have to laugh at people that think Bernie Sanders is spreading all these lies about the Trump Administration purely with the American people in mind as the whole back wall is covered in Bernie Sanders for President posters. What a typical Democrat move to take advantage of a crisis to try to make his political opponent look bad for his own political benefit. Wait, didn't we just go through something where the Democrats tried to take over the country because they claimed the President did something like that? I forget, did that just happen a while back?

  18. Bernie Sanders you are a CRISIS to this Country . God help us if you are elected .
    You never worked a day in your life.

  19. Wow, this is hard to watch. He keeps telling one lie after another. Even if you don't have any medical insurance at all, you can't be turned away from any hospital. They have to treat you until you are stable enough to go somewhere else. If he was a responsible person who wanted to help the people and not his own political career, he would tell people the truth and stop spreading fear and lies. By the time this thing passes the only thing that is going to be for sure is a whole lot of people are going to have way too much toilet paper. I know this thing is real and it is bad. But the world has been fighting one thing like this after another for as long as there was any disease in the world. But for Bernie Sanders to say we don't have the people in this country to figure this out, and we need to count on other countries to save us from this terrible thing is just irresponsible.

  20. It only took him 15 minutes to say something that people really should agree with. We need to listen to the scientist and health care professionals as to what we should all do to keep ourselves healthy, and not to lying politicians like him.

  21. Click the icon of most any Trump supporting or Democrat demeaning post and you'll see, "This channel doesn't have any content".  Russian trolls trying to prop up Putin's puppet….and yet Trump supporters believe every word.

  22. I'm an American.. I have the right to vote. Don't put me in your bag. Divisive Trump! Bernie sounds like a president! Trump sounds like a 12 year old

  23. This man has a pee brain. Trump has done a very good job getting things into place to handle this virus. Its people like Bernie that is causing panic. The information is being told to us constantly on tv by Trump and other medical people who know more than hot air Bernie.

  24. Bernie hates the part of a science called medicine and only adore the charlatanism hysterical part of science; GREEN DEAL

  25. After reading these comments I have to say that the upside of this pandemic is that Republicans don't take it seriously. So hopefully they all get sick from not taking appropriate precautions.

  26. Federal emergency should cancel all future elections till people stop going crazy from forty plus year caree politicians feeding panic and fear.

  27. 60.000.000 infected 300.000 hospitalized,18.000 dead 💀 swine flu no stock market crash 📉,no cancellations 🏀⚾️🏀,no toilet 🚽 paper buyouts. This happened in 2009, what’s the deal…

  28. Bernie going to write another book making him more millions. while he is buying his forth mansion at the tax payers expence.

  29. Just wash your hands, and don’t touch your face. You Dems Are trying to blow this thing out of proportion just use common sense and that’s the truth

  30. Mr. Trump listened to Bernie Sanders and calls for National Emergency which releases another 40 billion dollars 1 day later. Thanks Bernie!

  31. If the Coronavirus is so dangerous then why isn't Sanders wearing a mask.
    I wonder how many people(all those cameras clicking) in that room are wearing masks also. Why would he put himself at risk? Food for thought.

  32. The Democrats Don't want him He wasted his Supporters time & their millions of dollars Nobody wants this COMMIE REJECT He's been a Loser all his life Just a Big Mouth with Big Dreams Many thanks to the DNC for keeping the Mighty USA COMMIE Free Go & live in RUSSIA Garbage

  33. Shut up Bernie……it's possibly 0.00002% people that are affected out of America's whole population! President Trump has got this under control.

  34. Fear-mongering Communist! On the bright side, Sanders insists health care is a human right so save your receipts and send them directly to him for full reimbursement.

  35. Does he not realize that most of the 50% of people who live paycheck to paycheck would live that way regardless of their income? When people have money, they spend it. It doesn't pay to save it.

  36. 2.5x as many dislikes as likes.. that should tell you something about this fucktard, why cant he finally take his consecutive losses and stop wasting people time with his communist ideology

  37. Best plan for action yet! Not Biden, not Pelosi, nor Trump are taking this pandemic seriously, we need real leadership. We need to act together for the good of the country, now it’s not the time for individualism.

  38. Look at all the dumb comments by Trump supporters! Bernie was right! And urged President to finally address Americans and declare National Emergency! Bernie is honest , educated and transparent! Unlike Trump! I hope that all you haters are safe and remain well even though your vision is skewed you still are part of this Nation. Be safe🦋🙏🏻

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