saying goodbye to eu

Anthony : aksfg bikes exactly where we left them. my bike’s name is Pilen. what’s yours? Miel: Maxim?
Anthony: Maxim? lovely. (music) A: that’s the famous Little Mermaid statue. A: uh, our tour guide for the day, Natalie, said that it’s popular for people to cut off her head, so this head has probably been replaced a thousand times. A: I like how she’s got accurate rolls in her belly like, that’s very real. A: well, all I’m saying is statues usually don’t depict that accurately. riding our bikes by this random church. A: so we’re gonna stop in- it says we’re welcome. (music) A: my god, they have guards here that just- they do nothing but patrol. A: do people just say hi to them? A: what? they’re allowed to “kind of” shoot you. A: yoooooo, the queen lives there. (music) A: damn, that is impressive. that is…. so gold. A: dude…. they got two Louvres. take that. A: oh shit, there’s four. there’s four Louvres. take that, Paris. A: look how huge this vegan menu is.
M: chili fries? one of each, please.
(background laughter) A: this looks like we ordered enough food for an entire classroom. M: *singing* these are a few of my favorite things. A: damn. A: how does that work?
M: don’t know. yep, that’s bananas. M: that is very dim.
A: I’m not seeing any light. M: yeah that’s real dim. well, I guess that’s it for Europe. I’m going back to L.A. tomorrow morning. I’ve loved every bit of Europe: Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen. this has been a crazy experience for me. this is the longest I’ve ever been away from home. the longest before this was probably like a week. travelling just wasn’t part of my childhood. I stayed at my same suburban area growing up, I never left. when I first arrived in Amsterdam and I was hanging out in the park, I was like, “oh, my god, this culture is just- is so different and there are so many other ways of living”. I honestly loved it. I loved every bit of being here in Europe. M: except for how cold it is in Copenhagen. except how fucking cold it is in Copenhagen. A: stumbling into that carnival in Amsterdam, and riding the swings above super historical buildings. A: walking through the catacombs in Paris, climbing the Eiffel Tower, A: sitting there and drinking wine in the streets of Paris, listening to everyone speak a language that I had no idea how to understand. I just want to say thank you. if it wasn’t for you watching my videos and supporting me I would have never been able to go to VidCon, and given the opportunity to travel across the world. so, thank you. see you next week. bye.

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