Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra begins 2014 European tour in Finland 서울시향의 유럽투어 공

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra begins 2014 European tour in Finland   서울시향의 유럽투어 공

Korea′s leading orchestra, the Seoul Philharmonic…
has kicked off its European tour in Finland. Our cultural correspondent Park Ji-won is
travelling with them and filed this report. Finland′s oldest city Turku, was once the
capital of the country until the early 19th century.
The city′s known for both its historic and natural attractions. “And every summer, the city boasts another
important tourist attraction, the Turku Music Festival the oldest classical music festival
in the northern European country.” And it′s here, where Korea′s leading orchestra,
the Seoul Philharmonic, begins its European tour as one of dozens of international guest
artists invited by the annual music event,… now in it′s 55th year.
“Seoul Philharmonic is one of the best orchestras in Asia, and as you know maestro Chung will
make his debut, long-awaited debut in Finland. He′s one of the greatest conductors of our
time. So this was obviously something we wanted to offer to our public.”
The orchestra opens the stage with Beethoven′s Piano Concerto No. 3, followed by Debussy′s
La Mer and Ravel′s La Valse, led by maestro Chung Myung-whun.
“As far as the repertoires concerned, we try to give a good balance of works, classical,
romantic, and contemporary. So it shows the versatility of the orchestra.”
Audience members raved about the performance by one of Asia′s top orchestras, which traveled
a very long way to play on some of Europe′s major stages. : “First of all I want to say it was beyond
words, it was so good, it′s awesome. I mean, once in a life time you get to experience
something that′s perfect.” : “I would like to go after when they have
a next concert wherever they have. They were so fantastic.”
The Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra will continue their tour… with performances to be held
in Austria, Italy and Great Britain. Park Ji-won, Arirang News, Turku.

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