So Tiny, this is the second tour with Lordi. It will soon reach its end. How is it going? For me that’s fantastic! We are indeed touring for the second time with Lordi. We toured with them in 2016. We are very lucky that they welcome us again this year, in 2018. It has been 6 weeks that we are on the road so most of the tour is over. They is still one week to go so we are enjoying it to the fullest! We don’t like those moments because when we start the last weeks of the tour, we now it’s soon over… Beside that, it’s an awesome tour, that’s crazy!
That’s amazing! Have you any habit when being on tour? Anything special? Or something that you do on a regular basis? No, my habits stay the same… I listen to music, that’s clear.
It allows me to escape a bit… And for this tour that’s special, because I’m in charge of the videos, the tour reports that we prepare for each and every date. So that’s an habit that takes a lot of time during the tour. In the morning when I wake up and sometimes in the evening after a gig as well… So now, my new tour habit is to edit videos! And do you like to edit videos? I love it! It’s really fun and it allows us to see some anecdotes and things that we may have missed during the day. And it’s always funny because there some things that come back. Regarding the videos, that’s awesome because we can watch them again one year later to remember what we lived all together. That’s really funny! And you have a new drummer? Yes, we have a new drummer: Magma! He is in the band for 3 months now. It’s total happiness! He is a very very good drummer. Who plays very “tight”. It’s really the icing on the cake for us! Musically, I think we are very good now. We are very in on it, it’s steady, it’s punchy! And regarding the person, Magma is someone who is very down-to-earth, humble, sincere. Yes, he is really a very very good guy! You share the tour bus with another band? Yes, we are currently sharing the bus with a Swedish band, Follow The Cipher. They are very cool actually! They are some very good guys as well so we have fun! So now we are 14 or even 15 people in the bus. The cohabitation happens but it isn’t always easy. But everything is ok, they are awesome and we are happy to share the tour with them. Have you lost some of your belongings then? Um… Yes, I lost some belongings: my sun glasses! But my tour manager found them again! Let’s talk about Silver Dust’s songs. What is your favorite song to play on stage and the one you prefer on the album “House 21”? So the one I prefer to play on stage… … is unhesitatingly “The Calling”! It’s a song that is very dynamic. That has many facets. I like to play this song very much because it gives me the opportunity to exert myself in a different way. I can give some energy that I don’t necessarily give on other songs. And technically it isn’t an easy song. You really need to be in on it. And it’s a nice challenge to combine energy and precision on such a song for me. So it’s true, “The Calling” on stage, it’s really good! And if I have to choose a song that I like on the album… … it will be unhesitatingly “This War Is Not Mine”! That is, let’s say, the “calm” song of the album. It’s a song that is very captivating, very touching. Yes, I have easily a tear in my eye at the end of this song. Lord Campbell’s solo at the end is very captivating. And the lyrics… … are very current as well. That’s something I really like. So yes, I would say “This War Is Not Mine”! Any favorite song from Lordi? And a second one that is on their set during the tour… … that is “Rock The Hell Outta You”. Thank you, Tiny! Like that… You mix the starch with the cheese… Tiny Pistol is the cheese fondue king! Yeah, that’s so cool! And with cheese fondue like that… “Vacherin Fribourgeois”! (type of cheese) There’s plenty to do! Mr. Boubou is an expert! Yummy! It will be good! And that’s the perfect time for a cheese fondue: midnight! Awesome! After having skied all day long! Let’s go! How does it work? It is 00:30 We’ve waited for this one! Thank you the Gruyère! It is very good! There is a taste of Switzerland around this table… Yes, we are bringing a bit of Switzerland in Budapest! We went there already! 2 years ago! Awesome venue! They are right! We are always right! Always! We are always right! Always right! Always! Pass the message to Cinderella! In my opinion, Lord Campbell has been there… Once, one day or another… He is everywhere! I’m a bit afraid when you switch off the light… Do you want me to leave a small light? Yeah… A small light? Yeah! Do you want me to tell you the story of the little boy? Yeah… Who goes for a walk in the woods? Who is killed? Who has his throat cut? No! Not this one! So it’s getting bad!
Now you shut up and you sleep! Noooooo… Please… Don’t leave me in the closet… Nooo… It doesn’t work! Nooo… Ah! Good night, little ones! Sleep well! Good night! He wants to go backwards this one… It was cool, isn’t it? I was thinking: “Shit, I don’t recall that way…” So Aude, I think you are the best person to tell us what is happening… Well, I used a wrong address when I ordered the cabs… So that means we are not at the right place! So we will re-order some cabs to go to the right place! Awesome! We are in the sh*t, isn’t it? No, we are screwed! Lost in Budapest! No show tonight!


  1. verry good music, briliant voice, fantastic guitar, hard drums, and nice show!!! = Silver Dust!!!
    My Vivien, and My koncert Barba Negra, my fotos facebook fans club… My Heart Silved!!! 🙂

  2. Super, vous venez de passer le cap des 1'000 monthly listeners sur Spotify! A quand les 10'000? Franchement continuez, vous êtes géniaux!

  3. It was a really good show! The style of the guys was very unique. Especially that hat 😀
    I enjoyed the concert very much. It worths to check the guys and listen to their music :).
    And after the show they were so kind. Took pictures with us too. I hope you'll come back someday with an own show :).

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