There you go, we are in Calais… To embark on the ferry. 9:00 AM! You see, we are fans of gangsters movies… So we will watch “Donnie Brasco” on the ferry… … with Al Pacino and Johnny Depp! I personnally don’t like gangsters movies so
I’m going to play at “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”! But I support them! Hello, I’m ***! And I am ***! And we are the rebellious representatives
of the Swedish society! No, we do it again! Hello, I’m François! We have lost Lord Campbell in the tube! So we will hopefully meet him at the next stop… London Bridge! At London Bridge! We hope so! We will see… He is not there! Oh, he is there! I see him, he is waiting. I was very afraid!
I was alone in the tube! It was really scary! The doors almost cut my head when they got closed! Fortunately, I’ve found my friends again! My God! The chorus arrives! Legendary chorus! Exercise! Tibetan exercise! We need to focus energies. In our body! Tiny? I’m fed up with it! I’m sick to the back teeth! We are bored shitless! Yes! You will need to add a “beep” there… Yes, I will put a “beep”! What can we do when it’s like this? Magma, tell us what you are going to do… In a tour bus… … at least in ours, there is no frying pan… … so… … I’m going to eat this egg the way
my mom taught me when I was a kid… … and she felt too lazy to cook! You take something! Sharp! It’s better! You make two holes… … for the vacuum! Physics PhD! Yeah! You see, it’s empty! And the 6-egg box as well! Here we are, in the backstage! Typically British… We were telling with Estelle that… … it’s the first time we see a “salad wallpaper”! And with this mirror, you really have
the impression that you are in a cabbage! That’s nice!
That’s nice! I wonder where did they find this… It’s interesting!
It’s interesting! So, this is Melissa! When she removes her braids. Unfortunately, she must have
smooth hair on stage. So, I will now wash that… Restrooms are very interesting… It looks like there is nothing! But there is a door! I will try to put my hair in there… It will be funny! I have to dry it now! Express drying! There you go! It will rock! Never again! Easy!

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  1. C’est toujours un plaisir de vous suivre et de visionner vos vidéos ! Elles sont super bien réalisées et qu’est ce qu’on se marre ! 😂❤️

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