Skoda 130 RS – Winning the 1981 European Touring Championship

Greetings Today I will present some very interesting and less known things about the Skoda 130 RS more precisely how this communist car managed to go head to head with the monsters from the Vest and to win the European Touring Championship from 1981. A kind of David vs Goliath battle where maneuverability and reliability have defeated the brute force At a time when the touring championship took place for 4 hours and on full throttle After a quick search on the Internet, we can find the 1981 ranking We can notice that Skoda have win all the races from their Division 1 , except for the last race If we take a closer look at the manufacturers rankings, we can notice something odd, perhaps absurd The communist Skoda with 1.3 engine on the first place followed by well-known brands such as BMW, Ford, Audi and so on The most important result from that season, besides regular wins in their division, Was second place on overall , on the circuit of Vallelunga If we take a closer look we can see on first place a Mazda RX7 with a Wankel engine followed by Skoda 130 RS on 2nd and 4th place and cars such as: Audi Coupe GT5 S Opel Monza 3.0 E Ford Capri 3.0S and Chevrolet Camaro And as we talked about the monsters, let’s also see them BMW 635 CSI Chevrolet Camaro V8 5.7 Audi Coupe GT5 S Mazda Rx 7 Ford Capri 3.0 S But also some smaller monsters from the same division with Skoda Datsun B110 Sunny Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior and Audi 50 In my quest for finding the most accurate data, I found out that in 1980 also a Dacia 1300 Gordini was registered in ETCC. Does anyone have any idea if this information is correct? Petrolicious has dedicated a large article to this car that I recommend (link in the description). More precisely, how the communist Skoda 130 RS , which was considered technologically overcome in many ways , was a constant stress for the rally drivers with much more powerful cars I will try to make in the future also another short video with the really impressive performance of the Skoda 130 RS from WRC In continuation of this video , I invite you to watch a short film about the European Touring Championship from 1981.

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