Smart Cities Waterloo Region Finalist Video

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] We do things
differently in Waterloo Region. Some say it comes from
our barn-raising roots, from a time when neighbours came
together to help neighbours. This collaborative spirit
holds strong today. Whether we are called upon to help neighbours, or newcomers. We have a reputation for solving
problems collectively here. For knocking down silos
and working across sectors. Despite the success
story of Waterloo Region, some problems remain. Our high school graduation rates are below the national average. Almost one in three children are vulnerable to learning difficulties. One in five youth in Waterloo Region don’t feel connected to their community. This is not what we want for our children and
youth in Waterloo Region. What do we want? We want to continue to
find innovate solutions to problems facing young people. This means working with children and youth in new ways and placing
them at the centre. It means engaging younger people, especially those whose voices may have been overlooked in the past. It means looking at old problems and finding new solutions with local, regional, provincial,
and national partners. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. We will become the best
community in Canada for children and youth. By creating new partnerships between tech, social, education, government
and private sectors. By collaborating with UNICEF to learn from and share data in ways that will improve the lives of young people. By asking children and youth
what’s important to them. To better understand the barriers
and challenges they face. We will innovate by using tech and data to connect community spaces across our Urban, rural and indigenous communities. By working with organizations
to help young people access health and mental
health supports faster. By using tech in schools and other spaces to build resiliency and
emotional awareness in kids. With a history of coming together, doing things differently, lending a hand to those who need it, we’re ready for a new
barn-raising mentality. Our partners, our residents, our children and youth are ready to transform Waterloo Region into the best community
in Canada for kids. Join us. (upbeat music)

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