Some Canadians will be trapped abroad, Trudeau concedes

Some Canadians will be trapped abroad, Trudeau concedes

100 comments on “Some Canadians will be trapped abroad, Trudeau concedes

  1. What about the trades? Mechanics working on trucks from unknown places to keep food and medical supplies flowing. Electricians keeping you lights on. Plumbers keeping water flowing etc…..never knew the extent of essential services until now

  2. well? they said to come back WEEKS before hand this is what happens when u dont come HOME when they SAID to. it doesnt matter if you have work trips or NOT. this is serious, people are dying people are losing 30% lung function EVEN IF you survive. But even then no one listens to it. all i can say GOOD LUCK CHARLIE.

  3. You are sacrificing the lives of thousands of people before you quarantine the whole country, all that just for the economy!!!

  4. Vicki Guido
    During this very challenging time… let’s remember to be kind and compassionate. This is my nephew…I love him… I’m worried…and I want him safe and at home. That’s all.

  5. Canadian Brewery Corporation is not covering happenings in Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. What’s happening up there? Anyone alive?

  6. You see what's going on in the comment section CBC? do you even live in reality? You know nothing about ground level issues…too late now. You can report on it next week. Commercials on this programming too? Shame on you!

  7. Governments have so much money to give away you should now ask why have they been taking so much from us for so long?
    Boomers can adapt to going without but many Millennials are going to cry, this is a Global reset.
    Stay safe Canada (Australia)

  8. The news is making people sick and not the bloody virus. I like many others do not want to hear another word about this crap

  9. jt is still allowing flights from China, he is lying yo us and he also still has road open on Roxham rd. it is not closed!!! He needs to stop lying to us. TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!

  10. OMG he is going to let people borrow five grand!!!! Sure and then pay interest later, it's our money he is using for immigrants, and we have to beg!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I am so appreciative of all health care workers, truckers, grocers, trades and all other essential services such as gas stations. I can only image what the days will bring but the small acts I've seen from Canadians restores my lost faith in humanity!!!

  12. Fine reporting, but it's rather sickening that a LOT of comments are by morons. Well, that's not the fault of CBC; although, still, it's a lot of annoying nonsense, and that spoils this video's comments thread. Fine report CBC, but it would've been good to include the full words of the govt minister we hear at the end.

  13. OMG Every Canadian that went back to their home country over the years now has $5,000 to come back to Canada, and do what, they have no job, no health care, no place to live, but hey $5,000 for a free trip to Canada just to turn around a few weeks later and go back to their home country.

  14. Today in southern Nevada I saw lots of cars, pick-up trucks and RVs with Canadian license plates heading north from Arizona on an interstate highway. The snowbirds are migrating north. I hope these Canadians are well enough to be able to enter their country. Godspeed and good luck.

  15. Please Premiere Ford ! Please follow in the footsteps of the NWT 's close down travel to the other provinces for a limited time then review it at a later time to evaluate its value.
    Please !! Protect Ontarians.
    Trudeau has dropped the ball.

  16. Will the student loan payments suspensions apply to Canadians working overseas. I wish he would make references to ppl working overseas instead of just travelling.

  17. I spent one night in Istanbul and knew things were going to get worse so I booked a flight back to Canada in the morning on March 14 I'm glad I made the right decision

  18. How about airlines just do it and offer them tax incentives. We have to work together. Idk maybe charitable donation to help fellow Canadians in need. Airlines will make more tomorrow off of good public relations. People remember

  19. Today is March 21. I have now. 10 days to pay rent. and car. so, my hand have 2 letters layoff . so what i have to do. one pay for rent, one for car?
    in my opinion,The government should cooperate with banks ,a small loan.(this is called Corona or Covid – 19 loan ) The money will be refunded when get paid

  20. something is going on behind the scene. this is something like a bio weapon to see how well it works. stay home and pray; pray pray!

  21. They left March 12.!
    Are you kidding ! I was already stocking up on essential stuff for my family by then.
    What gave it away that something really bad was going down, maybe them locking down Wuhan and
    Spraying disinfectant in the streets of a city of 12,000,000 in full hazmat suits weeks and weeks ago.
    Although nothing like pleasing the lady of your life and taking in a lovely wedding.
    I understand. Why not blame Canada. I’m sure the medical system in Peru is top notch 🤙🏻

  22. How about turning to God and repenting for our sins? This will go away if we repent and turn to God — the true God.

  23. Why on earth nobody is asking how his wife is doing? How is she being treated meaning what medication she is taking? Etc etc

  24. Wow, what a President, I forgot how smart Presidents were, I've been listening to trump and he makes me sick..canadians will get through this better than any other country

  25. So very thankful and proud to be Canadian. Our government, and especially our health officials, are doing a great job in this difficult time

  26. A
    When payment freeze on mortgage and rent utilities ? !!!!!
    This is the time STOP talking any more, just Show up for us any actions !!!

  27. Why don’t you translate from English to French?…Crazy….Trudeau is perfectly bilingual…no need to translate in English…both speech has the same content….sound like a low quality movie or in this case news…

  28. Want about a rental freeze! Most people in Montreal rent! If landlords don’t have to pay mortgages why should we have to pay rent!!

  29. You can’t blame other for your lack of knowledge? It was already a pandemic when you left Canada…all around the world people are cancelling their trip. Too late to freak out. Was the wedding worth it?

  30. the world that we knew is gone. This morning a woman who was diagnosed with COVID-19 was arrested by police in Quebec City for having allegedly violated an isolation order by being walking outside her home. In Quebec when a person receives an isolation order, the provincial health and social services centre can ask the police to place them under surveillance. The woman happens to be the first to be charge.. It is scary here in US people buying more guns. I pray that may g-d bring healing to all us

  31. world need DRACONIAN MEASURES, yes locking down people in house is not advocated by Multiparty democracy countries, But we have no other options, I agree in democratic countries we don't have China's complicated hierarchy of governance, going to villages and city estates to feed people and provide essential services. By policing it will work, people should understand lock-downs are not meant to curtail freedom but to help world from menace . we shall overcome

  32. He speaks like a bad actor reading from a script, auditioning for a B rated snuff film but the plot twist is EVERYONE GETS F#€#€D😡

  33. PM trudeau kindly please help us to get our EI application be submitted directly to CANADA SERVICE office bcoz we cannot get thru the phone its to so busy we are already late on submission….

  34. The young are taking this as a joke because they are at low risk they need to be told the opposite but carefully their fears are ours and this is only the beginning so let's stay calm and not think of the worst scenario we all need to be stronger for each other~

  35. Been in Rome, Italy since mid-January and now locked in alone for 2 weeks. (Thankfully Rome is not as bad as Northern Italy). I've been trying to get home, but a multi-stop flight through Europe is too risky, especially if they are not testing and refusing entry to those positive or showing symptoms… I also don't want to get stranded in some other city if a connection is cancelled! Closing direct flights from Italy to Canada, while I understand the reason, has put people more at risk.
    For everyone's safety, allow only strictly controlled, safe travel options or don't allow it at all! I want to go home, and don't know how long this crisis will last, or when I will have human interaction again. Just give SAFE options!

  36. Wait…? Trapped?? Really??!! These people choose to travel during hard times into countries they considered safe to go. Those to be "rescued" should pay back to Canada for those flights.

  37. 1300 dollars ? Oh wow. Give me a real No flights to Canada form Israel for days now and before they shut down my only option was 11,000 dollars

  38. Wage increases for grocery employees and pharmacies who are battling against humans everyday … front line workers! Thank you for being there for the rest of us!

  39. Thank you to the "frontliners" for their dedication for their jobs but sometimes,it's not really our choice but it's about our necessity……healthcare worker here

  40. Look if you left on vacay while this was going on, wtf did you expect you caused this for your self, you wanted to be selfish and ignore warnings well you reap what you sow.

  41. Yet turdoue was hand over fist in a rush to evacuate dual chinese citizens out of wuhan (the very epicenter of the virus ) over a month ago… Just wow.

  42. Please put a payment freeze on rent. I don’t qualify for EI and have no way to afford to eat if this goes on for months.

  43. Thanks Tudeau , I really appreciate everything you guys are doing for us, and thank you for all your hard work. I hope your family stays safe and healthy and I hope your wife a speedy recovery

  44. Westport Ontario here its a ghost town Laid off due to social distancing rules self isolating Need food weeks waiting period was finally waved after four days of constant calling i got through yet still my application is under review cant afford rent have very little food any suggestions from commenters?

  45. it's funny how Justin Trudeau wants to keep letting in refugees even after this virus passes and there is physical evidence and proof that there is not enough food or housing for everybody cuz in this time and state of emergency are grocery stores don't have enough food or housing situation there's no more housings to put anybody anywhere and Justin Trudeau still wants to let into million refugees after this virus passes when this is proof that we do not have enough food or resources to letting anybody else and he will not stop…..there is not enough food for everybody to have right now and Justin Trudeau keeps letting in more refugees even after this passes he plans on letting in 4 million more.

  46. there is not enough food or housing for any more people to be in this country right now our grocery stores are empty there's no more housing there's no more money there's no more funding and Justin Trudeau won't stop letting in refugees and he this is proof that there's not enough living resources for any more people have any more refugees are going to come into this country after this virus passes….

  47. We don't have enough room for any more people to come into this country cuz any more people come in. famine comes into play and then war because you're fighting for the last roll of toilet paper or last cup of water and Justin Trudeau was not stopping the immigration and after this virus passes he plans on letting in 4 million more . we are going to become a land of famine and war if he doesn't stop…… There's no more room there's no more food there's no more money STOPPPPPPP . Are grocery stores are empty I can't even buy food for my children….this has to stop …

  48. I guess Justin Trudeau's logic for diversity really Bloomed out the rear end when this started. Because of diversity and immigration we're all infected…. 300000 refugees that came in from Iran were the virus originated from and none of them have been tested .it could be carriers to this virus and it can live in their bodies wrapped in 10 years how do we know that the immigrants that already came into this country aren't infected oh that's right Justin Trudeau stop doing background checks and STD checks and disease checks on his refugee back in 2016 ….you know tuberculosis HIV hepatitis have all went up over 50% because of the immigration policies.never had tuberculosis center preschools in till we started accepting immigrants who weren't getting tested…..but now we're supposed to care now that Justin Trudeau and his family is sick now we're supposed to care….. Was Justin Trudeau carrying when he still letting in refugees and our children be infected with tuberculosis……

  49. "The very concept of a nation built by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." – Justin Trudeau. Canada's ignorant non-leader.

  50. the reason why I think governments said masks are useless could be because of the lack of masks or they want to lie to their own people to prevent people from rushing to get masks or hoarding them. they just want to keep the masks available for medical teams in the hospitals. if not why medical staffs need to wear those masks. think.
    masks are not proof from viruses but they at least prevents cough droplets or reduce the exposure to viruses

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  52. Three times reporters asked him on Sunday why he isn't taking more measures to stop the people from socializing. Three times he skirted around the issue. He said the lower levels of gov't are working on it and when that's not enough, the federal gov't. will step in. That should have been done days ago. People aren't listening and putting everyone else who is at risk. We are home trying to protect ourselves, our friends, neighbours and healthcare workers and they are undoing all we are trying to accomplish and will cause great harm in the long run.

  53. Why are people using rubber gloves and not washing their hands after each customer I thought this virus stays on plastic for 73 hours

  54. Yes I think a mask is 50% protection better than nothing wearing gloves as long as you keep sterilizing your gloves or replacing them every time I go to 7-Eleven I'm about to 4th customer and they're using the same plastic gloves I don't like it wash your damn hands before you serve me

  55. And let's talk about true peace wash your hands so we can live piece after you serve One customer you should wash your hands for the next customer gloves or no gloves this virus stays on plastic or rubber longer

  56. Trudeau is a lying globalist…. your a Trader to this country Trudeau. Just stop talking because we all know your full of S%&T!
    You should be behind bars you puppet!

  57. two weeks ago Trudeau was still spouting off about knee jerk reactions not stopping the spread. Four days ago he finally stopped the illegal migrants crossing who were not being quarantined. Last week we were still getting flights from Asia and our airports were just handing out pamphlets. It's about time sock boy takes this seriously. Wish we had strong and intelligent leadership in Canada instead of this clown.

  58. Oh boy I bet POS Trudeau missed his spring break surfing on Vancouver Island. I feel so bad for you Justin. As the regular folk worry about payments and their kids.

  59. are grocery stores are empty are stores are empty are gas stations are empty everything's closed and Justin Trudeau thinks that 4 million more refugees being piled on top of the famine that we have now is going to help…..our borders need to stay close permanently cuz they're never going to stop having unknown virus is it more refugees keep coming in…..back in 2016 Justin Trudeau deemed that screening people was inhumane so he stops screening and doing background checks on refugees.back in 2016 …..great Job 🖕

  60. Talk is cheap… follow the USA. Freeze foreclosures and evictions.
    WASHINGTON — Nearly half of all single-family U.S. homeowners will be protected from foreclosure or eviction for at least 60 days thanks to new relief from the regulator overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees the two housing giants, said the relief is aimed at ensuring homeowners who are struggling to make mortgage payments due to virus’s economic impact are not kicked out.

    The relief will apply to the 28 million homeowners with mortgages backed by Fannie and Freddie, which accounts for roughly 44% of the single-family mortgage market, an FHFA spokesman said.

  61. too bad it wasnt trudeau and his misfits trapped overseas with no communication,canada would be alot better off today

  62. You can bet some with dual citizenship hat have been residing in their former countries and hold canada passport will be asking for repatriation funds, all playing the game , and wee gave them the tools.

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