Street Food of Karachi Pakistan | Sohrab Goth Mandi | Exploring Asia’s Biggest Cattle Market

[Singing a song in Punjabi] What you see behind me is Asia’s largest cattle market. As Eid-ul-Adha is coming so these animals are being sold here. So we’ll go inside in a moment. It’s sort of a city that gets setup here every year… …and the people who sell these animals live and eat there as well… …and you’ll find a good variety of animals when you come here and visit this place. So we’ll go inside now and see what’s up. Let’s Go! Those who come here to buy animals are entertained by food stalls as well. You will also find decorative items for animals on this shop. Ropes etc etc. Salam brother how are you! Uncle how much for one piece? It’s Rs. 20. Others are selling it for Rs. 10 and you are selling it for 20? Yeah. He’s just a little kid he doesn’t know any thing …. Yeah you’re a young kid you don’t know anything. No. It’s the season that’s why he selling it at higher rate. Hahaha. Muntazir Bhai you’re from Karachi? No I am from Bajaur. OK from Bajaur. Our spicy roasted corn is ready. Hot from outside Soft from inside. Try it once and you’ll want it more. How much is this one. It’s 13 Lacs. 13 Lacs !? He’s asking the price of a Honda City. These animals come from Punjab. So what? A lot of things come from entire Pakistan come to Karachi. Ok. I’ll give you 2 lacs for it. Now you’ll say no. There’s a stark difference between 12 lacs and 2 lacs. The point is even If you put the price to 1 Rs. I wouldn’t mind then why do you? I don’t mind at all ! Well that’s what you are doing. All I am saying is to put price tags in a manner. Mostly people from Karachi fight for prices. Where are you from? I am from Rahim Yaar Khan. Salam. Having lunch? Yeah. Come on have some! Is it Meat curry? Is it also meat curry? No this is Chola Biryani (Biryani with Chickpeas) So this is “Chola Biryani”. They also have a medical camp here. This is our veterinary camp. Vet camp? Yes. This camp is for animals. Salam. How are you? Everything’s fine. What are you selling? Different eatables. Oh Ok. Lets What type of stuff do you have. These are peanut chikki (made from jaggery). These are chickpeas. Some candy. He also has some Rewari (sesame seeds with jaggery). Some Pan masala too. Peanuts. What are these Figs? Yes they are Figs. Here you go. 30rs. So I have bought some Peanut Chikki and Rewari (both made from jaggery). This peanut patti (Peanut Chikki) is made from Gur (Jaggery). Crunchy and crispy. With natural flavors. How much you’re selling this for? Rs. 180,000 Isn’t this a little expensive? No not at all. They have started preparing french fries here. Here as you can see is camp right here accompanied by other small camps…. …and the people who look after these animals are living here temporarily. So where are you from Allah Bakhsh ? I am from Sibi. Oh, then I guess these animals are from Sibi as well…all of them are white. We are poor people. It gets expensive for us So you make your food here as well? Yes. We have to do it because of compulsion. Yeah. you’re right . So this is your whole setup. You have floor mats here. Some pillows as well. A water cooler too. And they also have a store here to make some tea….and some bowls as well. What’s the rate of this? 30 Lacs. 30 Lacs!? Yes. And how many years old this is 4 or 6? 6 years old. And what about that one? That one’s also 30 Lacs. That one too !? Salam brother how are you? What are you selling? Biryani. Wow! This is Chicken Biryani. It’s smells good too! So at what time do you start selling this? At around 9 AM. Only 1 cauldron? Yes. And it sells by the evening? Yes. There’s also a small Vegetable shop here. Vegetables, Sugar, Eggs….everything that you consume in your day-to-day life is available here…. because this place is like a mini-city that gets setup every year. You are selling meat here as well? Yes. Do you think these people bring chickens with them too? They also have to eat. They’ll have to sell their animals if they start eating from hotels. You’re selling Qulfi (frozen dessert) What is it made of Khoa or Malai? How much is it? Rs. 10, 20 and 30. Where do you keep it? Is there Ice inside? Yes. So they put these in Ice. So this is the Qulfi made wih Malai and Khoa (dairy products). It’s good. There are fresh fruits here as well You’re making samosa’s here? Yes. They have Jalebi here prepared as well. There’s another hotel here as well. How much is this goat? Rs. 80,000 80,000 !? All the money is for the beauty I guess? It’s diet includes milk as well. Milk!? Good. Amazing! You won’t find anything like this here. This one is Rs.150k. This one is 2 years old. 2 years? Yes. 150k for the fat-tailed sheep 80k for the goat… …every animal is really expensive here. Fresh hot Chickpeas. So this restraunt you see…their food is being prepared at the back…. …so we’ll go and see how it is being made. Ustaad Sahab! How you are making food, how are you managing this? We are lighting our stoves on wood.Then we prepare the food. Here they have all the spices. They have setup a temporary kitchen here..lit up on wood. And what are you doing? I am making biryani here. So Tauqeer Memon is preparing Biryani here. Now let’s go inside… …and see whats happening there. Here they’re making Roti’s (flatbread). People are sitting and having their lunch. This is the main counter. What’s your name? Hanif. Hanif Bhai is making Chai here. [Shouting slogans] What type of biryani is this? Beef? Chicken Biryani, Bef Biryani… we have both. Where’s the Chicken Biryani? We take chicken pieces from there and add them in this rice. Wow what a hack! We get a lot rush here. Our Boss takes good care of us. He gives us clothes and sandals for Eid too. He takes very good care of us. He’s a nice guy. He has listened this as well Look what is he saying. He is saying our owner will give us clothes and sandals for Eid? Yes. I give them everything. Clothes, Footwear everything. After surveying the whole market we have sat here to have some lunch. We have ordered Chicken Fry and some Dal. Traditional Food. They also prepare Barbecue and Chapli Kebabs and other different items too… …but we came here in the morning just to see what goes around here at this time. Our Chai is also ready. Yes. Thank you! So this was our today’s episode of the cattle market. so if you guys liked the video then hit the like button, comment down below… …and don’t forget to subscribe the channel. We’ll see you next time with another video… …so till then Goodbye! Street Food PK! Yeah!!

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