Surviving One of the Deadliest Routes to Europe: Refugees at Sea

Surviving One of the Deadliest Routes to Europe: Refugees at Sea

Hey hey hey! I will not accept fighting! It’s very hard to make people calm down. There’s a real fear of dying in the water. I think I have something. 150 degrees maybe… on the horizon. (Unintelligible)… Yea It’s right there. Guys! Hey! Hey! Hey! Calm down! Ok?! Don’t come in this way. Don’t come in this way! Listen to this man. My friend, hey! Easy, easy, easy Ok, one by one. Thank you. Ok, much better. Ok, perfect! That was a mess.

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  1. VICE News teamed up with MSF to document these search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean and speak to rescued refugees and migrants, hearing about the suffering they have endured in their attempts to reach a new life.
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  2. Why don't they send them all to Israel its closer even Europe and they claim they are a safe fair democracy with equal rights as far as I'm concerned Africa has many countries in it that aren't at war I say they stay and build up Africa to look like the west

  3. Oh please they dont even go 7 miles off the Libyan coast the NGO boats are nothing but a soros taxi service to bring down Europe. See how well these military aged males listen to thier host ? Ya right they pop the boat on purpose why do they leave the garbage in the water to harm the whales.

  4. Vice news I like it it's help people …it tickle ma hearth please I want to join with vice news ……please I want to risk ma life for helping people please let me join …WhatsApp me 8837084756

  5. I got a World of Warships ad before the video, showing a warship firing its cannons… I thought it was part of the real video at first lmao

  6. Just donated $100 to docs w/ out borders. Keep doin the lords work guys. This was good. Very sad, i closed my eyes and imagined myself on a small rubber boat with 50 others under the direct sun in the middle of an ocean without a paddle even. The thought was very scary knowing your just going to die very slowly and painfully. Do you know what it would fee like to see a giant rescue boat come out of nowhere…lets all work together and keep fueling DWB.

  7. There is nothing more sick in this world but profiting off the backs of people suffering miserably while facing near death every other minute do you know how miserable life would be living that way. These guys are super poor thousand dollars is a lot to wealthy people. How tf could you take that and put them in a coffin at sea?

  8. the rescuers are knowingly or unwittingly involved in human smuggling. those people should be given food, water, and medical attention. and then immediately sent back to Libya. the west does not want them. they are worthless trash. the UN and NWO are using them to destabilize western countries. this is not a rescue operation. this is organized human smuggling to bring 3rd world trash into western nations. these white liberals are funded by NWO organizations.

  9. Some of the most obnoxious, comabative, I'll mannered women I've ever met are West African. I'm not surprised that woman argued with the person that saved her life about a blanket being dirty when you've come from a jam packed boat travelled through a hot desert under questionable hygiene already. And then when it's pointed out to her that there are not enough blankets and you shouldn't talk to people that just saved your life she replied 'I don't care' put her ass back on that raft, unbelievable.

  10. You know what I get from this?? People of all colours and backgrounds helping each other..of course you have the few ungrateful….but why cant the world just help each other? Imagine the peace????

  11. Ungrateful people ungrateful Africans you can see how these people are risking there life’s to save them and some of you are here talking nonsense you see this is the reason why africa can never grow we are always crying for having bad governments but we are the course of it all because first of all we don’t like each other and we are ungrateful and if we don’t change our bad habits bad thinking negative thoughts it’s always gonna be like that we will continue to suffer till the end I wanna say thanks to all of those people that are taking there time to help save the helpless people thanks a lot some of us really appreciate you because we can not be able to pay you are doing it out humanitarian feelings we love and please continue to do the good job don’t listen to these ignorant people omg Africa sad once again we love you guyz ❤️stay focus on the good job that you are doing

  12. The problem is when they come here they keep there primitive way of life and the undevelop view of the world…

    Islam is bad no matter how you look at it .

    Everyone who want to live in westerner countries should adipt westerns values that mean live islam behind

  13. you bastards at Vice are complicit in the violence beget on the European women by these "refugees", your days are numbered under Trump you socialist swine

  14. And for what.? .Europe is not paradise..These people sell drugs at night and gadgets during the day on street of Spain. GO TO MALLORCA ,COSTA BRAVA,MADRID.- FIRST JOB – DRUGS..great – we need them more. EDUCATION = no poverty (not escaping the problem) EUROPE START THINKING – YOU ARE NOT HELPING them.

  15. I literally shed tears watching this clip. The refugees from Libya and Syria migrating to Italy is understandable but those running away from poverty in their homelands should be deported.

  16. I couldn't believe she said there are 800 of you & only 10 of us! She's lucky they didn't say….hummmm…that's true. There are only 10 of you. Maybe we will throw you 10 overboard & take this boat.

  17. they should fight for there rights and freedom in there own countries, not run away where all gud things comes to them on a full plates. couse it will not stop EVER! couse i see lots of them are military age man who most leaved there wifes, kids, families to die in there land from where they runned.

  18. 6 years ago I have come across this way just think how will mom reacts when she hears that I am dead. It was no hope to survive

  19. Europe was once a very peaceful romantic place, now with all these muslim immigrants its slowly turning out to be a radical Islamic region, these Syrian muslims may act as victims before entering your country but give them food shelter and home and then see how violent they turn out. why is the EU government allowing them inside?

  20. To the People:
    today's Europe of jihadis, Isis, genociders, criminals, Third World diseases, etc:
    President Putin predicted a Europe-wide holocaust, so just a reminder to the men and women, boys and girls in these times: take care to exercise & eat well, be well trained to fight, defend, & be well armed. Also keep up to date with reality in these Satanic times! Best wishes to the People & please share widely with the People & prepare & act now!
    💪 👩 : )

  21. Had to face palm when the migrant said “6 hours from leaving and I’ll be in Italy”. Lol this summer when I was sailing it took 10 hours to get from Napoli to Amalfi, and these people think that they can make it from Libya to Sicily in 6 hours on a rubber dinghy? If I sailed from Libya to Sicily, even with optimum weather and winds, it would take AT LEAST 3 days! And that’s SAILING IN PERFECT WEATHER! The way these migrants were going, it would take weeks to months to make it to Italy!

  22. Shocking to see how ungrateful some of these people are! Demanding items. I would have said you can go back to your sinking boat lady! What the heck. These people are coming to live in Italy?

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