Tell Canberra to invest in radiation therapy for regional Australia

I travel every day, in and out, between 90 and 100 kilometres there’s a lot of old people at Beau Desert I can tell you and they’re all farmers and they’ve all got the sun spots and all that sort of thing we live about an hour and a half away, an hour and a quarter away from Bunbury, had it been any further I don’t know that we would have been able to do the trips every day it is a big problem that patients who live in regional centres don’t have easy access to radiation oncology services Having a regional based facility would have benefited me It would’ve made it easier in terms of I could’ve stayed in my own home I could’ve driven myself to the radiology myself I think it would be great because it’s easier access to get to it I reckon it would be a good idea It just, financially, for travel costs with petrol it would have immensely benefitted me because I’m not working at the moment. Because radiation therapy is so important it’s a key life-saving treatment, and for patients who have to travel so far they might not go for it, just because it’s so inconvenient for them and that could definitely influence the outcome and the prognosis of their cancer Think about it, who wants to be driving when they’re tired or sick, as well as being a liability to everyone else? I think having radiation close to home would make a significant difference in a cancer patient It would mean its short travel every day, it’s a quick in and out, you’re back at home in your own bed, you can rest and you’re close to family plus friends, close to support, as opposed to having to travel far and being away form family and friends during this stressful time.

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