The End of Bry / Twenty One Pilots Tour

The End of Bry / Twenty One Pilots Tour

After five weeks of touring with the biggest
band in the world, my beloved Bry has returned to me You’re home! How are you feeling? Like a soldier returning from a very easy
war. *Laughs*
Did you like my metaphor? No. I made a video of the last week of the Twenty
One Pilots tour. It was when my album came out so it was the
busiest week of my life. I hope you like the video. Before I show it to you.. everyone that saw me at the Netherlands and
Belgium shows, my camera was stolen so I have no footage from those shows. Sorry! But I’ll be back everywhere.. Hopefully. Enjoy! Thank you. Interviewer: They got on board pretty swiftly. It was really nice to see. Has that been the kind of reaction you’ve
been seeing most nights? B: Yeah! In every place. Especially Poland. I don’t know what I did in Poland.. But I guess it’s like.. Twenty One Pilots are so loved that It’s like ‘hey, they hand picked this guy so therefore we
should probably love him too’ Or I’m just fantastic and one of the best
support acts ever to be seen. So one of those. Interviewer: Why not go for a bit of both. *Music* *Bry performing ‘You’re Alright’* *Bry performing ‘Pieces’* Oh you ass! You are crap! I nearly hit the ring. *Music* *Bry singing Les Miserables*
‘Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men. It is the music of a people who will not be
slaves again’ ‘I dreamed a dream of time gone by!’ *Music* *Crowd cheers* So before I go, I want to say two more
words and that’s simply, France, Je t’aime. Thank you very much! *Crowd cheers* *Bry performs ‘Disarm’* Thank you very much! Thank you! I’m Bry from Ireland! *Crowd cheers* *Music – Your Life Over Mine by Bry* That was nice! Thank you. Thank you for sharing. Let us know what you thought of the video. Bry’s album is out now.. if you didn’t know. If you missed that somehow.. Yeah! Good times. Did you know that you went up by 50,000 monthly
listeners on Spotify this month.. This month? 50,000 new people. Wow. That’s Twenty One Pilots working then. Pretty cool. New people.. Yeah. You’re going on tour! Oh yeah. I have four Irish dates at Christmas and then
UK dates in February and London and Brighton have sold out so… So you can’t come! No you can’t come you brat. Hahaha. Sold out signs. That’s exciting. It rarely happens. So that’s it. How are you? Oh, fine. No news. Same old same old. Grand. I got a new coat. Yeah… No? It’s a bit…businessy.

100 comments on “The End of Bry / Twenty One Pilots Tour

  1. Hope to see you on my tour in December/February!
    Or if you're from one of the European places, I'll definitely be back in the new year 🙂

  2. So proud to have been able to follow your journey through your career so far, looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for us 🙂

  3. I'm so glad I bought Bry's signed EPs a few years ago, he deserves all the new fans he's getting and I can't wait to see what the future holds for him and Candice

  4. Bry: I toured 5 weeks with one of the biggest band in the world and released a brand new album
    Candice: I got a new coat
    Candice is me

  5. I saw you in Berlin and alreadey knew you from listening to care on repeat when it came out. So when heard that you'd be there right before everything started and I even saw you before the concert it just madethe day even more perfect! Finally back listining to your music again. I love it, you're brilliant! Thank you ❤️

  6. I saw you in Berlin and alreadey knew you from listening to care on repeat when it came out. So when heard that you'd be there right before everything started and I even saw you before the concert it just madethe day even more perfect! Finally back listining to your music again. I love it, you're brilliant! Thank you ❤️

  7. I thought it was a joke when you said on the tour (saw you in Düsseldorf it was amazing) you're like 2m tall and now I see how much taller you are than Josh lmao

  8. its weird to think about that i saw Bry (and TØP in Norway) live
    And i actually met Bry
    like holy fuck im still fangirling and its over 1 month ago…

  9. I fell in love with you the first second I heard you at the concert ❤️ Thanks for your great music, great personality and great voice. Keep doing you, Bry. Your music has already helped me, even tho its only been a month and a couple days.

  10. I teared up at the Paris Show's video! gosh I want to go back, It was nice to meet you Bry!! hope you'll be back soon, see you in your next show in Paris 😀

  11. I was so pissed when i saw that you were only doing the UK leg of the top tour i would have loved to see you. two of my favourite artists playing in the same show would have been amazing to see. but im so proud of what you have achieved!!

  12. I went to my first concert only to find the out you were the opening act! I went in Løndøn on the 13th I was so hyped up 💜I left the building so happy you don't understand 💜 I looked up to you and still do! Than you for being alive bry! You are simply the best! 💜

  13. It's lovely to see how far you've come since I first went to see your first show in Galway a few years ago. I heard one of your songs on the radio the other day. It's great to see someone from Ireland doing well. Keep up the good work!

  14. It was nice to meet you MAN ! i had a great time touring with Twenty One Pilots and you guys . I hope whe can do it next year again . Greetings Dirk

  15. Are you guys going to discuss the tensions in your relationship that are obvious in recent conversations? What's going on? I think Candice is unsure about continuing to be a stay at home pop star widow? Is there a fidelity issue? Bry you seem a bit sheepish – were there any… during the tour?

  16. I was absutely chuffed to see you supporting 21 pilots at Ally pally in London……you were excellent live. CONGRATULATIONS & keep up the good work – -now i am buying your albulm because Tyler and Josh like it too – right

  17. I loved your music, and not that is really matters but you're also quite funny… I laughed way to hard when you said you're the Dutch ow no. And yeah I really listen to your music now, because the lyrics is so relatable

  18. This really inspires me bc bry was just a regular guy and this shows anyone can do I actually have hope for my future even tho bry has talent and I sound like a dying cat

  19. Did Bry and Candice ever explain why they left this channel? Or at least mention it? I just found myself missing their videos again :/

  20. Bry I was at London Victoria show !!!:3 and it was the best moment of my life and will be for the rest of my life !!! I still have my ticket I'm so proud of you and the boys !! :3 I'm crying writing this !!! We travelled all the way from stirling in Scotland to London just to see you and twenty one pilots !!! P.s nearly crashed twice hahah was worth it!!! Will deffo come to one of your gigs!! Keep being you

  21. I really miss Bry and Candice. I was watching Bry for so long. I'm in college now and I've been watching him since middle school. I feel like so many of his songs helped me, and I'm really glad he's getting his dream, but I still miss all of his silly videos with the lovely Candice. I just wish they would have done a video to actually close it. It may seem ridiculous to need that for someone I've never met, but its like a friendship ending suddenly with no explanation. He was just apart of my life for so long, but I'm glad he's living his dream.

  22. DId they ever say what happened to this channel? I havent heard anything from candice in a long time… They are still together right??

  23. Where are you? You promise you will stay… Is like Troye isn't it.. You are gone 😞.. Is ok, I get it… Is just super super sad…

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