The European Union Triggers Article 7 Against Poland | NowThis World

The European Union Triggers Article 7 Against Poland | NowThis World

Last month, The European Union took an unprecedented
step against Poland, one of its member states. The Union invoked its strongest sanction against
the country, which could strip it of its voting rights within the bloc of nations. The move is so extreme, that many foreign
policy experts have even called it the EU’s diplomatic “nuclear option.” But what led to this historic decision, and
what exactly does it mean for everyone involved? First let’s start with the move by the European
Union on December 20th, 2017. The European Commission, which is the executive
wing responsible for implementing laws in the EU, announced that it was triggering Article
7 of the Union’s Treaty. This action was a big deal too, because it
was also the first time it had ever been used in history. Article 7 was created to prevent nation’s
in The Union from adopting policies that threaten democratic institutions, like legislative
or judicial branches of government. To be implemented, the measure has two key
parts that must be approved. First, after the motion has been triggered,
it has to be approved by four-fifths of all Union members and have the backing the european
parliament. After that, the European Council gives the
nation in question a formal warning and recommendations. The country then has three months to respond,
before E.U. members have to unanimously vote to launch sanctions and suspend the nation’s
voting rights. That makes it pretty hard for these types
of measures to go into effect. So while the triggering of Article 7 remains
historic and could lead to sanctions against poland, it’s pretty much seen as just a
symbolic gesture by the EU. But why Poland and why now? The triggering of Article 7 came as Poland’s
parliament approved controversial laws that could limit the independence of its judicial
branch. The laws have been seen as consolidation of
power for the nation’s right-wing Law and Justice party, which currently hold the most
seats in parliament and the presidency. The judicial reforms would essentially allow
a ruling party to select lower-level judges and dismiss many of the nation’s Supreme
court Judges. That is what the European Union has a problem
with. They say this type of political interference
with the judicial branch is a risk to the rule of law in Poland, which is a fundamental
value of the European Union. “Sadly, our concerns have deepened. Within a period of two years, a significant
number of laws have been adopted — 13 in total — which put at serious risk the independence
of the judiciary and the separation of powers in Poland.” While historic, the motion by the EU didn’t
just come out nowhere either. Since the Law and Justice party came to power
in 2015, they’ve adopted multiple laws that have affected the judiciary branch. The EU even warned Poland’s President that
it might trigger the “nuclear option” if he signed the bills into law, which he
did anyway. This all brings us to the reaction and whether
this will have a lasting impact on Poland and the European Union. While many EU members have voted to take the
measure against Poland, not all members plan on supporting the implementation of Article
7. Hungary, another central european country
that has faced criticism from the EU over its right-wing, populist policies, has said
it plan to veto the union’s actions. And since the next phase of the implementation
requires a unanimous vote by European Union members, the action is pretty much dead in
the water. Meaning, Poland’s Law and Justice party’s
consolidation of power appears to be set to continue for at least the near future. The recent laws passed by Poland’s Law and
Justice Party really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Since it gained power in 2015, the nation
has become increasingly nationalistic. But what other countries around the world
have seen a rise in nationalism last year? Find out in the video to the right! Thanks for watching NowThis World! And please, don’t forget to like and subscribe
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100 comments on “The European Union Triggers Article 7 Against Poland | NowThis World

  1. This is very bad.. EU has become a monster against own citizens.. I hope Poland stays strong and leaves EU. We finnish people should do the same.. There will be no future for European people in Eurarabia. (Kalergi plan is no more conspirace theory, its fact and all EU-countries who try to seal borders and save own nation are threatened by EU comission)

  2. I don't understand why so many people here support Poland while it is currently drifting away from Democracy.
    You can have different opinions about the EU, which is fine. But supporting a government which is undermining the basic principles of democracy is completely not okay.

  3. Hungary and Poland and Austria won't be forces to do things that they won't do
    EU is the new Soviet Union, Poland and Hungary adopted the American style capitalism,But EU wants them to be European style,

  4. Sure germany who also has maseice nationalistoc movement,Austria has voted in a neonationalist in office,
    But they only Pick on Poland and Hungary,Because Poland and Hungary have adopted the American model for their economy,The EU wants them,to adopt the EU model,
    EU is the new Soviet Uniom,In fact in the 80,s,The communists said we need to present Communism,Whit human face,Or liberal comunism/socialism,But then Soviet Union fell,
    AND those rulers jist went from Moscow to Bruasel

  5. NowThis World is butthurt because White Polish Nationalists want a strong ultra conservative govn't to protect their Motherland from liberal globalism.

  6. Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła kiedy my żyjemy, co nam obca przemoc wzięła szablą odbierzemy! The EU is undemocratic. The judicial reform was to stop communists from staying in power.

  7. I have already unsubscribed to that channel a while before. Lie and propaganda. Does that dude even realize what is he reading off the teleprompter?

  8. So the eu is triggering an article against the polish meant to protect democratic institutions when the polish took steps to bring unelected officials under the of the democratically elected parliament?

    Someone needs to tell the Eu what democracy actually is.

  9. If Poland isn’t doing what the EU says, and the EU now won’t let them vote, is Poland really part of the EU at all?

  10. As a Brit I agree with Poland, the EU say they support democracy while EU supporters over in the UK attempt to overturn a democratic vote to leave it.

  11. As a Pole I'm happy about this turn of events. It will serve us well for two reasons:
    #1 Some euro-enthusiastic Poles will open their eyes to what methods the EU can use to discipline its members
    #2 We will show Europe that the EU council is toothless and they cannot enforce their will and we will still be a sovereign country and do as we please.

  12. This report should have included a national media outlet (from Poland) as source instead of only American based ones…the media here in America don’t always get all the stories right..

  13. If this were outside of Europe, they'd be saying the country is becoming a dictatorship. That's just to say that sometimes Europe is considered oh-so-much-better than other regions, but yeah, it isn't perfect, as expected…

  14. Yeah, keep on pushing us further. It won't be long since we are all gonna hear about Poland's big leave from the EU, then the domino effect Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia. You don't wanna wake that bear.

  15. It was no Polish government who invited half of third world to Europe, it was Germany! Your chancellor said you'll take everyone. So if you invite someone for a party make sure you have enough room for them, you don't force your neighbour to accommodate YOUR guests. We help this people at the spot, where help is needed most. If you have boild this soup, eat it now. We don't want to even taste it, because it's a poison which will turn Germany in to Germanistan in 50 years. You destroyed Europe twice in XXcentury, you are repeating your mistakes again.

  16. US's invasion in Ukraine was for Monsanto to distribute their GMO poisoned food supply backdoor-style to the EU nations. Disband from the EU! Brussels will not protect you. Regain control of your own currencies and control your own destinies.

  17. It's embarrassing and it's terryfying to see this comment's "we stand with Poland…" . Our government took national press and the justice system. Now we can't even protest against government, because it would be illegal. The only right decision was to trigger this Article

  18. Poland voted for Law and Justice….not all of citizens, but majority of them.
    Law and Justice changes laws, but that is what polish people are voting for…
    EU does not like those laws, so they try to treathen Poland…even when Polish citizens want those law changes….
    Polish people are not allowed to have laws that they want to have in they re own country?
    Seems like EU is trying realy hard to push Poland on the way that Great Britain went…

  19. You germans never gonna learn the lesson, don't you fellas?
    German Empire – Opressed Poland, soon fell apart.
    Third Reich – Opressed Poland, and soon fell apart.
    I'll let you figure out by yourself what might happen to that cute little union you have there 🙂

  20. The thing is that most Polish judges are communists and many of them used to sentence oposition members during the 1981-1983 Martial Law. Another fact is that right now in Poland judges can choose their issues and the new law makes it on a random basis (to decrease corruption). The new law also simply makes parliament vote for new high-rank judges – that's a democratic thing, isn't it? Why EU decided to look into it is because current opposition told them that the new law is bad for Poland and indeed it is bad, but for opposition because most opposition members are post-communists or children of communists. Poland IS a country of law and what current government is trying to do is kick out communists – something no other Polish government decided to do – after 1989 it was easier to cut a deal with communists than to overthrow them.

  21. Hmmm

    Dissolve the EU, get rid of the ideas of a Superstate in Europe & consider charging the EU Elite for the infrastructure damage, economic damage & crime increase in all of Its host nations. Put them all under oath & then in jail if they lie.
    Make Europe Great Again, nation by nation.If not, why not?

  22. The EU is a failure although people saw the benefits in the short term, but in the long term it’s a failure.

    It’s a mafia type setup that tells a sovereign nation what they should do I find it absurd that this is even considered democratic process

  23. So a Democratically elected Government cannot get rid of USSR appointed Judges that they foisted onto the country and worse of all those Judges can and have passed their powers onto family members when they retire FFS.
    What political system would put up with this?
    OH I keep forgetting that the European Union has now turned into a Soviet style dictatorship.

  24. How come if there are even 2 somewhat non democratic members of the EU , it can completely stop any action taken against other members , seems like a flaw to me

  25. So sad Poland has taken steps back to authoritarian governance and shying away from democracy. Hopefully they'll be ok.

    I see that EU is standing on it core principles. Democracy shown with regards as it should be.
    Actions like this only proves their resolve towards a more united and democratic Europe.

  26. If the EU lets Poland go, then Poland can simply charge large terrifs for EU nations using Poland's trade routes. Remember, we are in the middle of Europe.

  27. and not to forgot Poland had 0 attack terrorist because we didn't take in immigrants from Muslim county but we have gave them money to support the countys they coming from

  28. Poland and Hungary are saboteurs of the EU. Their governments are taking incredibly nationalistic actions that border on authoritarianism and semi-dictatorship. Poland has received more money from the EU than any other country, and Hungary is not far behind. Poland wouldn't have any agriculture or industry if it wasn't subsidized with EU money. Considering how much the EU has provided them, it feels strange that they are unwilling to give anything back at all. Poland has consistently refused to take in their quota of refugees, forcing Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Sweden to handle all the immigration from Syria, Afghanistan and sub-saharan Africa. They owe the EU for their economic development, so they better play by the rules.

  29. Wrong ! judicial reform allaws Ministry of Justice to appoint only Cairman of the courts not any other judges. When ti comes to judges of Supreme Court it only lowers the retirement age from 67 or 70 to 65 years after reaching which president of republic can put to rest judge of the supreme court.

  30. The current government wants to get rid of comunist judges that were nominated during Soviet occupation.
    And sorry, but it is in Timmermans' interrest to heckle Poland, since his position depends on it. Therefore, he is not a reliable source to quote.
    Plus, he talks rubbish and seems to know nothing OR is a man of ill will.

  31. If Europe was a human body the EU would be what we call a parasite. EU isn't Europe, EU is a bureaucratic dictatorship in charge to privatise the public sector of every European country. If avoiding those policies imply to return back to an Europe of nations, so be it since the left hasn't done anything productive against corporatism.

  32. Information in this video are simply not true. You should research both sides of the conflict before fairing judgement. EU parliament and commission is being lead by leftist EPP and S&D political alliance. Government in Poland is a part or EUs right wing so whole this mess i just a part of political struggle in EU and has nothing to do with Judiciary or any other branch of government in Poland. Stop being naive and most of all stop misinforming your viewers.

  33. If Poland won't behave and maintain their democracy in agreement with the rest of the European Union, then they should lose their access to the European Free Market. They should be on their own; let their economy shrivel like their democracy.

  34. Wait…. it takes a unanimous vote to enact the sanctions? So basically they set it up so that the European Union couldn't defend its own democratic institutions. That is absurd.

  35. Going to Poland to get divorced from my female Polish monster on June 28th,
    Never, ever, ever marry a Polish woman!
    That's all you need to know about Poland.

  36. Nobody will tell Polish people how to live in their own country. Germans and west countries take your hands off. More respect please!! Stop union totalitarism!!!

  37. To all those saying "Poland joined the union, so they should have to follow the rules" let's keep in mind that the eu was made to be an economic union, not a political one, and I think that Western Europe owes something to Poland considering if it weren't for them they would be Islamic and maybe communist

  38. Poland is right to change its judges,not only are pro EU,against the wishes of the people and these judges are outrageously hereditary,cannot be allowed to continue.poland did take the original amount until Merkel opened her gob,funny enough all the migrants they took run off to Germany because the benefits were so low,get phucked Brussels your way out of order.

  39. Romania is still in the European Union ? A country where the commmunist president of the Deputies Chamber Liviu Dragnea and premier Viorica Dancila are changing the laws of justice to escape the imprisonment.

  40. Best regards to Poland from 🇨🇦

    Don't let EU turn your country into another England, France, Belgium, Germany, etc…

  41. Poles are the ultimate low lifes. We pray for a fast poexit, even though these thieves were the biggest beneficiary of funds from other EU countries.

  42. The European Union is destroying democracy across Europe. I don't get what's so hard to understand about this for you. Unelected people dictating to nations what they have to do. That's exactly what is happening. The polish government was elected democratically. The EU doesn't like what Poland is doing. So, the EU commission (unelected) dictates to Poland what to do. Poland doesn't comply. Then the EU attempts to bully them into submission.

  43. EU triggered article 7 because Poland would not become a puppet state of the EU and not because of new laws resembling those in western Europe.

  44. how can anyone side with Poland?! they are removing their peoples rights and are taking away free speech bit by bit, If I were a pole I would demand that the current autocratic government step down

  45. Embarrassing for the liars from Brussels. The Polish Constitutional Court declared the judicial reforms to be compatible with the Constitution! Incidentally, in the court, the judges are those who should be retired because they are over 65! Of course, it was claimed that they should go because they are critical of the government. In the rest of Europe, judges all work until 70. No? Yes, from Poland you demand something like that. Judges should work until 70! Just why? It is noteworthy that the biggest critic of the Polish reforms comes from a country that has no constitutional court whatsoever. Holland has no constitutional court as well as Great Britain. Where is the Artikle 7 against these countries. Germany also has a judicial voting system influenced by politicians. Where is the Artikle 7 against Germany!

  46. Don't get me wrong, I love Poland. It's a great country and the people are great. However, saying that the EU are dictators is is just stupid. It just is. All they are saying is because Poland is a member of the EU, then they should follow the rules of the EU.

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