The First European Hyperloop

The First European Hyperloop

So in the test facility we have in Delft we are testing every component that Hyperloop needs to operate we do that at full scale and the latest we’ve come up with is the Hyperloop switch. So based on our hybrid magnetic levitation and propulsion we can actually create a connection to tubes that are a bit like a highway in which vehicles go on. They join the main line and then they can go off at any point. This is the beginning of the European Hyperloop network. That stretches more than 10,000 kilometers across national borders. In this test facility we have built the three core systems of the Hyperloop. Namely the levitation which is the component that allows the vehicle to lift off of the ground creating zero friction with the track and remain at a stable distance from it. In addition to that the vehicle is now able to propel back an forth which is what we call the propulsion. So once the vehicle is moving we use lateral tracks to actually keep it in place and when we need the vehicle to go from one track to the other we pull him towards one track. This way we can decide where do we want the vehicle to go. All of these components where tested in our facility at Delft in which we have a near vacuum environment. Everything is controlled and we test everything simulating real vehicle weight and size. And what is great about the realisation of this facility that it’s not just the work of a single start-up but is really an ecosystem that has been working together on this. So all the different subsystems that are being tested in this facility already co-develped and suplied by partners right now. Steel is a vital component of sustainable future mobility. Drawing on Tata Steel’s hightech innovation skills and materials expertise we support the development of Hyperloop. Two years ago we started our relationship with HARDT and in the meantime we have created a working system. And especially during the whole process of getting this Hyperloop
test facility to a finalised project there will be continuously more and more partners adding to help and to make it a reality I feel extremly gratefull about that. Especially the team had done such a tremendous effort to get it finished on time and make everything work. So its really amazing. Test succesfull! Nice!

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  1. Nederlandse engineurs zullen elon musk eens laten zien hoe en hyperloop hoort te werken.
    Ik ben groot fan van elon maar op dit gebied loopt hij maar aan te modderen lijkt het ^^

  2. Where can I donate my money? I have still a few bucks left from when my Nigerian Uncle was having money troubles.

  3. Good, 1 thing, you won't be able to realize this in Italy, the government is blocking a 27 kilometres train gallery project since 1980 because "is not a priority". And you think they will let you build such a beautiful thing? Nah, to easy

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