The Institute for European Studies – Summerschool

we offer a variety of lectures taught by
top experts coming from both inside European
institutions as well as drawing on university expertise we combine this set of more theoretical
lectures with a set of visits to the European
institutions as well as with a set of interactive exercises that we designed specifically for this summer school. It’s also a great opportunity for
students to come and visit the great centers of European diplomacy the modern center of European diplomacy, that is Brussels, as well as the historical and traditional center of European Diplomacy which was Vienna. I’m hoping to to get a sense of how the institutions of Europe work, especially in detail and also in practice and what’s the
difference is between how the theory works how the institutions are meant to work
work and how they actually work in practice where decisions are really
taken and what the dynamics are within them. it’s a very international and dynamic place to be. Students and staff have
different cultural backgrounds and come from a variety of countries.

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