The People’s Vote

The People’s Vote

They say that, as the universe expands, the
distance between things is getting greater and greater. A bit like people in Brexit Britain.
If this carries on, everything will end in frozen darkness. But it could be worse. We
could be staying in the European Union. There’s always a silver lining. Now, of course, this
is not to make light of the fact that the Brexit result was deeply disappointing for
all you people who don’t want the United Kingdom to exist any more. So much so that you’re
still complaining about it more than two years later. You must be doing wonders for the earplug
industry. I know that many of you take it as a personal insult that your views were
overruled by – let’s be frank – your inferiors, the stupid people whose opinions shouldn’t
count. And, to be fair, that’s bound to put anybody in a bad mood. Had you won as predicted,
the whole EU question would now be settled permanently, and we would be well on our way
to a borderless world run by a committee of people who know best. It was all going smoothly.
We were nearly there. Until seventeen point four million xenophobes and racists (including
yours truly) destroyed it with a heavy blunt instrument called democracy. It must be infuriating.
So now, naturally, you’re throwing a tantrum and demanding a second referendum, either
on the irrelevant technical terms of a trade deal (talk about grasping at straws) or by
claiming that you didn’t know what you were voting for, and you’ll have to forgive us
if we smile at that one. We voted in that referendum after a lengthy campaign where
all the issues were thoroughly debated from every angle and point of view, so that, when
the time came, everyone who was paying attention knew exactly what they were voting for, and,
just as importantly, what they were voting against. You had every chance to familiarise
yourself with all the issues in depth, but you couldn’t be bothered. You wasted your
vote, and now you’re wasting everyone’s time demanding a second referendum to compensate
you for your own inadequacy. How entitled are you? And on top of that you’ve got the
nerve to call it the people’s vote, a name that is already taken, by the way, so you’ll
have to call it something else, like the hypocrites’ vote, or the cheats’ vote, or the crybabies’
vote. But we had the people’s vote more than two years ago when the politicians told us:
‘You, the people, will make this important decision directly, and we will implement what
you decide.’ They even legislated in Parliament, nice and official, to pass the final decision
to us. And they told us again and again that leaving the European Union means leaving the
single market, the customs union, and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice
entirely. No ifs, buts or maybes. They could not have been any more clear about it. There
would be no half measures. It was a final decision, completely in or completely out.
And completely out is what we voted for in the people’s vote, in the full knowledge of
what we were voting for, and what we were voting against. Unaccountable power will always
be misused. It’s human nature. So the first order of business should be to make all power
accountable. If we can’t do that, we’re building on quicksand. The European Union was purposely
designed to avoid accountability, to remove the people’s voice from the governing process,
and to hasten, for ideological reasons, the transformation of a rich and diverse continent
of free, independent, sovereign nations into a homogenised federal superstate without borders,
internal or external, governed by an unelected committee of people who know best. You know,
like they do in China. Their ridiculous puppet parliament where nobody is allowed to initiate
legislation, makes a mockery of democracy. They’ve turned government into a freemasonry.
And newer members like Poland and Hungary, who were enthusiastic about EU membership,
are now becoming a lot less cooperative, because they can see that what they’ve got themselves
into here isn’t all that different from what they escaped from, a federal dictatorship
where their country exists in name only, and where policy is imposed from the top down
by unelected foreign bureaucrats who punish non-compliance. And this is why we voted for
Brexit. It has nothing to do with business or this ridiculous pantomime about getting
a trade deal. It’s much more important than that. We’ve seen enough to know that we don’t
want to live in a borderless world at any price, because we know that such a world would
be impossible to govern democratically, and we know that democracy is all we have with
which to defend ourselves from career politicians, who have shown that, if we give them unaccountable
power over us, they will misuse it to disempower us further, and to impose an agenda we didn’t
vote for and we don’t want, as they did with the European Union. We were sucked into a
full political union, when all we ever voted for was a trading bloc. Nobody told us that
our laws would be made elsewhere by people we didn’t elect and couldn’t remove, or that
our country would disappear in all but name. But that is what they tried to foist on us.
An unaccountable government of remote bureaucrats whose track record proves them unqualified
to govern any society. Everything they have touched has been a disaster, especially that
wretched single currency which has caused untold misery in southern Europe, but they
just keep pushing blithely on. And every time a democratic vote goes against them, they
ignore it, or they overturn it, because the grand political plan is always more important
than the welfare or the wishes of the people it purports to govern, which is why grand
political plans have a way of ending in tears, as this one certainly will. But, until it
does, who knows how much more damage these people will do to Europe, undermining freedom,
snuffing out democracy, impoverishing whole countries, and opening the gates to a flood
of hostile invaders, while having no mandate to do so. In their obsession with eliminating
borders and sovereignty, they are deliberately allowing this third world invasion, and they
are knowingly presiding over the death of civilised Europe. And they’ve never even had
the integrity to put their rotten project to a vote. So we did it for them with Brexit,
and, despite being subjected to an avalanche of propaganda paid for with our money, we
defied the entire establishment marshalled against us and we voted to leave the European
Union, to get out of its clutches entirely, and to become once again a free independent
sovereign nation that makes its own laws, controls its own borders, and decides its
own future, without interference from anyone else. No single market. No customs union.
No jurisdiction for the European Court of Justice. That’s what we voted for in the people’s
vote, in the full knowledge of what we were voting for, and what we were voting against,
and if democracy means anything in the home of democracy, it must, as promised, be delivered
in full.

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  1. It has been reported that the government has ordered all operational planning for a no-deal Brexit to end. According to a leaked email seen by Sky News, the decision was taken at a meeting chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill.
    – On what basis has this cynical, manipulative and irresponsible decision been taken? For the possibility remains that, whatever the eventual date on which it leaves (if ever), the UK will do so with no deal. The Cabinet doesn’t even seem to have been told that abandoning no-deal preparations was to happen.

    Tory MP Crispin Blunt described the move as a “complete betrayal” of the referendum and a “dereliction of duty”. More than that, it speaks to a ruthless abuse of power by the prime minister – and further evidence that the government machine is determined to stop Brexit altogether. Source : MELANIEPHILLIPS.COM

  2. No one is smiling on the adult side of the debate only the smug children are when discussing such an important issue.

  3. Very disappointed with Richard Dawkins and his support for a 'peoples vote'. What doesn't he get about the fact that the vote was held in 2016, and people voting to remain in the EU lost?

  4. My Gran, Grandad, Great Uncle, voted leave in 2016, they were frail and old, but had a life time of experience, they hated property price rises and that opportunities were not there for the next generations, I don't think they were impressed that we have foreign workers, simply put if can't get some one local in, it shouldn't be done, they're are not paying enough, it's exploitation.
    These good straight talking relatives of mine will never see the UK out of the EU and they will never get another vote,
    Good people have died who new and experienced EU EEC very well, it would be a great disappointment not to count there vote, as one of the last things they did is vote leave, a gift to us all.

  5. Dude careful what you wish for. Youve been played. The elite want brexit. Its a swindle. They promised you a load of lies.
    You will be embarassed eventually. What you think you are escaping is gonna be more of the same only worse.

  6. Brexit is ironic. The very people who the masses thought they were putting one over by voting leave are the ones that wanted leave. I.e the elite hedge funds and the bankers. All of whom have already proffited massively from the ensueing market volitility.
    Im not saying you're dumb.,Just programmed to do as you were intended and its gonna be worse than the EU.

  7. Why should you be allowed to vote? You nearly in the grave. Your a drain on the nhs. Who are you to decide the future of the new generation.

  8. THE main reason the EU does not want the UK to leave is because if we do then quite a few other 'states' will follow, France, Italy, Hungary, Holland, etc etc, the EU is failing in its ideology because as per usual the power hungry despots/business persons (politically correct at time of writing) that get secretly voted in by the funny handshake mob ( european version) are unwilling to concede to individual countries anything at all, not even that when an EU edict is passed around that IF that edict clashes with the individual countries OWN constitution/laws then it needs altering, oh no, what THEY insist upon is that the country in question ( I use Hungary as an example as they are undergoing similar things right now) then they need to alter their constitution/laws to accommodate the EU edict…… how is that a fair and open society geared towards European unity respecting individual identity and sovereignty when all it is really is a soft -ish dictatorship or a communist state of being, as you say, like China?

  9. Walter Funk in 1943, as an academic exercise for the national socialist economic bureau, wrote about how using force to control Europe would not work and that an economic and political putsch would fare rather better, but, the powers that be of the time had, as we know, invested far too much in the armed conflict and the report was ignored, until after the war ended, and in about 1952 it was resurrected from a 'lost file' and so the EEC idea was started, to become the E.U we now know. interesting is it not?

  10. Blue sifer: It's old geezers that were taught independent thinking and personal research, and put their lives on the line fighting the forces bent on erasing your great countries legacy, that gave you freedom and the country you are berating. Stop being a lemming and thank him for having the stones to lay out the unvarnished truth, not the utopian global society bull shit spouted by the main stream media. We are fighting back here in the U.S. also.

  11. Pat you are such a bloody great speaker. Everything has a point and there's no babbling along. You are a credit to the elder generation and one of my favourite people ever, and I'm taking about the likes of David Icke, Bill Donahue, Brigitte Gabriel, Dolores Cannon, Hans Wilhelm and the likes. You make me proud to be human as opposed to being embarrassed and ashamed to be British!

  12. This British proud clown of who is a proud of the extinct " BRITISH EMPIRE " is stuck with the previous GLORY of CIVILIZED Europe lead by the British. This clown has a homework to do he has to READ a book and an article:
    1. The book: the rise and fall of the Roman EMPIRE, incidentally, by a British historian

    2. This ARTICLE

    that talks sadly about the RISE and fall of the British Empire.

    Sad but TRUE.

  13. I'm an American who wishes the UK all the luck in leaving the EU. If I were a Brit I'd vote for you as Prime Minister as a write in.

  14. People voted Brexit, not knowing the implications. Now they are calling for a second vote, where again, people will not know the implications. Therefore we can conclude the vote was totally symbolic. I for one have not read the 500+ page Brexit deal that May negotiated and I am sure 99% of people haven't either. Nobody voted for the UK to negotiate better trade deals, we voted to protect Britain and British values from the dilution of globalism and enforced multiculturalism. The reason we have borders is because a group have people have decided they are going to adhere to a certain set of values and norms. It baffles me that a second generation Iranian needs to remind British people of this.

  15. Just stop whining and get out of our house, Brits. We were sad, now we are exasperated. Europeans wont forget this. Whether when you come spending your useless pounds as tourists, or when trying to trade with us, and when in 10-20 years youll come back begging to reenter the EU. For now, just get the hell out, and faster, please.

  16. You are the sensible voice of reason in these anti democratic, anti Western, anti Christian days….In a nutshell, the EU is a cesspool of neo Fascists.
    BREXIT means just that…… BREXIT!!!!!

  17. I'm fed up with these "remainer" politicians claiming that people had changed their mind and "thousands" had told them they'd changed their minds. What a pack of lies. It shows the contempt that they have toward the electorate. THEY have decided it is not a good idea to leave and have embarked on an ORGANISED campaign to get a second referendum. Where is democracy? Those policticans are trailtors in my opinion and should be removed from office. And what's all the nonsense about how things were so different now and this is not the brexit we voted for???? I voted to leave but at the time I DID NOT KNOW HOW THAT WOULD HAPPEN. YES! You stupid, whining pillocks. I DID NOT KNOW. No-one knew what brexit would look like but we voted for it anyway. IDIOTS. Just get on with it and LEAVE.

  18. I don't like to insult people but I'm getting fed up with stupid morons like yourself saying we know what we voted for when you clearly didn't have a clue & the leave campaign wilfully lied to you to deceive you from the truth because they didn't want you to know the truth & the facts. Reece Mogg & Farage have been laughing all the way to the bank with the money they made from cashing in on their Brexit con. The leave campaign sold you a con which you eagerly bought & the right wing media poisoned your mind against the E.U with lies. Before I would have said leave voters are misguided not to see I'm right but now if they still don't see it I think they're wilfully ignorant morons.

  19. Nobody knows what they were voting for and nobody knows what they were voting against.
    They don’t know because the issue is economics ; and the problem with economics is that nobody really understands them.
    For this reason, ideologues on both sides of this debate are twits.
    The Twit the twits had elected as Prime Minister called a referendum (which is a twit’s idea of democracy) and slightly more twits voted to leave than the twits who voted to remain.
    They’re all twits.
    And here’s another old twit drivelling on from his daft axiomatic perspective, while the twits on the other side do the same.
    The only way in which this twit is right is that – if you’ve agreed with the Prime Twit to vote in his referendum (the Twits’ Vote) then the result you get is the vote you’re stuck with.
    So get on with it.

  20. I would like too point out to those still shouting 'unfair' that the European Union Referendum Act 2015 gave authority to ask the following directly of the electorate; “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

    Parliament was well aware approval meant ceding sovereignty over this particular question to the electorate . They debated it at length, so they ALL knew. Eventually a bill was passed by 544 to 53, with support from Labour MPs giving the motion a massive majority of 491. It is disingenuous to 'remake' this chain of decisions after the fact by arguing 'the wrong question was asked' or suggesting ordinary people (i.e. not 'us') were incapable of informed opinion, or falling back on misusing sovereignty of parliament to subvert the outcome.

    Prior to the plebiscite the Government's information circular contained the following; " (the) referendum on Thursday, 23rd June is your chance to decide if we should remain in or leave the European Union. The Government believes it is in the best interests of the UK to remain in the EU. This is the way to protect jobs, provide security, and strengthen the UK’s economy for every family in this country – a clear path into the future, in contrast to the uncertainty of leaving."
    God only knows why parliament approved the 2015 Act when they so clearly didn't want the UK to leave the EU, but they did.

    Unfortunately they concluded the circular with;
    "This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide."
    Well, they haven't yet, so the question is; is parliament trustworthy and honorable, a servant of the people, or is it a dishonest bunch of self-serving hypocrites who's bluff has been called?

  21. Thank God that useless half hearted, EU appeasing Theresa May has finally decided to resign. Let's hope a proper Brexiteer replaces her. Boris Johnson maybe?

  22. could anyone answer a question for me as i think it beggers belief as one of the conservative runners (gove) stated if he becomes prime mimister all immigrents will be able to apply for citizenship free of charge has he got his head stuffed up his a..e so far he cannot see what immigration is doing to our country or has,nt there been enough rapes,riots, murders. for hes liking just yet or is the thought of an idiot getting such an important job just gone above his brain grade im just gob smacked. i can now see why the conservatives got such a kicking at the polls

  23. Most of the Western nations have been under a coordinated and well funded assault, to destroy each countries laws and culture, through flooding each country with migrants, undermining the young with gender confusion and progressive nonsense, and using the mainstream media shows/ news, to brainwash/indoctrinate the people, to accept the assault on their country, and their culture, as being the virtuous/right thing to do. During the struggle to have the peoples vote honored in England, and the peoples vote for President Trump, honored in the United States, many politicians have been exposed, as both criminals and traitors.

  24. Well done Pat not only have you Confirmed my worst fears that if we leave the EU we will have all our freedom and free speech taken away from us by this rotten Government and that is Partly why as a Labour party Member and Supporter I voted Labour so that we could under a Labour Government get a better deal as well as a lot better Protection from the clutches of this rotten Government

  25. i think the politicians should be reminded that they are employed by the people to do what is in the best interest of the people and the country not themselves or their egos or their own views such as stopping free TV licences for the elderly who fought to make this country free and a great county until now (because of what useless mps and PM have done the only people that are better off are them) we also have an anti abortion mp what the bloody hell does that do to help the country get out of the s..t state it is in nothing at all they want to come down of their high overpaid horses and into the real world and see children going to school with no food, old people cant heat their houses,you have more and more people using food banks because they cant afford to buy food and pay bills as well,if mps like sadiq kahn get to be PM you might as well pack your bags and leave the country look what he has done to london (his first name says it all SAD IQ)

  26. that goes for boris as well GOD HELP US if thats all they can dig up they must be running out of boars heads by now

  27. if they stop sending billions abroad to help countries to build their armies and navies become bigger and better than our own,and put it into our own country to help our own people first would be a simple answer to poverty in this country and maybe our navy and army better and help protect us from whatever might threaten us in the future sorry but i love my country

  28. Remember when the UK had balls and was a leader in the world? Now half the nation has turned into a bunch of scared suck ups. Don't defend their sovereignty and betray their own democracy,. Either path is not easy, but it is clear that the correct path is the one that requires bravery, courage, taking a risk, pull the band-aid off, jump off the high dive and just get on with the divorce. It will be tough, but you'll get past it and then be more free… and feel more pride in your country.

  29. Funny Pat, when Farage thought he was going to lose, he was all up for a 2nd vote. He described a 48%/52% loss as 'unfinished business' and would continue the campaign to leave. He wasn't interested in 'democracy' when he thought he was going to be on the wrong end of it. Even Jacob (I can change my mind but you can't) Reece-Mogg said there might have to be several votes to resolve the issue. Boris Johnson was writing articles backing Europe weeks before he suddenly decided 'Vote Leave' would serve his career better. You voted for Brexit but you still not know what you're going to get as the mystery prize. We've asked the audience, we've phoned a friend, we've gone 50/50, now we need to be asked 'Is that your final answer'? If it's 'yes leave' then so be it, but we owe it to everyone to be completely sure. The country changes its mind all the time. Every 4 years we have a GE, one decade we're Tory, the next Labour. Democracy and the 'will of the people' aren't written in stone. Brexit isn't just for Christmas and being bloody-minded about an ill-conceived pig's ear of a stupid idea of David Cameron's isn't helping anyone. Don't worry, if you're completely sure of your position, 'Leave' will win hands down, won't it? If you're right, your position will only be stronger and you have nothing to worry about.

  30. How about Pat and Nigel F Becoming joint PM?? Now wouldn't that be fun?? Could you imagine the superb speeches and the sniffling weasel leaders in the EU running back to mummy crying!!!

  31. What an appalling and most disingenuous rant! This is the sort of language that does more harm than good.! Shame on this man.

  32. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️Cheers Pat,spot on as usuals,with you all the way,the voice of freedom ,Democracy.Love to know your views on Boris,I know he wants us to leave the EU but I am very concerned about him becoming PM after all he hasn’t a very good track record

  33. I think the UKs best path forward would be to opt for an arrangement similar to Switzerland. You’ll get to have control of your immigration policies again which is what you wanted most, but keep the single market.

  34. It's simply sophisticated & acutely malignant Colonialism by another name, & it's designed fatal destabilisation comprises the complete package.
    Psychological warfare, economic depletion, invasion.

  35. Put your false teeth back in and stop your whining grandad. You'll be dead in a few years anyhow. No one cares what a geriatric cry baby like you thinks.

  36. When you have an island society, you the society there have a well bred gene, with each other, damm it really shows here….. ha ha ….. have your elitist rule, as you voted for it…

  37. Well said. We had the people's vote and the majority voted to leave. They only want the losers vote so they can rig it. They know that opinions on brexit have only hardened and that they can't win another vote so they only way they can keep us in is by rigging it like the dirty little dishonourable losers they are.

    To all remoaners, we won. We wanted to take back control of our once great nation and free ourselves from the slimy fingertips of the unelected elite. If you don't like that then do the rest of us a favour and fuck off to germany or france. Or the rape capital of europe that is sweden.


  38. Put your false teeth back in and stop your whining grandad. You'll be dead in a few years anyhow. No  one cares what a geriatric cry baby like you thinks.

  39. Why not get your carer to take you down to the British Legion for a pint of shandy and dominoes, old feller? All this internet whining is killing you and your dementia has made you forget that though you criticize immigration into the uk, you are yourself in fact an immigrant from the Republic of Ireland.

  40. They didn't know what they were voting for when they voted for joining the EU trade union, a subversive attempt to make all of Europe and ultimately the world into one totalitarian superstate, a.k.a. globalism.

  41. For those who might not know Quisling was leader of Norway and in the fifth column when the Nazis took over Norway in WW2. This is a test to see if the censorship algorithm is set in motion by that name.1 of 4.

  42. So far a couple of words and phrases used even in conjunction haven't activated the algorithm. For a time there I thought I was going to really have to watch my P's and Q's. If in fact a censorship algorithm is in effect it is extremely perceptive to void associations or perhaps it was due to human interaction. I really thought one of 5 would set it off. 1 of 6.

  43. The Peppa Pig coloured, bigoted old bore's mutterings are the vocal equivalent of watching ones own toenails grow.
    Why the tedious old fart is muttering about brexit is a mystery as a geriatric like him will be long dead before it's effects become known.
    He will be dead and not one person will mourn the loss of one of life's great Snoremongers.
    Yawn, it's Prat Con-dull……I need to sleep…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  44. #NGS I like listening to the old grumpy Fart he speaks humorously and directly, if your just a troll feel free to move on, as moderate valuers of free speech your opinion is noted and duly ignored, please find your own liberal whiny tribe and go sit in your safe

  45. The years of internet whingeing have not been kind to Pat. He once looked like he had maybe 5 years left in him but now he looks like the Duke of Edinburgh. It is hard to not imagine him in his care home, sat on his commode, recording these miserable videos.
    How his family and carers must long for him to die in his sleep and then the incessant whining stops.

  46. The trolls are strong on this vid, am glad the old boy is pushing your buttons, attacking old men is about right which the lefty idiots, did uncle pat upset you? Lol bitches….

  47. We've already had a people's vote : it's called the European Election we should never have participated in. But in the Banana Republic we have become by refusing to adhere to the result of a referendum. To my utter astonishment, the Liberal Democrats didn't run away with an avalanche of a majority. Bizarrely a start-up party called "The Brexit Party" won, beating others with centuries worth of history & donors…you know – just to rub in the "People's" decision.

  48. Absolutely brilliant , the fact that this has elicited such vitriol in the comments so far tells me that you must be speaking the Truth …….well and truly triggered …..

  49. After Britain becomes sovereign again, the next task will be to make the people of Britain sovereign again. By that, I mean the restoration of the right to firearms ownership as well as the right to defend one’s person and property. I am very Anglophilic and have blood from three of the countries of the U.K. in my veins — infinitely more, I might add, than in The Sultan of London’s veins. How can there be a special relationship if we are no longer kith and kin?

  50. Reading the comments, I can see clearly the ignorant progressives criticizing your looks instead of the issues. When you say uneducated….your right! There’s not one educated response to your topics …. no wonder the UK democracy is in turmoil. A democracy can only work with educated voters…. your absolutely write about the creation of the EU. THE EEC was a good organization…Brussels then created a silent coupe over the sovereignty and democracies of Europe without even firing a shot! It’s simply crazy! Our generation remembers WW2 and it’s threat…in the age of the Technocrat, they accomplished what Hitler wanted like sheep ready for slaughter.

  51. The years of internet whingeing have not been kind to Pat. He once looked like he had maybe 5 years left in him but now he looks like the Duke of Edinburgh. It is hard to not imagine him in his care home, sat on his commode, recording these miserable videos.
    How his family and carers must long for him to die in his sleep and then the incessant whining stops.

  52. Wanna STOP Brexit ????? Wanna let in labour or the liar dems ????? Then Vote for The Brexit Party
    ONLY way to get Brexit is to Vote Tory

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