The Rose on their European tour, music and Celeb Five’s MV |’s interview [PL/ENG]

The Rose on their European tour, music and Celeb Five’s MV |’s interview [PL/ENG]

Hello! We are The Rose! Hello! I’m Woosung and I’m an electric guitar player Hello, I’m Jaehyeong and I’m taking a base part I’m Dojoon and I’m playing acoustic guitar and keyboard I’m Hajoon and I’m playing drums It’s amazing! Everything was on a right timing (we as artists, fans, company). Everyone’s happy! Actually, you guys (fans), don’t know about us in real life but you guys are listening our music and called us to Europe because you guys wanted to see us! I’m so thankful! You guys clicked a lot on video, I did not expect that. In this world, there are so many countries. Every member has different perspective. Personally, I wanted to visit Europe. How would it feel, if we could hear our music in Europe? So… Europe. Different color?
We have slow tempo music and also the fast tempo. We tried many mixed things. It’s coming soon! If you guys want some spoilers about the music… Unfortunately, this time we can’t visit Poland. We’re sorry, but please check our new album. When we debut, we had our dreams and we achieved some of them. We are so happy but this European tour was also on the dream chart. We can check this on the dream chart now. We have many things to do. But still working on it! We want to do many things like challenges. Please check our activities. We still have many things to make. We want to explain and express the music, topics and vibes. Debut was a step of achieving our dreams. We are happy and excited to achieve our dreams. We can’t say that debut was our only dream. [laughing] Our representative has an acquaintance with the Celeb Five’s members, so they asked us to join [the music video] and we accepted their request. By the way, we met Super Junior’s Shindong as a director of the video in the studio and we were amazed to see him professionally directing and monitoring the film, saying: “ready, action, and cut.”. It was nice of him. Because he showed a different side of him as a director from who he had been. He was so professional. Because of that, it was unusual. And, as for the Celeb five’s members, I was convinced they were certainly professional because while they were dancing, they didn’t miss anything even trivial. And, as you can see from the video, the studio was full of a friendly atmosphere, we could make the most of it while filming. They were very good at dancing. To be honest, I was surprised to see them dancing. I felt how much effort they had made for the video. All: I agree Anyway, there were many people on the spot. They responded magnificently to our performance, so we were touched by their response and we were able to make good. All: Oh, I get it. You must be talking about fictional worlds. Such a profound question. I would like to live in the MARVEL Comics Universe. Where a hero lives? Yes, the Universe in which heroes live, I’d like to live there. What do you like the most there? I love Iron Man the most and I would like to experience the Marvel universe and the value of life there. Because I am a big fan of it. As for me, there are two universes. For one thing, I’d like to live in Harry Porter Universe because I could do anything with magic. If I cleaned my room, I would do it by just waving my wand. You are lazy. Grab a remote control! It would be awesome such a thing, riding a broom, and then the other universe is the universe of “One Piece” manga because they [pirates in One Piece] are good although they are pirates. Some of them are bad, aren’t they? Yes, you are right. Anyway, I’d like to eat Devil Fruit. Oh, would you? What ability would you like to have? Fire? Making fire? Ace’s fire fist! I would like to live in Pokémon Universe. To be honest, when I was younger, I wanted to be a Pokémon master in earnest. What Pokémon did you want to have? Mewte No, Mewtwo! Ah, Mewtwo! Are you sure you loved Pokémon? I did. I love Mewtwo the most. Is Mewtwo the previous one before evolution? No, Mew has been evolved into Mewtwo to speak like a human. It’s so strong! And it can be caught only by a masterball. It has a big tail. Technically, Mewtwo is created, imitating Mew. You are right. It’s not evolved but created from the DNA of Mew’s toenail. Oh, I see. I liked it a lot. As for me, I love fictional novels. Have you ever read them? No, I haven’t yet. I used to read fictional novels a lot. In a novel, there was a kind of device, looking like a capsule into which if people got, they could be playing as characters in virtual reality. They could catch a monster and could get experience points. It sounds a bit like Avatar. / Wow, cool! Yes, it was like Avatar. In the virtual reality of the novel, people could catch a monster, eat food, feel full and satisfied and buy some items. In case that people die or get injured, what would happen? People would die? No. the degree of people’s feeling pain could be controlled. 10% of actual pain or 5% of that, but not above 40%, to prevent death from shock. Wow, that’s cool! Then it’s the best to play the game with the minimum degree Yes, it is, but to be realistic, more than that? Yes, right. The degree that I can notice someone’s hitting me. I would be a college student. At this time, I would be preparing for graduation or trying to find a job, wouldn’t I? As for me, I would be preparing for my job related to international trade or foreign affairs. Cool. I have no idea what I would be doing now, but I think I would be working as a freelancer. Alone? Yes, I would, or I would be working with very few people who I really love – like The Rose. What about being a hairdresser? Sounds good. He is very good at making hair cool. Woosung is good at interior design. Yes, I am. [laugh] I would be doing something about it or I would have been a psychologist. I can’t imagine that because I didn’t have anything to do certainly. I just thought I would study and would enter university so I think if I wasn’t be a singer, I would be preparing to find a job as a college student.

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  1. O mój Boże! Jak oni będą w przyszłości w Polsce to na 1000% idę. Szkoda, że nic nie wiedziałam o tym "klikaniu", postarałabym się nieco bardziej. 🙁

    Wielkie dzięki za Waszą ciężką pracę!

  2. Can someone tell me the fictional novel that Jaehyeong read? Is it ready player one or nah? I want to read the book that he explained.

  3. Such sweethearts 💕
    The questions were very interesting !
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