The Shortcomings Of The EU

The Shortcomings Of The EU

How has the EU failed? In this, the final
episode in this series about the EU, we tie up all the loose ends I wasn’t able to cover
in the other episodes. Mainly Brexit and the Migration Crisis. These are recent developments
and without a lot of data, please keep that in mind. So, what are the EU’s failures?
Euroscepticism. Why is there so much hatred towards the EU? There are several reasons.
For one, the EU doesn’t communicate with its citizens. Have you ever been informed
about the EU on the news or at school? Most of us haven’t. European politicians barely
even communicate with national politicians on what they do. Even if someone told you
the benefits of the EU, they are still pretty hard to grasp as you’d need an economics
degree to fully comprehend them. It is no coincidence that the country which perceives
the least benefits from the EU, decided to leave the EU. Most people don’t see NEED
for further integration and so we see people such as Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, and Marine
Le Pen who want to set their country on a course outside the EU for a fear they become
a state in a United States of Europe. What if countries might next be expected to hand
over control over their taxation, their military, or their diplomatic policy? The bastion of
Eurosceptic sentiment can be found, mainly, with those who have not benefitted from Europeanisation
or globalisation: those in the countryside who don’t travel abroad, those who lost
their jobs due to automation and cheap labour from abroad, those who fear other cultures
destroying their own country. It’s easy to show the flaws of the EU and
Eurosceptic politicians often do. In recent years, their attention was focussed on the
migration crisis. In 2011 Syria and Libya erupted in civil war and millions fled, traveling
to Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq… and EU countries such as Greece. As you remember from last
episode, Greece was in an economic crisis and couldn’t possibly handle THIS many refugees.
It asked help from other European countries but they basically shrugged and said ‘not
my problem’. Until Italy and Greece were fed up with it and gave asylum to thousands
of refugees, letting them through their borders. You see, the EU has open borders, meaning
you can travel from southern Italy to anywhere else in the EU. Most didn’t want to stay
in Italy and Greece, they wanted to go rich Northern Europe. The open border treaty, Schengen,
states that refugees should be processed in the countries where they first arrive. Meaning
Spain, Italy, and Greece received the bulk of refugees while Denmark, for example, received
almost none. But now these refugees COULD travel to the rest of Europe… and now the
EU FINALLY took notice. The German Chancellor announced all refugees are welcome in Germany.
Millions travelled across Europe in the hope for a safe haven. They resided in asylum centres,
stuck between borders, or in makeshift refugee camps. Europe never put a system in place
to process so many people at once, this failure was like throwing wood on the Eurosceptic
fire. Fearmongering that this was ‘an invasion of Islam’, ‘thousands of terrorists will
come to Europe’, and ‘they are not REAL refugees’ has led to politicians who used
to be background voices spring into the spotlight. But this is just fearmongering: only a few
million refugees came to Europe, less than 1% our population. Most terrorism comes from
citizens, not refugees. And while the deaths of these people are tragic, let’s remember
that lighting kills more people than terrorists do in the EU. Terrorists are pathetically
bad at killing people. And, these are pictures of Syria… yeah, they are ‘REAL’ refugees.
And lastly, there are the smaller issues facing EU countries I want to quickly address: the
brain drain of the poorest EU countries. Open borders are an economic boom to most EU countries
but to Romania or Bulgaria it means doctors, technicians, and business people leave the
country, making it impossible to grow the economy to become a rich country. There are
also cultural differences: the north sees the south as lazy and the south sees the north
as too strict. The rich west sees the east as them stealing westerners’ jobs while
the east sees the west as domineering. Some countries are very liberal while others are
conservative. All hindering EU prosperity as political leaders have to keep their own
population happy above the greater good of all of Europe.
So is the EU bad? Well, that depends. The EU is a great idea of cooperation and an end
to war yet the EU is unnecessarily bureaucratic, inefficient, and ruled too much by Germany.
The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the EU in 2012 and many similar organizations have
sprung up elsewhere in the world such as the African Union, Caribbean Community, or AFTA.
These organizations have in turn brought peace to their regions. Thanks to the African Union,
Africa is much more democratic and wars between countries have almost stopped. Europe has
become a template for other regions. In closing: The EU is run terribly, but its
ideas, its ideals are pure. The EU needs many reforms, as pro and anti EU people can both
agree on. But never forget that the countries in the EU have finally seen an end to the
flame of war.

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  1. My country is not Europe. I am English. Europe is a continental land mass. When the UK leave the EU a political corporation, it will not be leaving Europe.

  2. The idea was always about control, sold to us as a trade agreement, there is plenty of evidence out there to prove this is the case. from the start we were all lied to. we all hate being misled even more so by self apointed lelders. it comes back to the argument of people's law vs rulers law and where accountability should lay, and who should be the servants the rulers or the ruled.

  3. I kind of disagree with the issue of "brain drain" – poorer countries' citizens fleeing the country to go to richer ones. Sure it's a problem, I, being a member of a poorer country, want to say that not everyone wants to flee the country, even when it's poor and your job title is lucrative to wealthier countries.

    The main reason people leave their own countries is corruption. Living in a poorer country has its own benefits, but when that's combined with rampant corruption and obstructions on each step both in administration and personal life, you get really disappointed and that's when you go elsewhere.

    And that's something the EU can't really tackle – they can't come in Romania or Bulgaria and FORCE the governments to do their jobs. It's up to people.

  4. if they think idea of a union is great, why not just join usa as a state. its simply a union to improvished others to enrich one country. its no longer the same 50 years ago.

  5. It is easy to show the flaws of EU be chose there are nothing much more than just flaws in this free meals club for eurocrats. About the migrant crisis: One funny thing is that not much of those Libyan refugees who supposedly were fleeing. Why is that ? Europe even got best part of Mahgrab countries former prison population roaming on its streets but not much of Libyans and not even that many Syrians either and Syrians are even returning back to Syria. What we got in Europe 2015 was mostly every one else but the real refugees. There were even Haitians who had flow to Egypt coming in as refugees. It was all most everything but refugees. So Eu is good idea run badly kind a like soviet union was too in its time. EU is Soviet Union 2.0

  6. I can only see the EU work as intended if the plebs stop not looking further than their noses.
    We need the EU, and if it was to fail we would invite for war.
    The EU is a shining light in this ever darker world, but to get to the end goal we must see ourselves as Europeans, we must protect our ideals. We must stop seeing ourselves as in the pocket of Washington District of Columbia! Stand with me brothers and sisters as we build a greater Europe! A fairer Europa! Mother Europe should not be drenched in the blood of its children again!

    In Veritate Unita!
    Est Europa Nunc Unita!

    (and that means helping Greece, to hell with the plebs who don't think that we should help them.)

  7. You are flawed in your argument with respects to migrants. This is simply not just about numbers, rather it is about a repressive and viral religion that is simply incompatible with western norms. To discount this phenomenon as merely a minor blip in the vision of a united Europe, is not only naive but will be your undoing.

  8. The EU countries have seen an end to war because of NATO not the EU after all the EU is only 25 years old the peace in Europe has lasted 70 years. This is because of NATO founded in 1949 four years after WW2.
    Stop spreading this propagandarest crap!

  9. The African Union is more comparable to a European Union in the making, they don't even have a continental customs union or common market yet

  10. most of the EU has open border's excluding Romania,Bulgaria,Croatia and cyprus and including the EFTA states plus the Vatican San marino and Monaco

  11. "Those who fear outside cultures destroying their own country" like the more than a thousand women who were massed raped/ assulted in a single night? Or the tens of thousands of people who are forced to live next to the migrants who literally shit on their doorsteps? Like witnessing 30 foot plexiglass barriers being placed around the Eiffel Tower to protect against vandalism by those who don't value the heritage it and other landmarks represent? Like those who see that the country that didn't accept the muslim colonists, Poland, has seen zero acts of terrorism while it is rampant and hushed by authorities across the union. Like those who know that there are areas of No-go zones where the police will not go because if they do, the muslim gangs will overpower them and likely murder them.
    While open warfare between governments is at a historical all time low, it is being replaced by violence and conflict from non-governmental organizations which the larger governments often refuse to prosecute. And the victims of this who actually deal with it on a daily basis are the poor.

  12. 1 % immigrants due to refugees? on average in the eu maybe, but they don't get distributed equally among the members of the eu. As of 2017, the percentage inhabitants with a foreign background in Sweden had risen to 24.1%

  13. Je impliceert dat een bliksem inslag erger is dan aanslagen als Charlie Hebdo en zeggen dat islam niet integreert "fear-mongering" is? En blijkt nou dat "Your own citizens" Asielzoekers en islam extremisten zijn? alleen de aanslagen van 2017 moeten al reden genoeg zijn om te zeggen dat iedereen toelaten whatsoever misschien niet het beste is voor de maatschappij. Flikker op man, ga lekker GL stemmen als je van terreur en hoofddoekjes houdt. Van terreur importeren wordt niemand beter van.

  14. 300+ people dying in your home is something most people would stop, and most people wouldn't bring up lighting to those greiving. See your nation as your home and decide what you would allow and want in your home

  15. Its kinda telling that all the comments who talk shit about this video didnt even watched it and cant reply to a single argument that was made. We need more comments made by people and less from propaganda bots & trolls.

  16. Lost interest when it started off with Eu communication and information….. general population have access to information buy watching and reading the right media. The voting of euro MPs is a low turnout in many countries which is not an Eu failure

  17. Anyone else find it weird that this and the free speech video has less than 10k views on a channel that usually gets 40k plus views….

  18. "Great ideas, great ideals, poor execution" is an apologist and lazy conclusion. Only results matter.

    Nor is it even completely true…plenty of the ideals being promoted are pure garbage.

  19. Well, a lot of people–by my two pro-EU friends; one's a Belgian and other's a remain voting brit–said that Brexit might be a first step towards reforming EU by stating that Britain had been clogging any attempt at curtailing Northern Europe hegemony, started bank crisis in Italy and Greece while also forcing them to cut budgets, and feeling that EU is getting more Neo-Liberal (unrestraint capitalism).
    Care to explain?

  20. You highlighted Central America when you talked about Caricom, the Caribbean Community. Instead of highlighting or pointing to the Caribbean country members

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