Tips & Things to do in the Jungfrau Region, Switzerland (Winter edition)

Tips & Things to do in the Jungfrau Region, Switzerland (Winter edition)

Welcome to winter wonderland welcome to Switzerland In this episode I’m going to show you around in the Jungfrau Region. We are going to ski, we go on top of big mountains and we’ll taste the delicious swiss food. Let’s go! The Jungfrau Region is a region located in the bernese oberland in Switzerland It is named after the famous mountain “Jungfrau” (meaning virgin) In this episode I’ll introduce you to Grindelwald, the famous Jungfraujoch and Hasliberg-Meiringen Grindelwald is my hometown and one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland You can go e.g. skiing, tobogganing, hiking..facing the most beautiful panorama in Switzerland! We are up on the “First” mountain here in the ski area of Grindelwald-First This is Jana, she is exploring the Jungfrau Region with me – first things first: the First Cliff-Walk! Well at least we have the whole thing to ourselves as there not many people up here due to the bad weather. After this glorious cliff walk it is time to use all this snow and go skiing. The Grindelwald-First ski area behind Grindelwald village offers extensive and varied skiing with 60km of slopes. When in Switzerland of course you need to eat Rösti – this is what we’ll have for lunch. Now comes my favorite part of the day: the After Ski Drinks. Let’s go in! The next stop is the Bus Stop which is…an actual bus! We also switched our guides and now have Martin with us who is our…ehm…bar guide! We are now inside the bus and we have Hot Mojitos here. Prost! 3rd stop is in town: the Avocado Bar…here we’ll have beers! After skiing all day it’s time for dinner and another typical swiss dish: cheese fondoue. Hmmm! The best way to get around is by train: they’re comfortable, on time and offer amazing views! So we’ll take one of those trains to get to the Top of Europe – one of the most picturesque rides! The Jungfrau Railway is a metre gauge rack railway which runs 9 kilometres from Kleine Scheidegg to the highest railway station in Europe at Jungfraujoch. It runs almost entirely within the Jungfrau Tunnel, built into the Eiger and Mönch mountains containing two stations in the middle of the tunnel, where passengers can disembark to observe the neighbouring mountains through windows built into the mountainside. The Jungfraujoch station was inaugerated on August 1st 1912, 16 years after work commenced. Now we are on top of the Jugfraujoch aka the “Top of Europe” on 3571 m. The Jungfraujoch is a notable saddle in the Bernese Alps, connecting the two four-thousander peaks Jungfrau and Mönch, at an elevation of 3,466 metres above sea level. It is a glacier saddle, on the upper snows of the Aletsch Glacier which is the largest glacier in the Alps. The Sphinx observatory is one of highest astronomical observatories in the world. It provides a viewing platform at a height of 3571m with an exceptional view to the glacier … and the surrounding mountains. Now we have lunch with a view to the glacier – for lunch I have Zür’cher Geschnetzeltes. Now we are in the glacier underneath the Jungfraujoch – inside the ice palace! After another pictures train ride we reached our last destination: Hasliberg-Meiringen. Hasliberg is the third stop on our roadtrip through the Jungfrau Region. This ski resort is famous for its blue and red slopes which are very wide …so perfect terrain for families and carvers. Let’s hit the slopes! Cheese time! It’s always cheese time when you are in Switzerland 🙂 Last thing to do in this ski region is as well: having after ski drinks. Prost! That’s it – we had a wonderful time in the Jungfrau Region. If you want to travel to this region: checkout the related travel guide and subscribe to our channels! We’ll see each other in the next travel video – next Thursday. Safe travels!

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  1. Train journey was great. You have to applaud the foresight of these early builder guys to do this amazing task!

  2. Wow…this is cool, professional documented, I like the video..a very good view panoramic, kindly inform some info on the tickets to go to First Cliff Walk, Jungfraujoch, etc..we plan to travel with our kids to Grindelwald shortly, is Jungfrauregion easy to travel within a day?

  3. hello, i'm planning a trip to switzerland 22nd Dec till 29th Dec. 22nd till 26th have already been planned. i still have to plan 27th and 28th Dec. please can you suggest something? i was thinking maybe driving from Villenauve to Lausanne or Interlarken.
    will appreciate a reply

  4. Loved the cliff walk and of course the after ski drinks haha! Just wondering in which month was this trip completed? mid Jan?

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