Top 10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories From Asia.

it’s not hard to see that conspiracy theories flourish just about anywhere in the world this time around we’ll go through some of the wackiest conspiracy theories both classic and recent to have ever come out of Asia sparked by anti Western paranoia mysticism or just flat-out insanity these crazy conspiracy theories serve as proof that Asia definitely has its fair share of far-out nutjobs number 10 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was a British adventurers son we’ve previously talked about how some Iranian conspiracy theorists have tagged the British as the malevolent force controlling Iran’s affairs behind the scenes including the 1979 revolution this conspiracy theory takes one crazy step further and holds that the British supported the firebrand Islamic leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini because he was actually the son of a British national name William Richard Richardson dot according to the theory Williamson was a 19th century adventurer who traveled across the world before settling in Iran and becoming affiliated with the anglo-iranian oil company there he also converted to Islam and took two wives one of whom would bear the future Iranian leader as the story goes the young and delinquent Khomeini received strict religious instruction from an Ayatollah who along with his peers later helped him evade a death sentence from the ruling Shah by making him an Ayatollah and spiriting him away from Iran later on Khomeini repaid the favor by killing them off upon his return ostensibly so that his true lineage would never be revealed number nine Vietnam still has American Poe’s although the terribly bloody Vietnam War ended decades ago one infamous rumor has refused to die out namely that many American pals are still being kept alive there up to now fuelled by movies such as 1983 s uncommon valor this theory also holds that both the US and Vietnamese governments fully know about the PALS dire situation yet are either doing nothing or are covering it up dot proponents of this belief especially the families of the missing personnel point to the US government’s shoddy or inconsistent data on the missing pals as well as what they believe to be authentic sightings of the prisoners and the different signs for help they’ve left behind in various locations the government has done several investigations which concluded that the missing prisoners are most likely dead by now yet believers remain adamant and insist that they should not write off the prisoners without any physical evidence number eight melts at dong was a Yale stooge to be fair infamous Chinese dictator Mao Zedong really did work for Yale when he became the editor for the Chinese branch of Yale’s student journal in 1919 however one conspiracy theory would have us believe that Mao was really an underling for Yale University’s infamous skull and bones not according to this theory Yale University’s ruling elite established its subsidiary in China because they wish to control the lucrative opium trade to that end they along with the CIA’s precursor OSS employed Mao Zedong and his communists to fight off the perceived threats to their monopolies including the boxers and then the Nationalists led by Chiang kai-shek what they didn’t count on however was Mao betraying them when the Communists finally won China’s civil war in 1949 due to this unexpected double-cross they and the CIA were forced to work with the Chinese triads in order to continue their illicit operations number seven Malaya is a CIA agent you might remember Malala yousafzai the young Pakistani schoolgirl whom the Pakistani Taliban shot in the head yes they aren’t above shooting little girls in October 2012 because she wanted girls to go to school although Malala survived the assassination attempt and has since become an untiring advocate for women’s rights and education worldwide attention to her ordeal has turned some of her own countrymen against her they accused Malala of being involved with the CIA or the in an international conspiracy to destroy Pakistan dot this view is especially prevalent in malala’s native Swat Valley where the deeply conservative townsfolk’s see the events as nothing but a plot by her family to achieve fame while Pakistanis do have some justification to be paranoid about Western infiltration the CIA did recruit a local doctor to help scout out bin Laden after all this conspiracy theory defies all common-sense perhaps the only thing more insane is the fact that the Pakistani Taliban promised to try and kill her again number six israel’s nukes triggered that tsunami that devastated Fukushima at this point we’re all pretty familiar with conspiracy theories about super weapons creating hurricanes tsunamis and other natural disasters now there are claims that the very same thing happened during the devastating meltdown that occurred at Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011 with Israel as the culprit this time dot according to one account Japan had been secretly assisting Iran with its nuclear weapons program by manufacturing enriched uranium for them at Fukushima to stop this the Israelis planted a nuclear bomb near Japan’s coast that triggered the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami in the other version Israel initially assisted Japan with its nuclear weapons program on orders from President Bush and Vice President Cheney to counter China’s growing influence however the Israelis got angry when the Japanese became supportive of an independent Palestinian state as revenge they triggered that tsunami and also Unleashed the Stuxnet virus on the plant for good measure number five North Korea carried out the Boston bombings on par with the ridiculous conspiracy theory that the Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013 never happened is the assertion that North Korea was responsible for the attack according to the proponents of this theory North Korea carried out the attacks to celebrate its founder Kim Il Sung’s 101st birthday anniversary and also because it wanted to make on its previous threats of an attack on US soil dot understandably North Korea’s official mouthpiece issued a subsequent condemnation of the conspiracy theory denying that their country carried out the attack while also disavowing any alleged links with al-qaeda according to them North Korea would never resort to underhanded tactics to attack the u.s. since it has the capability to hit its enemy directly for them the only real conspiracy here is the black propaganda campaign by US conservatives to discredit North Korea in the international community number four the US and the Taliban are in cahoots we already mentioned how some conspiracy theorists believe that the u.s. and North Korea are actually working together in that same vein there are actually those who believe that the u.s. is also working with the Taliban in Afghanistan this view has been taking root among ordinary Afghans who believe that the u.s. is funding the Taliban in order to achieve its own ends including having a buffer against Iran China and Russia they like to point out that the numerically and logistically superior American and NATO forces could easily finish the Taliban off yet they do not do so meaning they really have a hidden agenda even Afghan President Hamid Karzai has bought the conspiracy theory in March 2013 he accused the US and the Taliban of collaborating in a series of false flag attacks as justification for an indefinite US presence in the region number three McArthur received a bribe to liberate the Philippines was Douglas MacArthur one of history’s greatest and most colorful war heroes compelled to liberate the Philippines from the Japanese because the philippine president handed him a substantial amount of money historians have concluded that the wartime philippine President Manuel Quezon really did give MacArthur $500,000 and another $140,000 to three members of his staff in 1942 under the guise of outstanding service rendered to the Philippines yet the true reasons may never be answered since all the characters involved are already dead got it is highly speculated that hasn’t paid MacArthur off so that that the latter would allow Quezon and his family to evacuate to the US other than that the money would serve to remind MacArthur to keep his promise of returning to the Philippines of course his liberation campaign would later Recon told devastation on the country and earn him criticism for deviating from what had been the highly successful and less bloody island-hopping strategy number two the US and Taiwan created the SARS virus aside from the long-standing accusations that had created the AIDS virus the US was once again implicated as the evil mastermind behind the 2002 to 2004 SARS outbreak that hit Asia and was especially devastating in China having caused the deaths of more than 300 people rumors of us and also Taiwan eze involvement in the outbreak reached a fever pitch after two Russian scientists stated that the virus appeared to be a cocktail of different viruses and could not have been natural dot conspiracy theorists also tried to corroborate the Russian scientists findings with the argument that Taiwan being one of the viruses creators suffered far fewer casualties because it possessed the cure of course China received a dose of its own conspiracy medicine after Taiwan accused its rival countries government of not only creating the virus but also of engaging in a massive cover-up of the outbreaks to extent number one ancient India suffered a nuclear attack did ancient civilizations really possess the power of the atom bomb for some conspiracy theorists the answer is a clear yes according to them divine beings or ancient aliens transferred the technology to various ancient civilizations they were also not averse to using it themselves as was supposedly recorded in ancient texts such as the Mahabharata which speaks of a projectile charged with all the power of the universe believers of this theory point to various archaeological sites with inexplicably high amounts of radiation most notable example being that of an ancient city found in Rajasthan India if the theory is to be believed the city suffered a nuclear attack 8 to 12 millennia ago resulting in the deaths of 500,000 inhabitants subsequently the city retained dangerous levels of radiation which would explain the abnormally high number of people in the area who suffer from cancer or birth defects of course this theory is not limited to Asia it is also held that North America’s Great Lakes are actually craters from an atomic blast you

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