Tour of Zimbrick European | Mercedes-Benz in Madison WI

(synthesizer-driven pop tune) – Good mornin’ guys. I’m Patrick Muranyi. I’m a sales manager here
at Zimbrick Mercedes-Benz. Let’s take a quick look around. Do a little facility tour. All right, so first things first. Obviously this is our show floor. So when you guys come in, I’m gonna have a couple
different makes on our floor, try to establish every single model that our Zimbrick Mercedes brand has. So, to my left, right now, currently, I have all of our different sedan models, and then to my right I
have all of our SUV lines. So, obviously, in our cold,
harsh days of winter here, it’s nice to keep you guys inside, give you a look around from here, and then (mumbles) explore. So let’s continue our
little look-around here. (synthesizer-driven pop tune) We do have three separate delivery bays. That was one of my first delivery bays, right in front of you there. That’s a nice little C
300 Cab that’s going out. I do have Troy getting
ready for his delivery this morning on Saturday with a GLC SUV. That’s one of our top
selling vehicles here. There’s another delivery
bay behind you as well. We have our sales desk over here, so I do have five
separate sales associates that are here to suit all of your needs. Every one of those sales associates is also product-certified, which means they are product
specialists for deliveries. So, when you purchase your car, it’s actually gonna be your salesperson that’s instructing you and showing you how to use that vehicle. We’re not gonna stick you
with another specialist to walk you through that car; you have a one-on-one relationship
with your salesperson. I am over here, just on the right. Of course, I’m here to help
your needs at any time. There’s anything that I can do, please let me know how I can help. (synthesizer-driven pop tune) And right here is gonna be Julie Budwig. She is one of our finance managers. She’s currently in the delivery, so I’m gonna be kinda quiet. But she’s right here on the right. (synthesizer-driven pop tune) We do have the large lounge area that is just for our
Mercedes-Benz customers, okay? So, normally, we’d have the TV on, maybe the Badgers out there are playing. Just a nice little TV area. We do have some toys
for the kids, obviously, some magazines and
stuff like that as well. We do offer coffee. Our latte and coffee
machine here for the lounge is actually filled with Starbucks coffee. So, I know it just looks
like a normal, you know, espresso or coffeemaker,
but that is gonna be a Starbucks coffee for you here, that is obviously free, at your need. We do have tea and
stuff like that as well. (synthesizer-driven pop tune) Little quieter reading area that’s gonna be away from the TV. Some more juices, yogurts
and stuff for your needs, for you or the kids. We also have a boutique, so if
you’d like any Mercedes brand clothing, hats, key
chains, stuff like that, we do have that too. Also, our entire dealership
is gonna be Wi-Fi accessible that’s gonna be completely
free for ya to use as well so your (mumbles) doesn’t have to stop. Let me show you service quick. (synthesizer-driven pop tune) This gonna be a quiet morning for us here on a Saturday with service,
but I do have Emily here. She is gonna be our
cashier, one of our reps. So she’s here to answer
all of your questions. Paul Esse, our service and parts manager, sits here on the corner. And then you’re gonna have
your three service advisors as well as Sam who’s gonna
be our express advisor. So, you can either set up
for an appointment with Kathy and she’ll come out and
greet you in that drive for anything that you need,
or you can just drive on in. You’re open to use the lounge,
hang out with us for an hour, and we can get those express
services done for you too. (synthesizer-driven pop tune) All right, guys, so the last
thing here I just kinda want to show you how our
service department works. So, as you drive into our building here, (mumbles) Mercedes Benz, is you coming up to the show floor, just shy of it on my left,
there’s a sign right here that’s gonna say Mercedes-Benz
Sprinter and Smart Service. You’re gonna go ahead
and turn on left on in. We could see I’m arriving actually right behind a car right here, so our garage door opens up for us, we continue on into the drive, on my left here I do have
some of our service loaners inside already warmed up for you. If you do come in for service,
if it is a scheduled service, you can always schedule a loaner, and that is gonna give you a
car you can go about your day, head to work, go do your
errands, anything like that, at no cost to you. Use one of our cars. Of course if you have an SUV,
we’ll keep you in an SUV. If you have a sedan, we’ll get ya a sedan. We don’t wanna leave you hung out to dry if you got a couple kids and we’re not gonna put ya in a coupe. So, you just come on in, park the car, turn your vehicle off, leave
the keys in the vehicle, service advisor will come out to greet ya, see what we’re here for. If they’re expecting you, your service advisor will see ya come in and they will get ya set up
and good to go for the day. So, super easy, never have to go outside, don’t have to worry
about our weather here, and we’ll get you done nice and quick. (synthesizer-driven pop tune) – Thank you for tuning in
to this quick facility tour here at Zimbrick Mercedes-Benz. I wanna encourage you, if you wanna learn more about the vehicles we
have here at Mercedes, be sure to click the links in description as well as to like and follow us on our different social media platforms. They’re all linked up in
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to our YouTube channel because that’s the best way to make sure you don’t miss a single video. And until next time, we’ll see you here at Zimbrick European. (synthesizer-driven pop tune)

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