Tour Vlog 41: Instagram entscheidet eine Woche über unser Leben!

Tour Vlog 41: Instagram entscheidet eine Woche über unser Leben!

Good morning guys It’s TIL my School week number… I think it’s week 41 Otherwise Eniz gotta cut my words So it sounds like the right number And we got 2 very special things this week The first is: We’ll play out of Germany for the first time Thurday and Friday we are in Holland But first, we’re going to Warendorf today And we started something nice For the whole week So starting now You can determine our decisions With votings in our Insta Story It’s 120 hours Rad! 120 hours! Doctor Eniz said it We’re in Münster right now and we’re hungry So we let you decide What we should eat? Doner or Asian? Let’s ask the community I just create 1000 Fake accounts and vote for doner Ok we got 60% for doner Let’s go for a doner Would be boring if we order a normal doner So we asked If Jona Should get a doner normal or extra spicy Let’s see what you decide Jona at the moment it’s 73% for extra spicy Yeah no problem I already ordered the extra spicy sauce Cause you decided that it should be really spicy Let’s check again: 71% For extra spicy Isn’t the sauce already spicy? Dennis: Already extra spicy Jona: What? Dude don’t overdo it Jona: Are you kidding me? Eniz: Still allright Jona: Guys you are pigs Jona: Yeah guys you are all pigs Jona: But it tasted good anyway Jona: Look how beautiful it is Jona: Beautiful! It’s a nice park to fall in love Eniz: Ok we’re in the New Yorker Eniz: Cause actually you decided that Eniz: And I’m thinking about Eniz: Which of these sweet clothes I should try on Eniz: This one or that one? Eniz: Let’s ask our fans, so they can decide Dennis: Red Eniz: It’s much too tight Eniz: I just don’t fit in there Eniz: And it won’t look good on me Jona: And you think the white one would be better? Eniz: I won’t fit in man, hello? Jona: Which size do you have? Eniz: M Jona: Ok then I’m gonna wear this one Eniz: Yes? Ok come on Eniz: You’re in for it? Jona: I don’t understand the garment Jona: Oh I made a mistake Dennis: Hey it doesn’t look THAT bad Dennis: Ok but he does Jona: Looks good, doesn’t it? Dennis: You look like a pirate Eniz: Wait I have a better idea Jona: I like it, I’m actually thinking about buying it Jona: It’s awesome Eniz: Wait, watch it Dennis: Your back! Eniz: How’s that? Better? Eniz: Thnik I stretched it from Women M Eniz: To Man XL Dennis: Filming ourselves like this is always weird Dennis: Cause everyone knows we got no camera team Eniz: Good morning Eniz: It’s 8am in Münster Eniz: And it’s finally getting warm Jona: We play at the KGH today Jona: It looks so cool Jona: Unfortunately, there are too much seats here Jona: But looks like a cinema Jona: If the people are in the cinema here Jona: Then we gotta offer something to them Jona: So we got a challenge for me Jona: And our fans can vote on Insta Eniz: We were wondering if jona could play a song Eniz: Blind-folded Eniz: The people will decide Eniz: Let’s do a boomerang Eniz: Applause for Jona! Eniz: Thank you Halle that was amazing Wednesday Dennis: By the way, we got a folder in our Mails Dennis: For TIL my School with over 3000 E-Mails Dennis: Reach me at 10:45am in the teachers’ room Dennis: Let’s search for the teachers’ room Eniz: Then let’s go to Mc Donald’s Jona: She’s not there anymore but we can ask another teacher Dennis: I just have to mention Dennis: As we walked in Dennis: There were some pupils Dennis: And asked Dennis: Are you the cool band? Dennis: And we answered Dennis: Yes Jona: We just asked in our story Jona: What should Dennis wear today? Jona: You may have already noticed Jona: In this fancy bathers Jona: Or in the jeans? Jona: What do you think they’re gonna choose? Dennis: Hm what do you think they’d choose Dennis: Totally normal Dennis: Or in bathers where everyone would laugh at me Jona: Dennis is the one in the band anyway Jona: Who gets laughed at Jona: And not doing the good jokes himself Jona: I’m eniz and I alway need to stir things up Jona: So that everyone thinks I’m an asshole Eniz: Shut up Eniz: We have time pressure Jona: That’s why everyone likes me Jona: Cause I’m the only one in the band Jona: Who’s pleasant, good-looking, who’s… Eniz: I never stir things up Dennis: You are THE Stirer Jona: If there’s one person to stir up it’s you Jona: I gotta record that Eniz: We did a voting Eniz: We asked our fans Eniz: If Dennis, this guy, Eniz: Should play a song in bathers today Eniz: 78% voted for bathers Undress! Undress! Undress! Eniz: Can Dennis put on his jeans again? Everyone: No! Eniz: Should Dennis undress himself? Everyone: Yes Jona: Sekundarschule Fürstenberg that was lit Jona: You’ve been outdistanced by cars Eniz Jona: You’re driving like a retiree Eniz: But I got sunglasses so it’s cool Jona: That makes sense Eniz: It’s not retiree, it’s yeaaaah Jona: Yeah for real Eniz: Retiree, then I drive 60 km/h like this Eniz: A tree Eniz: Then I have drive a little bit slower Eniz: And in comparison with sunglasses Eniz: Now it’s chill and cool Jona: Ohh where am I? Eniz: Oh my back! Eniz: What’s up? It’s Thursday and… Eniz: Today it’s official Eniz: We play at our first european school Eniz: Today we’re in Holland Eniz: More precisely, how’s it called again? Eniz: Hertogenbosch Eniz: We’re so excited Eniz: Cause we gotta speak English the whole time Eniz: Maybe a little bit dutch, too Eniz: I already learned something Eniz: So Eniz: Hello Eniz: We are the band TIL from Germany (Not understandable) Eniz: We hope that you like it Jona: Oh gosh, it will be embarrassing if you say that Eniz: Hold on Eniz: How’s it going? Eniz: Oh yes this will be fun Eniz: We have no idea how the dutch school climate is Eniz: If we’ll be beaten up cause we’re so ugly Eniz: We drive Eniz: 270 kilometers Eniz: Over the dutch border Eniz: Play the gig in Hertogenbosch Eniz: And yeah, we hope that it… Eniz: No wait, what was it again? Siri: Jona is ugly Eniz: We play at the mavoschool Sancta Maria Eniz: what a cool school name Eniz: I think we’re there Eniz: Soon? Looks like school ground Dennis: That’s the school, isn’t it? Dennis: Sancta Maria Mavo Dennis: Main entrance Dennis: It means main entrance Dennis: Dutch sounds like a funny german Dennis: Main entrance (dutch) Eniz: Okay Eniz: It’s really funny Eniz: This is the Sancta Maria Mavo school Eniz: And… Eniz: It’s a little bit complicated Eniz: We gotta communicate in English Eniz: And just one teacher can speak some german Eniz: Let’s see how it looks iside Eniz: This is the location Eniz: It’s really exciting Eniz: It’s like the first TIL my School, right? Jona: Yes Jona: This is gonna be fun! Cheers! Eniz: How are you doing? (Trying to speak dutch) Geworg: How are you? (Real dutch) Geworg: I’m fine, how are you? Eniz: Ok I’m gonna teach you some german, ok? Geworg: How are you? Eniz: How are you? (german) Eniz: How Eniz: Are you? Geworg: How are you? (german) Geworg: Band TIL, we are form germany (dutch) Eniz: Ok what else? Eniz: I hope you can understand me Geworg: I hope that you can understand me (dutch) Eniz: We hope that you have fun Eniz: Or something like this Eniz: We wish you a good time Geworg: We wish you a good time (dutch) Geworg: Much fun (dutch) Dennis: Go on! Eniz: How are you doing everyone? (dutch) Geworg: Good (dutch) Eniz: We are the band TIL (dutch) Eniz: We are from Germany (dutch) Eniz: I hope that you can understand me (dutch) Eniz: I wish you much fun (dutch) Dennis: So what does… Dennis: So what does “I love you” mean? Geworg: I love you (dutch) Dennis: What? Geworg: I love you (dutch) Dennis I love (dutch) Dennis: (Not understandable) Geworg: But it doesn’t really matters The only reason you can call me is for **** For ***** and ****** Follow me on Instagram Dennis: Hertogenbosch, who would have thought Dennis. That we’d play in Hertogenbosch one day Dennis: Soundcheck in the kitchen, looks funny Eniz: Mic, go on Eniz: I can talk some dutch, one second Eniz: Hey Eniz: That was good right? Eniz: We are the band TIL (dutch) Eniz: We are from germany (dutch) Eniz: I hope that you can understand me (dutch) Eniz: I wish you much fun (dutch) Eniz: How are you doing? (dutch) Everyone: Good! (dutch) Dennis: I can talk some dutch, too Dennis: Geworg taught me Dennis: I love you (dutch) Dennis: One, two, three (dutch) Everyone: Four (dutch) Dennis: Four? (dutch) Dennis: Like in german, ok Dennis: So I’m gonna say Dennis: One, two Dennis: And you’re gonna answer Dennis: One, two, three, four (Dutch) Dennis: Ok? Dennis: One, two (Dutch) Everyone: One, two, three, four (dutch) Eniz: First school here Eniz: First of all, it was different to germany Eniz: I’d say we get our stuff in the car and tell you everything after that Dennis: Today, our european tour officially started Dennis: It was a great experience for us Eniz: Thank you Sancta Maria Eniz: For the cool break, it was great fun with you guys Eniz: It was totally new to do our show in english Jona: We’re now heading for Mc Donald’s Jona: Mc Donald’s in Holland Jona: With a clown and I’m scared Dennis: Ok, we’re still close to Hertogenbosch Dennis: And just started a voting Dennis: Where we should go now Dennis: Since we’re sleeping in Aachen Dennis: There are two cities on the way Dennis: These are Eindhoven Dennis: And Maastricht Dennis: Let’s see what you decide Dennis. Where we should go Dennis: It’s so scarce Dennis: Watch it Dennis: 51% voted for Eindhoven Dennis: And 49% for Maastricht Eniz: Until now, it was 50%/50% Eniz: Eindhoven vs. Maastricht Eniz: And now, about 15 minutes later Eniz: Maastricht is in the lead with 1% Eniz: Yeah so let’s go to Maastricht Jona: We always thought german “Schlager” was terrible enough Dennis: Actually this is even worse than german “Schlager” Jona: Dutch “Schlager” is terrible as well Dennis: Thanks to you Dennis: We’re in the beautiful Maastricht Dennis: Here in Holland Dennis: So what are we gonna do? Jona: I don’t know Dennis: Time for a voting Eniz: Should we let them decide if we go to Eniz: The church Eniz: Or to the Café-Street Eniz: Ok we got Eniz: 65% for Café-Street Eniz: And 35% for the church Eniz: I share the result Eniz: There’s a “pinky” shop Eniz: We want a waffle, but… Eniz: Something like this has to be decided Jona: These jerks ask if they can get a waffle Eniz: Holy shit, this is paradise Eniz: The voting is online for about 1 minute now Dennis: 15 votes for Yes, that’s enough Dennis: With chocolate sauce? Eniz: 2 waffles Eniz: With nutella please Thank you Eniz: Dude! Dennis: This is lit! Eniz: I’d say we drive to Aachen Eniz: That’s it from Maastricht Eniz: Tomorrow, we’re heading towards Limburg Eniz: For the last day of this week See you Dennis: Now it’s turning red Eniz: here you can see Eniz: Dennis getting angry at the navi Dennis: Dude there is no left! Navi: Now turning right Dennis: Let me guess: After that left again?? Jona: That was too early Eniz: You can’t wait in the middle of the street Eniz: There’s a car coming in Navi: You are in a dead-end Dennis: Applause, Applause for our Navi Dennis: I turn you off Jona: No it was right again Dennis: And driving blind Jona: ahh stop Dennis: We’re now in, uhh wait, one moment Dennis: we are in Limburg, in Heerle Dennis: And… Dennis: We got time pressure cause we came to late Dennis: We messed up the times and already play at 10 am Dennis: But what’s so cool, it’s the last day of school for some pupils Dennis: One car of a teacher was messed up Dennis: And now we’re getting ready and Dennis: Have a cool party with them Eniz: Yo yo yo Eniz: We’re at the Beroepscollege Eniz: is it a business college or a high school? Eniz: Anyway it’s a school Dennis: We’re ready in a few seconds and got one minute left Eniz: Short soundcheck Eniz: You want to greet Germany? No but you guys got very good music Eniz: Thank you! That’s nice of you Eniz: It’s your last day today, right? Yes Eniz: Do you speak german? No Eniz: Nothing? Eniz: I’m gonna teach you something, ok? Ok Eniz: Ok you’re gonna say Hello Germany (german) I am Eray (german) And lovely greetings from Holland (German) Eniz: the older pupils have their last day of school Eniz: So it’s kind of “Abisturm” Eniz: Everyone is having a good time It’s funny if you… Teacher: We can start soon Eniz: Yeah sure Teacher: Then we have 15 minutes (Dutch) Dennis: Yoo thank you lovely Holland Dennis: For two concerts Dennis: Sometimes we noticed it was hard to communicate Dennis: But all in all it worked out well Dennis: And I hope that you all understood us Dennis: It was an awesome experience to play here Dennis: And we’re on our way back to Germany Eniz: Yo we’re back at home now Eniz: Friday, the week is over Eniz: Thank you for tuning in, thanks for voting Eniz: That was the start to our European tour Eniz: Next week, we’re in Austria Eniz: And after that we’ll be in France and Denmark Eniz: and in Belgium and again in Holland Eniz: I think we should end now Eniz: We’re not in the condition to do something funny Dennis: I’m always in the condition to do something funny Dennis: Thanks for being so nice to us, especially in the votings Jona: Nice? Jona: So you’re trying to be modern now? Jona: Two years too late Dennis: Next week moving on to Bayern Peace out Dennis: I can’t reach the camera

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