Trump’s European voyage of discovery: a guided tour

Welcome to Europe Mr. Trump. Discover the highlights with this guide. It’s packed with tips to make the most of your trip, because a destination is never just a place but a new way of seeing things. Do you remember that time called Belgium a beautiful city? Well actually it’s a country which sits in the middle of Western Europe at the beating heart of the European institutions. In March, Belgium co-hosted be “She Decides” Conference to raise funds to counter the Global gag rule Does that ring a bell? Countries pledged millions to safeguard the reproductive rights and health of women across the world after the US ban on funding. Italy This Mediterranean country may astound you, not just because of its sunny climate, coastline or rich landscape! Step off the beaten track and make your way to Riace, a villiage in Southern Italy. By opening its doors and helping refugees to find shelter and work, the village has revived its community. Refugees are not always treated well in Italy, but Riace tells a different story. So across the channel from Continental Europe and you’ll find the British Isles.
You might not believe it, but in April the whole of the UK energy supply went coal free for 24 hours. It was a first time since the Industrial Revolution! Admittedly the UK’s climate record is far from ideal. But at least the last coal power station Now Mr. Trump something to ponder on the road, looks set to close by 2025. could the special relationship extend to a joint war on coal? North of the European mainland lies the Scandinavian country of Sweden. On our list of top Trump destinations, Sweden has been a beacon of climate progress this year. In February the government passed a historic climate bill committing the country to become carbon neutral by 2045. Take the time to reflect in Sweden, a sauna a visit offers the ideal way to relax and think about the impacts of global warming. By now Mr. Trump, you’ve travelled a long way since leaving the States. As your journey ends and you prepare to head home, wouldn’t you agree that travel broadens the mind and feeds the soul?

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